Starfield Tapping The Grid Walkthrough

Want to earn some quick cash and a contact in New Atlantis? Tapping the Grid in Starfield is the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone.

In one of the early locations of Starfield, New Atlantis, you will come across Louisa Reyez who will give you Tapping the Grid mission.

The mission is a simple locate and interact. Due to some issues in the system, the power being generated is being drained. She needs help locating the location of the drain.

How to unlock the “Tapping the Grid” mission

Tapping the Grid is a standalone mission given to you by Louisa Reyez, an NPC in New Atlantis. There are no prior requirements. If you can travel to New Atlantis, you will find her standing at Medbay. Simply have a chat with her and the quest will initiate.

How to complete Tapping the Grid in Starfield

Louisa needs you to locate the source of the power drain. For that, you will have to go around the area, locating multiple Junction Boxes, and flipping the circuit breaker to help her find the source.

Locate and interact with Junction Boxes

The junction boxes that you will need to activate are going to be at four different places in the Wells in underground New Atlantis.

You have to find all of them and flip the switch one by one. Following are the four locations where you will find the four junction boxes:

  • Near the Elevator at the start of Wells
  • On the floor above Jake’s Dive Bar
  • On the opposite side of Jake’s Dive Bar
  • Near Trade Commission’s Office

Locating the four junction boxes is not a difficult task. You can either follow the mission marker that will take you straight to each one, or you can try another trick as well.

You can select Tapping the Grid as an active mission from the missions menu. Now take out your scanner and hold it up. You will see arrows that will point in the direction of the junction boxes.

Every junction box will not activate it when you interact with it once. It will only activate it when you flip the breaker for the second time around.

You will also hear Louisa’s comment, confirming that you can now move on to the next junction box.

Solve the fourth junction box puzzle

The first three junction boxes are pretty straightforward but the fourth one is not so simple. Tapping the Grid Mission in Starfield will require you to solve the junction box puzzle. Basically, you will see four junction boxes with four lights behind them.

The junction box puzzle in Starfield.

You have to activate all four junction boxes (lights) in a specific order to open the door to your right.

Numbering the junction boxes 1-4 from left to right, the correct order in which you need to turn them on is 4,3,2,1,3,3,4,1.

Doing so will open a door to your right and behind the door will be the last junction box.

Talk to Louisa

That should be the end of it and the only thing left to do is go all the way to Louisa’s office and talk to her. She will offer you another quest. You can choose to accept or refuse. Either way, Tapping the Grid will be wrapped up and you will get your rewards.

Starfield – Tapping the Grid mission bugs

Sometimes when you interact with a Junction Box, Lousia doesn’t reply or comment on anything. Until that happens, you cannot move towards the next one. This is a bug that people have been facing in Tapping the Grid Mission in Starfield.

If this happens to you, restarting the mission will get rid of the bug and you can go on about your day as usual.

Starfield – Tapping the Grid mission rewards

Helping Lousia will get you the following rewards:

  • 2500x Credits
  • 75 XP

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