Starfield Preventative Action Walkthrough

Preventative Action sees you working as a bounty hunter for none other than Vae Victus, the one behind the attacks in Starfield.

Preventative Action is an extension of the UC Vanguard faction questline in Starfield. You will be working as a hitman for the dishonorably discharged admiral, Vae Victus, and take-out targets across the galaxy.

Serving this role, however, requires you to make an important choice during the questline. After starting as the Captain of Supra Et Ultra to finally defeating Terramorphs, you are at the end of the UC Vanguard questline. Let’s see how you can get the alternate ending to the questline.

How to unlock the Preventative Action mission

The Preventative Action side mission only unlocks if you choose to spare Vae Victis during A Legacy Forged faction mission in Starfield.

To avoid his execution, you will need to lie to both Hadrian and The Cabinet. Doing so will make Vae Victus succeed in his endeavors of framing his colleague Orlase for the crimes and continue to live as an advisor for The Cabinet.

How to complete Preventative Action in Starfield

Start your journey at MAST District in New Atlantis on Jemison at Alpha Centauri System and head inside the UC Vanguard building on your right.

Take the elevator down to Subsection Seven and talk to Vae Victus using the intercom on the table, similarly to how you first spoke to him in the Hostile Intelligence mission.

He will realize that you spared him during the Cabinet briefing because a UC Executioner would have been greeting him otherwise.

He will then reveal to you how he orchestrated the Terramorph attacks after losing the Colony War due to what he calls UC’s cowardice. Now with his daughter as a hero and him a trusted Advisor, he needs help cleaning up some individuals that he deems unfit for his version of civilized society.

You are tasked with being Vae Victus’s hitman and taking out the targets listed in the data slate he provided.

Take the slate containing target details from the Transfer System next to the Secure Access door and he tells you to deal with things as you see fit considering you will face at least some resistance.

Eliminate each bounty target

With the details in hand, you will need to eliminate the targets as indicated by the marker. The locations of these targets are random for each playthrough. So you are likely going to get a different set of locations from other players. We got ours at an Abandoned Cryo Lab on Maheo III-B, a moon of Maheo III, in the Maheo Star System.

Obtain the next target from Vae Victus (optional)

After you are done with your bounty mission, you can head back to Subsection Seven at The Cabinet to report to Vae Victus. He will be happy with the outcome and give you another target.

You will keep receiving new targets every time you report back to Vae Victus. This makes Preventative Action an endless mission. This is also a great way to farm XP and farm Credits if you are running a little low.

Additionally, since the locations are randomized, you will be able to visit places you never knew existed in Starfield.

Starfield – Preventative Action mission rewards

Rewards for Preventive Action differ a little from other faction missions in Starfield as you will get 125 XP and 2000 Credits per bounty. The net amount depends on how many bounties you carry out for him so complete them at your leisure

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