Starfield Beautiful Secrets: Find Warner’s Lost Data Slate

Beautiful secrets in Starfield makes you run an errand for a cosmetic surgery specialist, warner, who wants you to find his lost data slate inside commercial district on New Atlantis.

Beautiful Secrets is a side quest in Starfield where you have to find Warner’s lost data slate. Warner is the owner of Enhance Clinic, a cosmetic and surgery shop present in the commercial district. Poor guy has apparently lost his data disc that contains all the private information on his clients. It is now up to you to find the lost data disc for Warner in Starfield and save him from future embarrassment. 

In this guide, we will help you find Warner’s lost data slate in the easiest possible manner. This guide is a small one but requires some specific steps to follow.

Starfield Beautiful Secrets Lost Data Slate location

To find Warner and start the Beautiful Secrets quest in Starfield, you first need to travel to the commercial district of New Atlantis. You should be able to see the Enhance Clinic once you arrive, thanks to its massive signboards.

Talk to Warner who is standing behind a desk alongside two chairs. After you talk to him, a new quest Beautiful Secrets: Find Warner’s Lost Data Slate will become available to you in Starfield.

From the counter, turn back and go right towards the train station. You can see the SSNN (Settled Systems News Network) building in the background towards the station. Keep going right until you notice a step of stairs leading to a patio with some chairs (just before the SSNN building). There is a ramp to the right of the sitting area. Use it to go to the next floor where the coffee shop is to find Warner’s data slate in Starfield.

Enter the Whetstone coffee shop via a strange door at its entrance. The last cabin on the left has Warner’s data slate present on it (there are only 3 cabins there). Apparently, he forgot it here while having a cup of joe. Pick up the data slate and return to the Enhance shop in the Commercial district. Now that you have found Warner’s lost data slate, hand it over to Warner to complete the quest.


For a quest this small, the rewards for completing Beautiful Secrets are also humble in nature in Starfield. You get 100 credits and 1475 exp points as a reward.

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