Should You Side With Vae Victis In Starfield?

The decision to blame Vae Victis or keep your mouth shut during the A Legacy Forged quest can significantly affect how you progress in Starfield.

In the United Colonies questline, you will be facing an important choice during the faction mission, A Legacy Forged. While uncovering the truth behind the Terrormorph attacks, you come across solid evidence convicting Vae Victis being the culprit behind all attacks.

When you confront the dishonorably discharged Admiral Vae about his actions, he comes clean with his motives and presents you with a choice. You can either blame his deceased partner, Reginald Orlase, or let the Admiral face a long overdue justice.

Whether you side with him or not, the decision is a form of moral dilemma that has you rightfully confused. We have weighed both options and shared their outcome below. The final decision will still fall in your hands.

Should you support or expose Vae Victis in Starfield?

Supporting Vae Victis in Starfield will unlock the Preventive Action quest, continuing the UC questline. Exposing him will conclude the storyline with no further faction missions from the Colonies.

Regardless of your decision to protect or expose Vae Victis, you will get 100,000 Credits and a Class One UC Citizenship at the end of A Legacy Forged.


Becoming a UC Citizen will get you special discounts on all UC outlets.

What happens when you lie about Vae Victis?

Victis had already submitted fabricated evidence incriminating another criminal, Orlase. When you lie to Hadrian and the Cabinet, Admiral Vae’s words are taken as truth and he is spared of his crimes.

After the meeting, you will be able to visit Vae in his cell in Subsection Seven, below the MAST building. He will offer you the Preventive Action quest. It includes tracking down war criminals who escaped justice for what they did in the Colony Wars. It is an indefinite quest so you can revisit him for more bounty missions as long as you want. Each successful mission will reward you with around 2000 Credits.


You must lie to both, Hadrian and the Cabinet, to cover for Vae successfully. If you let her know the truth and then lie to the Cabinet, she will intervene and expose Vae herself.

What happens when you turn Vae Victis in?

After you expose Vae Victis in Starfield, the Cabinet will be determined to take quick action against the criminal. When you go back to his cell, it states that he is no longer in residence, hinting at his execution. You will not be able to access the Preventive Action mission.

Vae Victis Best Choice: Support or Expose?

We recommend the best choice is to support Vae Victis and lie to the others during A Legacy Forged. While we don’t agree with Victis’s methods, the choice is more beneficial than moral.

This is because it opens up another revenue stream for farming Credits along with additional loot. Compared to the regular bounties, we have come across more Epics and Legendries than usual.

The best part is that it does not affect the main story so there is no incentive to lose out on extra Credits.

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