Starfield One Small Step Walkthrough

Starfield One Small Step is a mission in which you have to discover and deliver Artifact to the Barret's Lodge in Jemison planet

One Small Step is the first mission that players will come across in Starfield. It involves you creating your character, going through the tutorial, and, in the end, joining Constellation.

In this walkthrough guide, we’ll go over how you can complete ‘One Small Step’ in Starfield, including all of the optional objectives and what happens if you attempt this quest during an NG+ run. Without further ado, let’s get into it.  

Follow Supervisor Lin

One Small Step will begin once you wake up inside the elevator, which brings you down into the world of the Starfield. This world is called Vectra. As you are new to this world, the game will introduce you to the character named Supervisor Lin.

Vectra is a space mine and Supervisor Lin runs all the operations along with her associate named Hellen. To get to know Vectra, you need to follow them, which will be the first objective of One Small Step. As soon as you initiate the conversation with them, a series of cut scenes will begin.

Get the Cutter

Once the cutscenes with Lin are finished, she will give you the small task of finding the Stone Cutter. For that, you need to make your way to the crates nearby. It will be inside the yellow utility box and has a red color.

Once you have found the cutter, you can pick it up by interacting with it. After that, you need to press the hold button to equip it.

Collect mineral deposits and Return to Supervisor Lin

For the third Starfield One Small Step objective, you need to use the cutter that you found earlier. This cutter is used to mine rocks, and you need to do the same for this objective.

To do so, you must use the map at the bottom of the screen and follow the quest marker. Doing so, you will travel to the end of the corridor. Once there, you need to equip the cutter and use it to mine the Beryllium in front.

The cutter will shoot lasers at the ore and break down the Beryllium rocks. You will get a radio message from Lin once you have mined the required Beryllium. The message will state to take back the mined Beryllium to her.

Follow Supervisor Lin and Explore the cavern

During the last objective, Lin wanted you to come back to her. Once you have done that, you need to follow them as she and Heller will take you to another part of the Cave.

Halfway through the journey, Lin will leave you after giving you another quest marker to follow on the map. Doing so, you will find yourself inside a small cave.

Break up the deposits and take the strange object

During this One Small Step objective, you need to find a strange object inside the small cave. Finding that is not a difficult task as there will be one big object inside the cave.

The object will be covered in liquid Gallium and have a silver appearance from the outside. Use the same laser cutter on the blob of Gallium to reveal the object from the inside. Doing so, you will get your hands on the strange black object that you need to grab to begin the next objective.

After picking up this strange object from the mine, you will pass out, and a cutscene will begin. During that, you will see Celestial objects in the galaxy.

Character Creation

After passing up inside the mine, you will find yourself inside the infirmary with Heller and Lin. After this, you will be put into the character creation screen. During this, you can pick your Avatar, followed by Background and Starting Skills.

Depending on your background, you will get three skills to help you during the Starfield gameplay. Here, you will also get to choose up to three Traits with different perks.

Follow Lin and Meet with the client

The strange object that you picked is an artifact that a client is interested in buying. Lin will tell you that we need to sell that to a client named Barret.

For that, you need to wait for his ship to land in Vectra. As a precautionary measure, you can keep a pistol in hand if things get out of hand.

Once Barret’s spaceship lands, you need to greet him. You then need to give him the sales pitch about the Artifact and your Celestial body’s experience.

Before you can make your way into the world, you’ll need to put on a helmet. Open your inventory, and equip the helmet already present there. 

Hold off the pirates and talk to Barrett

The word about the artifact flew quickly, and space pirates came to steal it from you as you talked with Barret. You then need to defend yourself as well as Barret from the pirates.

Pirates do not have much HP, so they will be easily eliminated. While fighting, you can also grab a Maelstrom rifle from the pirated to upgrade your weapon.

Barret will then feel unsafe in Vectra and ask you to pilot your ship away from here into the lodge. Barret also brought his companion named Vasco here and will instruct him to follow you.

Board the ship

You need to find and board a Barret ship named Frontier. After getting inside, you need to get used to all the controls.

Take off from Vectera and learn to fly

After boarding Frontier during the last One Small Step objective, you must pilot it into space. For that, make your way to the cockpit of the ship. Frontier also has an in-house flight simulator, which will take you through the power and ship weapons system.

The flight simulator of the ship will also teach you how you can take from the Vectra as well as reach the space orbit. You need to follow the prompts that come along on the screen.

If you already know how to fly the spaceship in Starfield, you can skip the tutorial part by powering up the controls.

Deal with the Crimson Fleet

As part of the Frontier flight simulator, the ship will also take you through a simulated combat situation. During that, you will face a Crimson Fleet as part of the combat training. This part will only begin if you have not skipped the simulator tutorial.

Travel to Kreet and Land at the Kreet Research Base

You need to find the home base of the pirated, which is a planet called Kreet. To finish the problem from the root, you must finish the pirates from their home base.

For that, you need to make your way using the ship to the Kreet planet. After entering the planet, you need to travel to the Kreet Research Lab.

To reach the Kreet Research Lab, you can use two ways. One is by using the pointers that are on the map, and the other is by using the onboard Frontier scanner.

As soon as you land on the Kreet, you will be greeted by a swarm of pirates ready to initiate combat. Using your weapons, you need to fight and get rid of all the pirates on the landing site, along with the associate Vasco.

After fighting the pirates, you need to make your way to the Research lab.

Deal with the Crimson Fleet Captain and return to the ship

Your task is to find Captain Brogan inside the Research Lab. For that, you need to enter the lab and travel to the second floor. Along the way, you will find several space pirates that you need to get rid of.

As Captain Brogan is the first NPC that you have come across, Starfield will teach you how to persuade them. If you successfully persuade Brogan, you will then avoid the violence that comes after.

On the other hand, if you are not successful, then Vasco will take over and kill Brogan. Once Captain Brogan is taken care of, you must return to the ship. After boarding the ship, you must travel back to the lodge to meet Barrett.

Open the Safe (optional)

Before you head back to the ship, you can open an optional safe that nets you some credits early on in the game. After you’ve dealt with the enemies in the area, follow the stairs in the room and go up. At some point, Vasco will turn your attention to a safe. It’s on the ground right next to a dead body. Before you can open it, a parasite will try to attack you. Take it out so you can safely open the safe.

To open it, you must have a digipick. Interact with the safe and complete the accompanying minigame to unlock the safe. You’ll be rewarded with 1225 credits.

Gravity jump to Jemison and land at New Atlantis

The Barret’s lodge that we were talking about reaching is located on the Jemison planet. For this Starfield One Small Step objective, you need to get there using the Grav Jump feature of the Frontier.

This feature will only work once you have reached outer space, and upon doing so, you need to engage it to reach Jemison. On this planet, you must reach New Atlantis city and dialogue with Shipwright and Vasco.

Go to the Lodge (Mast District)

Now, you must reach Barret’s Lodge in the Mast District of Jemison Planet. For that, you need to engage the tram marker on the map.

Doing so, you will reach Mast District by fetching a ride on the tram. Head east from where the tram drops to reach the lodge. Upon entering, you must use your watch to unlock the front door.

Enter the Library and join the meeting

Upon entering the lodge, you need to go to the library, where you will find a woman called Sarah Morgan. Here, you will also find many members belonging to the Constellation Crew. They are about to engage in a meeting which you also need to attend.

Place the artifact and listen to the meeting

During the meeting, you need to show Constellation Crew the artifact that you brought from Vectra. After showing it, put it on the table in the center of the room. Doing so, you can grab the Constellation Guide from the table as a return. After that, the One Small Step mission will be finished once you have had a final talk with Sarah.

Once you have completed One Small Step in Starfield, you will get the following items as a reward.

  • Constellation Guide 01
  • Constellation Backpack
  • Lodge Key

One Small Step NG+

‘One Small Step’ plays out slightly differently in New Game+ than on a fresh save file. When you eventually meet Sarah for the first time at the lodge in New Atlantis, she’ll point out the fact that you look familiar. Here, you can make two choices.

You can either tell Sarah outright that you’re Starborn and know about the Artifacts, or you can feign ignorance and say you want to join the Constellation. Choosing to tell her you’re Starborn will result in skipping a few main quests. You’ll continue your journey from the main mission, “Revelation”. If, however, you choose the other option, you will proceed through the game as you did on your first playthrough.

One Small Step Bugs

There are currently two bugs in the One Small Step mission in Starfield. The first bug takes place right after you create your character and take your very first steps into the world of Starfield. When you walk out with Lin and Heller, a ship is supposed to land right in front of you.

You effectively become stuck In a place as the glitch prevents you from progressing. Another bug later in the game involves the quest marker not updating when you’re on Kreet. Thankfully, you can solve both problems easily.

How to fix ship not landing bug in Starfield

Since this bug occurs fairly early in the game, you can try restarting your game from scratch. You will only end up losing about fifteen minutes of progress. You can also try waiting around and seeing if the ship eventually lands, or you can save and reload your game, hoping the problem resolves itself. The most sure-fire way to fix this bug is to start a new save file.

How to fix the quest marker bug in Starfield

If you’re on Kreet and the quest marker isn’t updating outside your ship, it likely means you landed in the wrong place. This isn’t as much a bug as it is just confusion on the player’s part. Get back in your ship and open and land where the quest marker asks you to.

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