Starfield Gem Jealousy Walkthrough

Gem Jealousy is a little side mission in which you have to resolve a feud between two gamblers in Starfield.

Gem Jealousy is a short miscellaneous mission that can be found on New Atlantis in Starfield. It shares the story of two gambling friends who seemingly don’t get along well but consider each other as brothers.

One lost a bet and gave up something he now wishes you to retrieve. Let’s look into how you can resolve a new issue among old friends and complete Gem Jealousy in Starfield.

How to unlock the Gem Jealousy mission

You will need to find Guillaume in New Atlantis to unlock Gem Jealousy in Starfield. There are no prerequisite quests required for its unlock and your Mission HUD will automatically update after you speak with Guillaume.

How to complete Gem Jealousy in Starfield

To complete the Gem Jealousy side quest in Starfield, you first need to head over to New Atlantis at Jemision in Alpha Centauri Star System.

Go to the Terrabrew outlet at the spaceport to find Guillaume Degarmo enjoying his meal at the table near the windows. He has grey hair and wears a green shirt with a brown vest and might be the only one there depending on the time of your visit.

He is grieving the loss of something important from his collection, a beautiful gem that he lost in a bet with George Saint-George.


He wants you to retrieve it for him and offers you a plate that he believes as a collector, Saint George won’t be able to live without.

The reason Guillaume cannot do the trade himself is because of his ego. It won’t allow him to give Saint George the satisfaction of having the upper hand.

Exchange with George Saint-George

George Saint-George is found in either the Terrabrew Coffee Outlet in the Commercial District or the Jemison Mercantile Shop of New Atlantis. He is often wondering between the two locations so it’s best to set a marker using the Mission HUD for the precise location.

Once you locate him, ask George for the exchange which he will happily make. He considers Guillaume his brother and is amused by his reactions upon losing.

With the Precious Gem in hand, return to Guillaume and hand it over. He will reward you for your efforts, thus concluding the Gem Jealousy side quest in Starfield.

Make the trade with George in Gem Jealousy in Starfield.

Starfield – Gem Jealousy mission rewards

Gem Jealousy is a short quest for earning quick XP and Credits in Starfield. Completing the quest will reward you with 1000 Credits and 100XP only.

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