Starfield Terror Brew Walkthrough – Who to Give the Coffee Beans to?

In Terror Brew, you start out retrieving some Coffee Beans for a coffee-lover named Markieff in Starfield before things take a turn.

Starfield Terror Brew is a side mission that requires you to travel to a distant planet and retrieve fermented coffee beans from a predator to make the best coffee in the world.

Ultimately, you’ll have to choose whether to give the fermented coffee beans to Markieff or the competitor, as both will have their own perks.  

Get set for a terror-filled adventure to brew the best coffee ever. The things we do for coffee, right?

Both weird and enjoyable at the same time, this mission has great rewards to offer, and you’ll probably want to grab them. Follow us through this guide as we’ll provide a step-by-step walkthrough on how to complete the Terror Brew side quest in Starfield.

How to unlock the Terror Brew mission

The Terror Brew quest in Starfield can be unlocked by heading to New Atlantis, a city on the Planet Jemison, located in the Alpha Centauri Star System.

Make your way to the Dawn’s Roost Restaurant, which is located in the Residential District area of the city. As you head inside, you’ll find Markieff Sutherland at a table.

Markieff is a man full of himself and will start chattering about his love for coffee and how the coffee here is far too inferior.

He’ll portray himself as a classy man, but you’ll soon come to know who he really is. To start the mission, ask him where to find better coffee. He’ll tell you about the coffee beans fermented in an alien predator’s belly.

As the conversation progresses, you’ll be tasked with hunting down this alien beast and retrieving the fermented coffee beans from its corpse to be rewarded heavily.

How to complete Terror Brew in Starfield

Now that you have unlocked the first objective in Starfield’s Terror Brew side mission, it’s time you commence your adventure for the coffee beans. We’ll show you how things unfold.

Hunt down the Predator and retrieve the Coffee Beans

To get to the coffee beans, we must hunt down the Alien Predator called the Hunting Ikuradon and retrieve the beans from its belly.

Important to note that the location of the predator can be randomized on different planets, and you can just follow where the objective marker leads you. In our case, the game took us all the way to Hyla II, a planet located in the Hyla Star System, where we landed at the Deserted Relay Station.

As you get off your ship, you’ll soon come across the alien predator you came here for. Kill this beast and loot its corpse to collect the following items:

  • Fermented Coffee Beans
  • Kieran Cooper’s Slate
  • Settler Workwear
  • Cosmetic (Bone)
  • Aromatic (Gland)

Check Kieran Cooper’s Slate (Optional)

After getting your hands on the fermented coffee beans, your next objective will be to take them back to Markieff. However, do not do that just yet.

Open your inventory and read Kieran Cooper’s Slate which you just looted from the Predator’s corpse. We recommend doing this because it will unlock an alternate ending for Terror Bew in Starfield.

Kieran Cooper’s Slate will reveal that he was hired by Markieff, who was greatly fooled and later devoured by the predator.

After reading the slate, you’ll probably want to never return the coffee beans to Markieff. So, do we have a second option? Yes, we do, as you can sell the coffee beans to a competitor named TerraBrew.

Make sure to get Kieran Cooper’s Slate to open the option to sell the Coffee Beans.

Should you return the Coffee Beans to Markieff or TerraBrew?

Now that you have learned the truth about Markieff, you’ll probably want to deceive him with the coffee beans. When you head back to New Atlantis, you’ll have two choices with the coffee beans.

You can either return them to Markieff, the original patron, or you can sell them to the competitor TerraBrew to get back at Markieff.

The competitor is our good and old TerraBrew, who have been buying these fermented beans to delude the world into thinking they produce the best coffee ever.

Now that the story is clear to you and you know the truth about Markieff, you’ll probably have a different choice in mind. Whichever option you choose will reward you differently, and it’s all entirely up to you.   

Starfield – Terror Brew mission rewards

Depending on who you return the fermented coffee beans to, you’ll receive the following rewards upon completing the Terror Brew side mission in Starfield.

Rewards for Returning Coffee Beans to Markieff:

  • 150 XP
  • 2000 Credits

Rewards for Selling Coffee Beans to TerraBrew:

  • 150 XP
  • 3000 Credits
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