Starfield The Boot Walkthrough

There are a cursed pair of boots that you need to dispose off in Starfield. Either that or sell them for some extra money.

A local vendor is facing a severe problem with a damned pair of boots that somehow manage to come back to him no matter how hard he tries to get rid of them. You must help him get rid of the boots once and for all in the Boot side quest in Starfield.

The Boot side quest is quite short and overlooked by many players, follow this guide to help a local vendor get rid of a pair of boots and get paid in the process.

How to unlock the Boot mission

You need to speak with a local gun merchant named Antonio Bianchi to unlock the Boot side mission in Starfield. His shop can be found in The Well, a run-down district that houses the poor and unfortunate of New Atlantis.

How to complete The Boot in Starfield

Antonia will send you off to dispose of a cursed pair of boots. To do that, you need to board the Den, a ship orbiting the planet Chthonia in the Wolf star system of Starfield.

You will, however, have two ways to deal with the Boots after entering the Den. You can choose to either dispose of the boots like Antonia asked or sell them to an engineer named Conrad in the Den for extra credits.

Should you dispose of the Boots or sell them to Conrad?

Both options will have the same outcome at the end of the mission. We recommend selling the cursed boots to Conrad for the extra money. Take note though, that you will have to then lie to Antonio and make him believe you did what he asked for.

To find Conrad in the Den, take a right from the small alley-like corridor and enter the storage cabinet as pointed out by your quest marker. Inside will be Conrad who will offer to buy the Boots from you for 500 credits.

Consider selling the boots to Conrad for extra credits.

Starfield – The Boot mission rewards

Return to Antonia to get the following rewards:

  • 150 EXP
  • 2500 Credits
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