Should You Side With Vae Victis In Starfield A Legacy Forged

The decision to blame Vae Victis or keep your mouth shut during the A Legacy Forged quest can significantly affect how you progress in Starfield.

The decision about the Vae Victis comes as part of Starfield’s main mission, A Legacy Forged. Vae Victis and Reginald Orlase planned and executed the New Atlantis Terromorph attacks. The cabinet and the Hadrian judges will not put you on the stand to tell who was responsible for these attacks. Here, you will have the option to either side with Reginald Orlase or Vae Victis.

What happens if You blame Vae Victis

Your option to expose Starfield Vae Victis will come when you are in front of the jury of the Charter. They will ask you for the person responsible for the New Atlantis Terromorph Attacks. For that, you will have a piece of recorded evidence with you.

The recorded evidence will show the jury that Vae Victis and the Reginad Orlase planned and pulled the New Atlantis Attacks. The evidence was recorded at the London Tunnel, and you can give that to the jury.

Doing so will prove to the court that Vae Victis is, in fact, responsible for executing the New Atlantis Terromorph Attack.

Benefits of Blaming Vae Victis

After showing evidence to the court, you will find out that Vae Victis was executed from Starfield. With this action, you will have access to all his belongings and house in subsection seven.

Technically, you legally have no access to his belongings, but you can use your skills to steal his house using the access panel. Upon doing so, you will not find anything valuable inside other than a Datapad.


This will contain the history of every job Vae Victis was hired for and the names of people he killed. You will also find a goodbye letter stating that he will do anything to protect the colonies. He also stated in the letter that he had no bad intentions for the United Colonies in Starfield.

What happens if You blame Reginald Orlase

Reginald Orlase was the partner in the crime of Vae Victis, who pulled the New Atlantis Terromorph Attacks. Right now, we only know about this information. If we keep our mouths shut, Vae Victis will prove his innocence by blaming his partner Orlase for the attacks.

To keep your mouth shut, Vae Victis will give you a detailed explanation of why he planned this attack. First, he will tell you that executing the attacks has restored the name of Sanon, which is a good thing.

Because you were previously linked to Sanon, restoring his name would restore your name. Win-win. The last reason he will give you is to expose Heatleeches. They have disguised themselves, and they are Baby Terromorphs in Starfield.

Now that Vae Victis has given you the reason for the attacks, you must keep your mouth shut. In doing so, Vae Victis will blame his deceased partner. Now that the court has a person to blame, they will not question Vae Victis anymore, and he will walk away as a free man.

Benefits of Blaming Reginald Orlase

Similar to blaming Vae Victis in Starfield, the first thing that will come to your mind is that you will gain access to Reginald Orlase’s house. Unfortunately, this is not the case here. Vae Victis will now offer to work for him as a hitman, as you have his secrets.

For this job, he will list people from the United Colonies who you need to kill. You will then get a series of quests you need to complete while killing these people.

Should you Blame Vae Victis or Reginald Orlase in Starfield?

You already know the consequences of the decision; let’s tell you the rewards associated with each decision.

You will receive the following rewards whether you turn Vae Victis or not:

  • 100,000 Credits.
  • Citizenship in United Colonies (Class One)

I wanted to turn Vae Victis in the first place because he is suspected of organizing the New Atlantis Attacks. But he is a clever man who did plant fake evidence about his deceased colleagues. Dead don’t talk so that he will walk away as a free man in the eyes of Cabinet.

In my opinion, sparring Vae Victis is the best choice here as his partner is already dead, and the work that he is doing is not that bad, either. He is hunting and killing people who were previously war criminals.

Sparring him will allow you to clean the United Colonies. Also, you will get access to several quests in Starfield that involve killing these criminals along with Vae Victis.

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