Starfield Olive Branch Walkthrough

As the mission name suggests, you need to find a way to plant an Olive Seed to complete the Olive Branch mission in Starfield.

Olive Branch is a short miscellaneous mission in Starfield where you simply have to plant an Olive Seed.

You will meet Nilesh Sherazi who used to work in the Interstellar Affairs office but due to his ideals, he became alienated in his own department.

With issues never being resolved with the management, he was let go but that never ended his passion to work for his people. He wants to raise hope in people’s hearts by using the Olive Tree as an example but is at odds as he can’t seem to find a way in.

The Olive Branch mission is a sweet and easy one but a small mistake can make you lose out on all the rewards. Let’s look into how you can ensure that a simple seed is planted without any hassle.

How to unlock the Olive Branch mission

Talk to Nilesh Sherazi in the MAST District in New Atlantis on Jemison in Alpha Centauri to unlock the Olive Branch side mission in Starfield. You will find him wandering around near the Embassy talking about Diplomacy.

After your conversation with Nilesh, the Mission HUD will automatically be updated with the Olive Branch mission under the MISC Tab.


How to complete Olive Branch in Starfield

To complete the Olive Branch side mission, first head to MAST District and you will find Nilesh near the Embassies in Starfield. He is in the same area as Kelton Frush if you did A Tree Grows in New Atlantis and Out on a Limb mission.

He will share his reservations about how things work under the table in this bureaucratic system so listen to him for a while till you can ask him if he needs help.

He will reveal he is a plant enthusiast and a collector and would like your help to plant an Olive seed in the atrium.

He wants to share something from Earth to send a message of peace and encourage people to go for what is right. He would do it himself but the guards at the atrium recognize him and resort to brute force to get their way.

Hand over the Seed to the guard (optional)

There is a UC security guard standing nearby whom you can hand over the Seed. This is optional but we recommend you to not do it.

If you choose to hand over the Olive Seed to the guard in the Olive Branch mission then you will obtain no rewards in Starfield. It is a null option meaning your quest will be considered completed and you will receive nothing in return.

Plant the Olive Seed

To plant the Olive Seed you need to be vigilant as the guard is patrolling the gardens. Wait for a little while till the guard moves or looks the other way to plant it quickly or else you will be advised by UC Security to get away.

A tedious way is to push the guard till he is far from the planting location by hitting the NPC with your character.

Find a safe way to plant the Olive Seed in Starfield.

Ask Nilesh for a diversion (optional)

If you are spotted by the guard then speak to Nilesh who will be more than willing to make something up on the spot to keep the guard’s attention. Be quick on your feet and plant the seed while he is distracted.

Note that you will only get one chance to make Nilesh a diversion, if you don’t make it in time, resort to the previous method and wait for the guard to look the other way.

Get Nilesh to help you distract the guard in Starfield.

Report back to Nilesh

After you are done, head back to tell Nilesh the good news. He will explain the meaning behind his actions and will give you hush money or reward for your efforts.

With the Olive Seed planted, the Olive Branch side mission is completed in Starfield.

Starfield – Olive Branch mission rewards

The Olive Branch miscellaneous mission rewards you with 1300 Credits and 100 XP in Starfield.

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