Starfield A Light In The Darkness Walkthrough

"A Light in the Darkness" sees you providing scoops to an SSNN reporter named Nadia in Starfield. Give her new stories for credits.

“A Light in the Darkness” starts normally enough in Starfield when you decide to conduct some interviews for an SSNN reporter.

Prove your reporting skills and SSNN will put an offer on the table where you get paid for every new scoop. If you have completed certain missions in your playthrough, SSNN will be willing to hear your side of the story and pay you. That sounds like a good way of earning some credits.

How to unlock the “Light in the Darkness” mission

You can unlock and start “A Light in the Darkness” by speaking with Tommy Bitlow in the city of New Atlantis of Starfield. He can be found at the docks of the Spaceport.

There are no prerequisites for this side mission. Just waltz around the Spaceport and you will be stopped by Tommy for a little conversation.

He is working at SSNN as an intern and wants you to give him scoops for credits. If you are interested, you need to speak with Nadia Muffaz inside the SSNN Building north of the Spaceport.

Do note that you can also start A Light in the Darkness by directly speaking with Nadia. Tommy is just a random activity that can trigger this side mission.

How to complete A Light in the Darkness in Starfield

You will find Nadia behind the front desk after entering the SSNN Building. Speak with her and she will start telling you about all the top stories she has covered as a reporter for the space media company.

To complete the Light in the Darkness mission, Nadia wants you to conduct interviews with people living in The Well, the poorest district of New Atlantis in Starfield. This is going to start the Primary Sources mission.

Conduct interviews in The Well

Make your way to the rail station under the MAST Building and take the elevator down to The Well. You need to interview a total of three people here to complete the mission: Theresa, Henrik, and Talia O’Shea.

Theresa works at a diner called Kay’s House. When you get off the elevator, keep an eye on your right to find it. Interview her first and make sure to ask all of your questions. One of them is going to unlock the Suspicious Activity side mission.

Then move on to Apex Electronics where you can interview Henrik. This store is also located on the right and is just a few shops after Kay’s House.

Finally, interview nurse Talia O’Shea who works at Medbay. Head back to Kay’s House and spot the little tunnel to the left. Go through and you will come across Medbay on your left.

O’Shea will unlock another side mission for you to complete called Reliable Care.

You do not need to worry about remembering the information they give you during the interviews. Your character will automatically relay everything to Nadia.

If you are going for a 100-percent completion Starfield playthrough, make sure to take advantage of the Light in the Darkness mission and unlock both side missions or else you will have to return here afterward.

Find more news stories for Nadia

Return to Nadia after completing all three interviews and give her all the information. She will be most grateful and ask you to help her with more stores as well. This is going to start a chain of more objectives that are tied to other missions in Starfield.

Once you complete certain missions or events in your playthrough, you can come back to Nadia to give her the news story.

The stories you can share with her are listed below. They can be shared in any order.

The Vectera mining attack
This event takes place at the start of the game and is not connected to the Back to Vectera mission. You can tell Nadia about how the Crimson Fleet attacked your mine.

The Galbank robbery in Akila City
This event is part of The Empty Nest mission where the Galbank gets robbed. You can give Nadia the robbery scoop after completing the mission.

The Scow and Captain Petrov
This event is part of No Sudden Moves where you need to get an artifact from Captain Petrov abord the Scow. Once you have the artifact, you will then need to attack his ship. Sounds like a daring news scoop for Nadia.

The SysDef attack on The Key
This event is part of Kryx’s Legacy which is a series of different missions. You will have to make a choice of either siding with SysDef or the Crimson Fleet. Whatever decision you make, you can tell your story to Nadia after completing the mission.

The Terrormorph attack on New Atlantis
This is part of the UC Vanguard questline where New Atlantis gets attacked by the Terrormorphs. You are sent out to uncover the mystery behind the attack, which is later revealed to be a terrorist attack orchestrated by Hadrian’s father.

The death of Ron Hope
This event is part of the Freestar Collective questline where you have to choose to either kill or spare Ron Hope. If you decide to kill him, you can report his death to Nadia afterward.

Starfield – Light in the Darkness mission rewards

Completing “A Light in the Darkness” will get you 500 Credits and 50 XP. While that sounds low, you will get credits from Nadia for every story you give her as well.

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