Starfield Search And Seizure Walkthrough

Smuggling? On our watch? We don't think so. It is time to serve our duties as reponsible officer and complete Search and Seizure in Starfield.

Where there is a port; Land, Sea, or Space, there are chances of people smuggling illegal items. No matter if you are in the future world of Starfield, responsible officers will always need to carry out “Search and Seizure” to rid the port of any illegal affair. This mission is also of the same nature.

You are supposed to investigate a lead about people smuggling contraband through the spaceport and you are tasked with finding the truth.

Before you get lost on your way, you should follow our guide which covers all the information about the mission.

How to unlock the “Search and Seizure” mission

Search and Seizure is not part of any ongoing or new storyline so there are no prior requirements to unlock it in Starfield.

Starting the quest is also pretty simple. Head to the UC Security Office, located in New Atlantis. Inside near the front desk, you will find Sergent Yumi. Talk to him and the mission will be triggered.

How to complete Search and Seizure in Starfield

Search and Seizure doesn’t involve any violence and things are going to remain pretty chill. Here is how the story will unfold.


Investigate the Smuggler’s Ship

Once you talk to Sergent Yumi in the UC Security Office, he will tell you about the increasing smuggling through spaceport.

He will mention a tip they received of a ship smuggling contraband. Your first task would be to head straight to Landing Site B and question the two Technicians there.

The first one would not have much to add to the story but the second will immediately tell you about a ship he finds suspicious.

He won’t be able to give you the name of the ship but he will give you a jumbled-up Ship ID which is as follows: UC57…6B. Along with that he will also tell you that it is a Cargo Class Ship.

Obtain records and report findings

Now you have the tip from the technician, it is time to cross-reference it with some official information. For that, head to Aegiis, located on the upper floor of UC Headquarters.

There you will find Agent Plato. Talk to him and he will give you a slate with information about potential smugglers.

Give the list a read and you will see a familiar Ship ID similar to the one the technician on the landing port told you. The name of the ship would be Anansi UC-576B.

Take all of the information to Sergent Yumi in the UC Security Office. Inform him about the ship potentially smuggling Contraband. He will immediately tell you that the ship just landed on the port and he will have it detained for you to go and search.

Search the ship for contraband

Head start for landing site B. You will see the ship detained there. Head inside and straight up. Again walk through the cabin and take the second ladder leading up to the pilot’s cockpit. You will also find the ship’s captain Malawi there.

To the left of the room, you should see a terminal with all of the information regarding the items on the ship. Examine and you will be able to find the hidden contraband on the ship.

Head up to Malawi and she will come clean that they have contraband on the ship. She will ask to be let go as a first-time offender and will offer to come to some kind of arrangement.

At this point, you will have two options; Be honest and capture the contraband, or take the bribe and lie to Yumi.

Option 1 – Refuse to take the bribe

If you choose not to accept the bribe, the crew will not resist and will surrender everything they have along with themselves.

You will seize everything and head back to the UC Security Office to report everything to Sergent Yumi. He will commend you on your performance and the mission will end.

Option 2 – Accept the bribe

If you choose to hear about the offer, Captain Malawi will offer you 2500 Credits in exchange for keeping the contraband and letting them go.

You can either take the bribe or negotiate to bring the number up to 5,000 Credits. It is easy to negotiate so you should be able to do that.

She will transfer the credits and you will no longer be able to seize the contraband. Head back to Sergent Yumi and this time, you will have to lie to him because of the bribe you took.

He will trust you and will still give you the same reward as you would have gotten otherwise.

Starfield – Search and Seizure mission rewards

You will receive the following rewards for completing Search and Seizure in Starfield:

  • 3300x Credits
  • 200 XP

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