Starfield A Tree Grows In New Atlantis Walkthrough

"A Tree Grows in New Atlantis" is all about protecting the trees in Starfield. Their composition has changed somehow. Find out why.

There is something wrong with the trees of New Atlantis, at least that is what a fellow scientist suspects. Your job, as part of the “Tree Grows in New Atlantis” side mission, is to help him collect data on some of the trees in the city. For this, you need to track down his Bio-Sensors.

How to unlock the “Tree Grows in New Atlantis” mission

To unlock “A Tree Grows in New Atlantis” in Starfield, you have to speak with a scientist named Kelton Frush. This can be done by following the “Talk to the Scientist” activity marker on your map.

Where to find Kelton Frush in A Tree Grows in New Atlantis.

Kelton Frush can be found under the big tree in the center of MAST District of New Atlantis. This is your main player hub for most of the campaign with a ton of other side and faction missions.

How to complete “A Tree Grows in New Atlantis” in Starfield

You are going to have an interesting conversation with Kelton Frush. He will explain to you the importance of the giant tree to the city of New Atlantis. He will also ask you for your help in retrieving some important data.

Learn about Bio-Sensors from Kelton Frush

Kelton has placed several Bio-Sensors across New Atlantis to gather significant data about the trees. Recently though, he has started noticing worrying signs.

Your objective is to reach each Bio-Sensor and collect its data for Kelton to analyze. While he can do this himself as well, agreeing to help Kelton out saves him precious time.


The locations of all Bio-Sensors should appear on your map as egg-shaped icons. If not, open your missions menu and activate the new activity to find all Bio-Sensors in New Atlantis.

Find all Bio-Sensor locations

There are a total of four Bio-Sensors that are scattered between four different areas or districts of New Atlantis. Getting to them is not that hard.

Bio-Sensor 1 – MAST District

There is a Bio-Sensor near your big-tree location. Just follow the path leading from MAST District as directed by your map and you will notice a small tree among all the large trees.  

Follow the path along with the small tree and you will come across the first Bio-Sensor on the right side of the tree.

The location of the first Bio-Sensor in MAST District.

Bio-Sensor 2 – MAST District

The second Bio-Sensor can be found in the same MAST District. You need to make your way to the pond near the bridge. Spot the lonestree tree as shown in the image below. The next Bio-Sensor is here.

The location of the second Bio-Sensor in MAST District.

Bio-Sensor 3 – Residential District

There are only two more Bio-Sensors to find to complete the “Tree Grows in New Atlantis” mission in Starfield. The third one is located in the Residential District.

You need to head to the Pioneer Tower and get your hands on the Bio-Sensor as shown in the image below.

Bio-Sensor 4 – Commercial District

The fourth and final Bio-Sensor is located in the Commercial District. To get there fast, turn right after collecting the third Bio-Sensor. Take the NAT transit car and get to the Commercial District.

After getting off, follow the left path onto a ramp that leads upwards. Head left after reaching the top and you will bump into a boy named Jorden.

He will ask you whether “you are looking for eggs too”. You can refuse him and say that you are looking for Bio-Sensors.

Jorden will reveal that he actually found one of these Bio-Sensors but he sold it to Wen Tseng in UC Distribution for a good sum of credits.

The “Tree Grows in New Atlantis” mission takes a little twist here for you in Starfield. You now need to speak with Wen Tseng.

To get to her shop, head back to the same ramp from where you previously turned left to find Jorden. You now need to turn right instead.

You will see a pond below. Jump down and go straight into the UC Distribution Center and speak with Mr. Tseng behind the counter. Ask for the “egg” Jorden sold her.

She will say that you can pay a convenience fee of 100 credits and take it. Give her the credits and get the last Bio-Sensor in your inventory.

Return to Kelton Frush

Once you have collected all four Bio-Sensors, you need to go back to the location of Kelton Frush. Hand over the Bio-Sensors and wait for his analysis.

The data will confirm his suspicions that something was wrong with the trees. The tree’s internal composition is different than normal but they are still growing in strength.

Once the conversation ends, “A Tree Grows in New Atlantis” will be completed in Starfield.

Starfield – A Tree Grows in New Atlantis mission rewards

Once you are done with completing the side mission of A Tree Grows in New Atlantis, you will be given the rewards of 2000 Credits and 100 EXP.

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