Starfield Primary Sources Walkthrough

Primary Sources sees you conducting interviews in the poor sections of New Atlantis to see how business is doing in Starfield.

Primary Sources is a short look into the less glamorous parts of New Atlantis in Starfield. You will be tasked to talk to business owners in the abandoned areas of The Well by the government of the city.

It sheds light on how selfless and hardworking the less fortunate are and the daily struggles they face in their business life. It is a straightforward mission without any combat involved so let’s jump right into it.

How to unlock the Primary Sources mission

To unlock the Primary Resources side quest, you need to speak to Nadia Muffaz of the SSNN news in Starfield. Do note that this is part of the Light in the Darkness mission.

After speaking to her and offering help to cover the stories she has been working on, your Mission HUD will be automatically updated with Primary Resources under the MISC Tab.

How to complete Primary Sources in Starfield

To complete Primary Resources, your first stop is going to be in the Commercial District of New Atlantis on Jemison in Alpha Centauri Star System of Starfield.

Head up the ramp from there and enter the SSNN building to your left to find Nadia Muffaz behind the reception desk near the entrance.


Ask her about her current stories and she shares that she has been struggling to express her work as her bosses don’t green-light any of her ideas while she is stuck here unable to manage her own research.

Her current work involves investigating the businesses of The Well to learn more about the abandoned part of the city.

You need to offer help conducting the interviews with people there and she reveals the businesses she had in mind with their detailed information.

Theresa Mason (Kay’s House)

After your conversation with Nadia, head down to NAT Transit and take it to Spaceport station. From the NAT, take the elevator on the right side of the Viewport Building to head to The Well.

Your first stop is Kay’s House to meet the owner of the small establishment, Theresa Mason. Just head down the stairs from the elevator and it will be on your right, next to the UC Surplus building.

Tell her you are from the SSNN, wanting to talk a little about her business who will be happy to get the word out about her place.

She shares that her business is doing well and with the no tolerance for violence policy, people find it to be a place of trust and comfort.

The only problem is that there are some shady customers hanging around her place to scout out the next-door establishment of UC Surplus. She fears her name will be involved in criminal activity, blemishing their long-standing reputation.

If you offer to help Theresa, you will obtain the Suspicious Activities side quest in Starfield.

Talia O’Shea (Medbay)

Your next stop during the Primary Resources mission is the Medbay in Starfield to speak to O’Shea.

From Kay’s House, avoid the stairs on the right and take the next corridor to find the Medbay, directly on your left.

Speak to O’Shea inside and share that you are from the SSNN to interview about her business.

She shares that she is a UC Navy retired nurse working as a makeshift doctor down here in The Well. Things have always been tough here but recently an infection has been spreading among the children which makes her worried.

If you offer to help O’Shea, you will obtain the Reliable Care side mission in Starfield.

Henrik Zuran (Apex Electronics)

Your last stop for interviews in the Primary Resources mission is Henrik at Apex Electronics in Starfield.

Head right from the Medbay, take another right from the exit hallway and you will find Apex Electronics on your right, next to The Trade Authority Outpost.

Ask Henrik about his business and he shares that as long as customers walk through his door, he remains successful. He doesn’t have much to say as he does not like Reporters in his neighborhood.

Report back to Nadia Muffaz

Head back to the Commercial District office of SSNN and share the interviews with Nadia. She is going to be delighted about the notes and will thank you profusely.

She will even want to share the story with you once it gets published. With all the reports done, you have finally completed the Primary Sources side mission in Starfield.

Starfield – Primary Sources mission rewards

Completing the Primary Sources miscellaneous mission rewards you with 50 XP and 2,500 Credits in Starfield.

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