Starfield Suspicious Activities Walkthrough

Help out Theresa Mason protect her shop from a heist by finding and dealing with the robbers in Starfield's Suspicious Activities.

Suspicious Activities is a short side mission in Starfield that can take only a few minutes to complete. The mission revolves around a shop owner, Theresa Mason, who spotted a few shady individuals hanging around the shop.

Upon her request, you uncover that these individuals are more dangerous than your initial assessment and require you to take immediate action.

With the outcome in your hands, you will need to make decisions that not only favor Theresa and The Well but you as well. Let’s look into how your options are weighed against each other in Starfield.

How to unlock the Suspicious Activities mission

To unlock the Suspicious Activities side mission you will need to play through Primary Sources in Starfield and offer to help Theresa Mason.

During the mission, she mentions a few suspicious individuals hanging around her shop when you ask her about her business.

After extending help, your Mission HUD will automatically update with the Suspicious Activities mission under

How to complete Suspicious Activities in Starfield

To complete Suspicious Activities in Starfield, first head over to New Atlantis on Jemison in Alpha Centauri Star System and take the NAT to the Spaceport.

Head to the right side of the View Port, take the elevator up to The Well, and take a right from down the stairs to find Kay’s House.

Speak to Theresa Mason inside and offer to look into the suspicious customers that she mentioned to get started on the mission.

She shares that she spotted the group near the UC Surplus, so you will need to do your investigation to be sure about their intentions.

You can offer to go to security with the matter but she doesn’t want to blame anyone without confirmation, meaning all dialogues lead to the same outcome.

She is also a medical supply vendor so you can pick up a few health items if you are in need before heading out.

Find the suspicious customers near UC Surplus

Head left from the shop, before the stairs, and you will find Isaac Strum and Louis King speaking rather suspiciously.

Eavesdrop on their conversation and you will find that they are planning to carry out a heist at Kay’s place and are afraid that Theresa may have already caught on to them.

With a lack of security on the premises, they can make quick work and leave the area before they get caught.

Go back to Theresa and inform her that her suspicions were right about the duo’s plan to rob the UC Surplus soon.

You can either report the robbery to Officer Endler from UC Security or talk to the robbers yourself and deal with the matter yourself.

Both choices will have no effect on the outcome of the mission but they can impact the rewards you receive at the end.

Should you kill, report, or talk to robbers?

You can choose to talk, report, or kill the robbers for Theresa in Starfield. We suggest either reporting or taking the hush money from robbers while talking to them as they both do not affect the rewards.

If you are farming Credits then going with peaceful talks is the best outcome for you in Suspicious Activities.

We strongly advise against killing the robbers because not only do they reduce the final rewards but also have no contributing factor toward future quests. Since nothing comes from this, it’s best to go with the other available options.

Option 1: Report the robbery to Officer Endler

With Theresa’s permission, you will now be able to report the robbery plan to Officer Endler during the Suspicious Activities mission in Starfield.

From Kay’s House, before the stairs, opposite where the criminal duo was, you will find the UC Security Office door on your right and find Officer Karson Endler inside.

Tell him about the robbery and mention you were sent by Theresa. He thinks and speaks highly of her so takes up the case in no time and even shares that he will be personally looking into it.

Option 2: Talk to the robbers

If you don’t want the security to be involved, an alternative way to handle the Suspicious Activities mission in Starfield is to tell Theresa that you will take care of the thieves yourself.

Go back and talk to the criminals to threaten them you will get security involved if they don’t drop the plan. They will bribe you to keep your lips sealed and depending on the choice, the rewards of the quest will differ.

If you accept the deal, Isaac and Louis will in turn give you 2,000 Credits as hush money and abandon their nefarious plans.

If you reject the deal, you will have to fight and kill the two robbers which leads to reduced rewards.

Deal with the robbers in Suspicious Activities.

Report back to Theresa

No matter what route you took to handle the shady customers during the Suspicious Activities mission, you will have to report back your choice to Theresa in Starfield.

If you report the issue to Officer Endler, she will be happy with the security on patrol and reward you for your efforts.

If you let the robbers live, she shares that despite this being what she had in mind, you have her thanks for keeping things peaceful and handing over the rewards.

If you kill the thieves, she will be mad and upset with your methods leading to reduced rewards at the end.

Suspicious Activities – mission bugs and fixes

There is a reported bug players experience during the Suspicious Activities side mission where the robbers, Louis and Isaac, do not start the conversation that you need to eavesdrop on. This will make you unable to progress further through the quest to complete the mission.

Unfortunately, the cause and solution for this bug is still unknown but there is a way to progress. You will need to search and edit quest IDs in Starfield and skip to the next stage of the quest.

Starfield – Suspicious Activities mission rewards

The side mission’s rewards will depend on the route you took while dealing with the robbers.

For letting the robber live in the Suspicious Activities side mission, you will be rewarded 3800 Credits along with 50 XP in Starfield.

If you took the hush money, that totals up to 5800 Credits for a mission that took only a few minutes.

If you killed the robbers, you will receive the 50XP but your cash reward drops down to only 1200 Credits.

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