Starfield Distilling Confidence Walkthrough

The "Distilling Confidence" mission tasks you to find some rare ingredients to help Nyssa create the perfect drink in Starfield.

Distilling Confidence is a side quest in Starfield that involves your character retrieving some ingredients for a bartender to create a drink.

Side quests are in abundance all around the planets of Starfield, each unique in its own way with no connection to the main campaign. Side quests serve the players with extra playtime and compensate with credits and gear.

This guide includes all the details necessary to complete the Distilling Confidence side quest in Starfield.

How to unlock the Distilling Confidence mission

You need to speak with the bartender Nyssa to unlock Distilling Confidence in Starfield. Head over to the Viewport in New Atlantis and speak with one of the guards there.

If you are still unable to speak with Nyssa, open your mission menu and slide to the activities menu where a small pop-up for Distilling Confidence should be visible.

How to complete Distilling Confidence in Starfield

Once the prompt appears for Distilling Confidence, use your quest marker to track your next objective. It’ll take you to Nyssa the bartender, speak with her, and choose the ‘How’s Business’ dialogue to continue the conversation and eventually begin the side quest.


Nyssa will ask you to help retrieve the ingredients for her drink. Your quest marker will guide you to a warehouse known as Storage Room A located right next to where you landed your ship.

When you enter the warehouse, a guard named Emin will ask you to state your business. There are a few ways through which you can get past Emin and get to retrieve those ingredients for Nyssa.

Should you persuade, ignore, or kill Emin?

Persuade Emin
Persuading Emin is the easiest method of getting inside the warehouse. Try to choose all the green dialogues to persuade him to let you through the entrance.

Sneak past Emin
If you do not wish to persuade him, sneak past Emin and hack the computer using a digpick to gain entrance to the warehouse.

Kill Emin (not recommended)
This is the last resort, if you get caught while sneaking past Emin, you’re left with your last resort of killing Emin.

This is not recommended as it can cause a bounty on your head and mess with the Distilling Confidence side quest in Starfield.

Enter the warehouse

Once you make it past Emin, use your quest marker to locate Nyssa’s package in Warehouse A. The package is sitting inside a yellow container that reads Nyssa’s Ingredients.

There will be a lot more items to loot as well, some of them being seized contraband which could cause you to serve jail time and trouble your relationship with the UC Vanguard.

Return to Nyssa

Acquire the package and return back to her to give her the ingredients and receive your rewards for a job well done.

Starfield – Distilling Confidence mission rewards

  • 2000 Credits

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