Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom All Villages and Towns Locations

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, there are nine settlements, like villages, towns, etc. You must visit them during most of your quests, so ...

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, there are nine settlements, like villages, towns, etc. You must visit them during most of your quests, so it is better to know their locations. It will be very time-consuming if you don’t know where to find the mentioned settlement.

Also, these villages and cities have shops selling the best gear and items, and you can find other valuables too. Our guide will mark the locations of all nine villages in the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom map.

All villages and towns locations

Here is a list of villages, towns, cities, and domains on the Zelda TotK map.

Lookout Landing

The Lookout Landing, which has the Lookout Landing skyview tower, is located south of Hyrule Castle and Hyrule Castle Ruins in the Hyrule Field region. Its coordinates on the map are –0253, 0086, 0021.

Lookout Landing is the first place you will visit after descending into Hyrule. It offers an emergency shelter for Link to rest and upgrade his health and stamina, with the help of a Goddess statue.

Interact with the Bargainer Statue in Joha’s hideout to obtain Dark Tunic. Lookout Landing is the new home of Purah, Ribbie and Josha, which help Link in solving A Mystery in the Depths and Regional Phenomena. You can also purchase Hylian Armor set from Lookout Landing, in addition to upgrading your weapons stash with the help of Hestu.


Kakariko Village

The Kakariko Village in Zelda TotK is located on the road east of Lantern Lake in the Lanaryu wetlands region. Its coordinates on the map are 1838, -0983, 0132.

Link needs to visit Kakariko Village during Find the Fifth Sage main quest to meet Paya and Tauro. This will initiate the Secret of the Ring Ruins main quest. The birthplace and former residence of Link, Kakariko village offers a lot of facilities for visiting travelers.

You can buy Stealth and Radiant Armor sets from the armor shop in Kakariko Village. The general shops offer cooking materials like eggs, butter and fortified pumpkins.

Gerudo Town

The Gerudo Town in Zelda TotK is in the middle of the Gerudo Desert. Only one road leads to Gerudo Town from the east of the Gerudo Highland region. Its coordinates on the map are –3786, -2864, 0043.

Gerudo Town is an all-female town where the only male allowed to visit is Link. To investigate the sand shroud Regional Phenomena, Link must travel to Gerudo Town and complete Riju of Gerudo Town main quest.

Gerudo Secret Club offers Desert Voe armor pieces that can’t be obtained from anywhere else. You can visit Gerudo Shelter to access some exclusive shops and complete a couple of side missions.

Lurelin Village

The Lurelin Village is located on the coast of Gogobi Shores and south of Mount Dunsel in the southern part of the East Necluda region. Its coordinates on the map are 3035, -3463, 0000.

Lurelin Village is overrun by pirates and Link needs to kill all of them to free both the village and the villagers. The facilities in Lurelin Village only becomes available after Link helps the villagers find some materials for the reconstruction.

Hateno Village

The Hateno Village is scattered around the Zelkoa Pond in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. It is located north of Ebon Mountain and east of Ginner Woods in the Mount Lanayru region. Its coordinates on the map are 3266, -2136, 0100.

Hateno Village used to be the old home of Purah and Robbie before they relocated to Lookout Landing. You can find and activate Hateno Tech Lab in this village which allows Link to upgrade his Purah Slate with new abilities.

Some items like Milk, Butter and Cheese can only be purchased from the general store in Hateno Village. You can dye your armor or change your glider’s fabric at Kochi’s Dye Shop.

Zora’s Domain

Zora’s Domain is between Ruto Lake and Mikau Lake in the Lanayru Great Springs region and it is an architectural masterpiece. Its coordinates on the map are 3297, 0461, 0139.

To find the Sage of Water, Link needs to find and complete Sidon of the Zora main quest as a part of Regional Phenomena. You can also find Zora’s Armor by completing Restoring the Zora Armor main quest given to Link by Yona.

Tarrey Town

Tarrey Town in Zelda TotK is located on an island in the middle of Lake Akkala and east of Torrin Wetlands in the Akkala Highlands region. Its coordinates on the map are 4012, 1619, 0127.

Tarrey Town is home of Hudson Construction Company, and the only place where you can dismantle your fused weapons and shields without losing the fusion material. Link can purchase a plot and build his own dream house in Tarrey Town after completing Mattison’s Independence quest.

Tarrey Town is also home to the traveling merchant brothers, and Link needs to meet Kilton here to advance Koltin’s side quest.

Goron City

Goron City is situated on the road beneath the Stolock Bridge west of Goro Cove in the north of Goron Hot Springs of the Eldin Mountains region. Its coordinates on the map are 1644, 2442, 0381.

Link’s journey to find the Regional Phenomena takes him to Goron City where he must find and complete Yunobo of Goron City main quest. It is the only place from where you can buy Diamonds and Flamebreaker Armor set.

Goron City is full of rejuvenating hot springs, and you can craft Boulder Breaker in Rohan’s Forge after completing the Fire Temple.

Rito Village

The Rito Village is located on a high cliff in the middle of Lake Totori and west of Lucky Clover Gazette in the Tabantha Frontier region. Its coordinates on the map are –3619, 1796, 0186.

Rito Village is home to Rito people, and you will visit it to investigate the Regional Phenomena and complete Tulin of Rito Village main quest.

Rito Village’s Chasm is required to access the Abandoned Hebra Mine and find the final location of Master Kohga. You can also purchase Snowquil Armor Set from the armor shop in Rito Village.

This is how you can locate all the villages and towns in Legends of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

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