Starfield Out On A Limb Walkthrough

"Out On a Limb" is all about doing good for Mother Nature in Starfield by doing some important tree-related research.

If you are interested in doing good for nature then Out on a Limb mission will be perfect for you in Starfield.

You will be aiding researchers in studying the strange phenomenon taking place in the MAST District, allowing you to look into the workings of the scientific world. It is a simple and pretty straightforward mission without any combat and jail time involved.

Let’s look into how you can make quick work of handling some off-the-radar favors for your scientist friends in New Atlantis.

How to unlock the “Out on a Limb” mission

Out on a Limb will be unlocked after completing the quest “A Tree Grows in New Atlantis” in Starfield.

You must speak with Kelton Frush, found in the New Atlantis MAST District, to start the quest. He was also part of the previous quest so if you are already in the area, wait a while to trigger the Out on a Limb mission.

How to complete “Out On a Limb” in Starfield

To complete Out on a Limb Side in Starfield, you need to be ready to take on some versatile challenges. There has been a strange phenomenon in the mature flora surrounding the MAST District that Kelton is researching who could use your help and persuasive expertise.


Talk to Kelton Frush

First, you need to pick up the assignment from Kelton Frush who will be beside the giant tree in MAST District in New Atlantis.

He will share his concerns that the vibrations from the tree are increasing in frequency and strength and it won’t be long before it starts affecting the population in the area.

To counter this never-seen-before phenomenon he needs more time and data for which he aims to start from the research already done in younger species.

However, it is proving difficult to acquire it due to personal problems with his colleague and fellow researcher Emilio Hadek.

In the end, he will disclose Emilio’s last known location in the city’s outskirts and hopes you don’t mention his name to not strain the conversation.

Talk to Emilio Hadek

Thankfully no Grav Jumps are involved since Emilio is not that far away from your current location. You will find him near the large trees of The Lodge on Jemison in Alpha Centauri System, the same planet as MAST District.

He shares his frustrations about Kelton for impacting his career in MAST. He will eventually agree to hand over the data but at the cost of you helping him get a promotion in the company.

Emilio wants you to erase bad performance evaluation files from the MAST Network so he has a higher chance of getting promoted. The terminal required to do that is only accessible by breaking into the apartment of the Chief Engineer.

You will have the choice to persuade him to hand over the files or do his dirty work.

Persuade Emilio (option 1)

The Persuade prompt will pop up next to the dialogue you can choose to Persuade him to hand over the data. There are only 4 points to fill the Persuasion Bar within 3 Turns so you need to make the right choices.

In our experience choosing the orange or medium-difficulty option will make you lose a turn and give you no points but it makes the second medium-difficulty option worth 4 points making you win the Persuasion Check in two turns.

You can also choose the green or safest options alternatively to fill up the bar slowly but it will cost you more turns.

Additionally, if there are any Lawful Companions beside you, they will like it for you to take this route instead of forging the data.

Delete Emilio’s Files (option 2)

If you choose to take up the challenge for fun, the mission objective will be updated to delete the files from the terminal.

Emilio will explain the process so you can be on the way after the conversation. If there are any Lawful Companions beside you, they would not like for you to go down this route, impacting their opinion about you.

Turn around and head straight, jump the fence, and pass Reliant Medical in Orient Tower where the Chief Engineer’s apartment is.

Take the elevator up and her door will be the first one on the right side. Unlock the door using Digipicks and the terminal will be on the desk in the lounge.

Open the Personnel Files Folder, Select Emilio Hidek’s folder, and choose to purge all files to complete the objective.

Report back to Emilio the good news and he will hold his end of the bargain and hand over the data to you.

Deliver the Data to Kelton

After you obtain the Data Slate from Emilio, take it back to Kelton who will choose to remain oblivious to your methods to avoid legal repercussions down the line.

He will thank you and take the Data Slate off your hands, completing Out on a Limb mission in Starfield.

Starfield – Out On a Limb mission rewards

Completing Out on a Limb Side Mission will award you with 2500 Credits and 100XP in Starfield.

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