Starfield Alternating Currents Choice: Louisa Or Zoe?

We are here to help you figure out whether Zoe is trustworthy or should you side with Louisa in Starfield when deciding the fate of evidence.

While helping Louisa investigate the Power drain in The Well area of New Atlantis, you will discover it is done through the Trade Authority building. Once you unlock the evidence about the source of the power drain, it is up to you to decide whether you will deliver the evidence to Zoe or Louisa in the Starfield Alternating Currents mission.

Should you deliver evidence to Louisa or Zoe in Starfield?

Getting straight to the point, there doesn’t seem to be any significant future repercussions or changes in rewards depending on who you choose. You get the same share of XP, although Zoe gives some extra credits on top of the 2000 credits for the quest.

The choice depends on which character’s morals and personality you like more, but I recommend siding with Louisa in Starfield.

Louisa respects you and has been more helpful in guiding you here and in the previous quest, expressing her thanks multiple times.

If you give evidence to Louisa Reyez, she will turn in all the evidence to the Trade Authority, ultimately succeeding in accusing Zoe. Once Zoe gets behind bars, MAST can also get back their power. She will be glad that you are still at her side. All in all, it just feels wrong to turn your back on someone as principled as Louisa.

If you give evidence to Zoe Kaminski in Alternating Currents, she will not do anything with it and will go about her usual business in the Trade Authority. She will also remind you that the Trade Authority will never forget what you did for them, and you can continue to sell the Contrabands.

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