Starfield A Legacy Forged Walkthrough

Legacy Forged marks the end of the UC Vanguard faction mission questline in Starfield. This is another board meeting for you to attend.

A Legacy Forged is the last mission in the United Colonies Faction questline in Starfield. From your journey as the Captain of Supra Et Ultra to accompanying Major Hadrian Sanon to rescue Percival and assemble the Red Devils research team in Delivering Devils.

You have uncovered the mystery of Terrormorph attacks across the galaxies through Hostile Intelligence, now it is time to see what you will do with that information. Let’s see how you will close the last chapter of UC missions.

How to unlock the Legacy Forged mission

Being the last faction mission of the United Colonies, you need to complete all of the previous missions in the questline to unlock A Legacy Forged in Starfield. This starts from the first Supra et Ultra mission to Hostile Intelligence.

After having the samples in hand and planning to rendezvous with Hadrian and Percival, your Mission HUD will automatically update to add A Legacy Forged under the Faction Tab.

How to complete A Legacy Forged in Starfield

You will begin your journey at MAST Distrct in Jemison at Alpha Centauri System.  Go to the UC Vanguard building and take the elevator down to Subsection Seven to talk to Vae Victus.

He denies it at first but with a little push, he admits to being the source of Terrormorph attacks on Tau Ceti and New Atlantis. His frustration with UC not protecting him and his daughter made him take this path.


He staged the attacks to make Hadrian and you the heroes while he is trusted again as an Advisor while Dr. Regional Orlase takes the fall, the one you killed for him at the start of Hostile Intelligence.

He wants you to not refute the false report he has handed to The Cabinet and let Orlase take the blame to his grave. The choice of what to tell the Cabinet is in the end yours.

Talking to Hadrian and Percival

After your little chat with Vae Victus, head back up to Cabinet Chambers/ Interstellar Affairs Floor and take a right from the elevator. They will be in the Security Monitoring on the Premises room waiting to speak with you.

You will set the premises for your meeting with The Cabinet here so choosing to lie to Hadrian will follow along with Vae Victus’s plan and if you tell the truth, you will put him through the punishment he has been running from.

Should you lie or tell the truth to The Cabinet?

When presenting before The Cabinet, you will be presented with the option to share the truth or lie and restore Sanon’s family name on Vae Victus’s terms.

Telling The Cabinet the truth
If you share everything you know with The Cabinet, Abello will ask you to back up your claims of Francois Sanon being the perpetrator behind the attacks.

You will be required to play the recording you retrieved in Hostile Intelligence that will prove your side. Francois or Vae Victus will be ordered for execution and you will never see him again while

If you told Hadrian the truth in your conversation with her before but chose to lie to the Cabinet now, Hadrian would reveal the truth herself.

Telling the Cabinet the truth in Starfield.

Lying to The Cabinet
Lying to Hadrian and then with The Cabinet will make them believe Reginald Orlase was the true perpetrator like Vae Victus wanted.

Orlase would be found dead, floating in space as the report indicated while Vae Victus goes blame-free and lives another day.

Doing so will unlock an additional quest, Preventive Action that would not be available otherwise.

Lying to the Cabinet and unlock a new mission in Starfield.

Should you choose Aceles or Microbe for the Terrormorphs?

You will have two ways to wipe out the Terrormorphs from existence. You can either choose the Aceles method or side with Microbe. Both choices give you the same rewards and have the same outcome.

Aceles, however, is the best choice in A Legacy Forged if you are looking to increase affinity with your companions in Starfield.

Choosing Aceles will get a guarantee like from Sarah Morgan for one. Choosing Microbe will decrease your companion’s affinity.

Should you kill or let Vae Victus live?

Letting Vae Victus live will allow you access to an additional faction quest Preventive Action while exposing him will lead to his execution and conclude the UC Faction storyline.

Preventive Action mission can be obtained by talking to Vae Victus after completing the A Forged Legacy in Starfield. It is a bounty hunter quest where you have to take down two enemies and the rewards are not much different.

If you prefer an atmospheric extended story for the drama then sparing his life would be a good choice however, we preferred executing him for our peace of mind.

Starfield – A Legacy Forged mission rewards

After completing A Legacy Forged mission for the UC faction, you will be rewarded with 350XP and 15600 Credits. It will also bring the UC faction questline to a close.

You along with Hadrian and Percival will also be made Class One Citizens of the United Colonies for your efforts.

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