Starfield Left Behind Walkthrough

You need to go on a recuse mission to find a missing colonist who got Left Behind inside a cave in Starfield.

“Left Behind” is a small-scale rescue mission in Starfield where you have to make your way inside a cave to find a missing colonist. Considering the easiness of the mission, I am not sure why the other colonists did not rescue their friend themselves.

Either way, this is another good opportunity for you to earn some extra credits and level up your character while exploring the galaxy.

How to unlock the Left Behind mission

“Left Behind” is one of the many miscellaneous missions in Starfield that are generated in a random location in each playthrough.

We started Left Behind on Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system. However, other players have triggered the mission in the Deimos moon of Mars in the Sol system.

In either case, you have to speak with one of the colonists at the Fracking Station to start Left Behind. They apparently want someone to help them with something. Lucky for them, your professional services are always available for hire.

How to complete Left Behind in Starfield

The conversation will reveal that a group of colonists got caught in a storm while exploring some uncharted areas. All of them managed to return to the outpost, except one.

They want you to help search for their missing friend who is obviously low on supplies. Every minute counts. The poor soul cannot be just left behind like that in Starfield.

Once you agree to the rescue mission, your surface map will be updated to show the location of a nearby cave. The missing colonist is somewhere inside.

However, before heading out, make sure that you have a Med Pack in your inventory. This is important. If you do not have it, we recommend delaying the mission until you can find a Med Pack.

Enter the cave and find the missing colonist

Something important to keep in mind here is that the enemies and environmental hazards you face in the cave depend on the location (or planet) where the mission was generated. We believe that Jemison is going to give you a much easier time.

Furthermore, the layout of the cave is going to be procedurally generated as well. As earlier stated, Left Behind has a lot of randomness to it. There is nothing to worry about though. The cave layout is still going to be pretty easy to navigate.

Head on inside the cave and turn on your flashlight. Keep going until you find the missing colonist. Remember the Med Pack we asked you to bring? Give that to the injured colonist to get them back on their feet.

In case you did not bring any Med Pack, you will have no choice but to go all the back to the settlement to find one. We just saved you a lot of traveling time.

Give the missing colonist a Med Pack to heal their injuries.

Bring the colonist back to Fracking Station

The last objective of your mission is going to be to safely escort the colonist back to the Fracking Station. There are two ways to go about this.

You can, firstly, go the way you came. This is going to be time-consuming because the colonist is always going to be tripping over rocks. You need to match their pace and stay with them or else they will stop following you.

The second and easier way to is to simply fast-travel back to the settlement. You will not lose your colonist in the process. Do it from the cave and save your precious time.

Back at the Fracking Station, all of the colonists are going to be thankful to see their friend home safe and sound. Naturally, they will want to give you a reward.

Starfield – Left Behind mission rewards

After completing the side mission of Left Behind in Starfield, you will be given the reward of 150 XP and 4,000 Credits.

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