Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Gerudo Town Location

The hottest region of Hyrule, The Gerudo Town, is also home to some of the best side quests in Zelda: TotK.

Gerudo Town is one of the nine major settlements and towns in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It lies in the middle of a barren desert surrounded by ruins. Home to the Gerudo people, which is a predominantly female race, Gerudo Town doesn’t welcome unwarranted visitors. Finding its location can get tricky for you if you are not aptly prepared for the journey.

You have to visit Gerudo Town as a part of the Regional Phenomena main quest. We have prepared this guide to help you find the Gerudo town location in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and complete all activities in the area.

How to reach the Gerudo Desert in Zelda: TotK

Getting to the Gerudo Desert is impossible until you unlock a Skyview tower. The Skyview tower that you need to unlock is Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower.

Gerudo Desert is suffering from weather disturbances, which cause sandstorms. You will lose your way if you catch one, as Purah Pad won’t work in the storm.

Also, you will need Cold Resistance and Heat Resistance armor as the temperature in the desert rises during the day and falls quickly at night. A single road connecting the Gerudo Desert and Gerudo Town will pass through the Kara Kara Bazaar. You can access this road from the east of Gerudo Desert Gateway in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

To experience sweet rides, you can use an updraft to lift you into the sky. You can then fly anywhere you want. The first updraft will be around the Kara Kara Bazaar on a small oasis along the road.

Gerudo Town location in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

You will find Gerudo Town at the end of the road in the middle of the Gerudo Desert.

Gerudo Town Coordinates are (-3845, -2926, 0044). On the northern side are the ruins, and on the other side of the town are barren plains with no special activities. There are two easy ways to get here:

You can paraglide towards Gerudo Town by using the uplift in the Kara Kara Bazaar. Alternatively, you can use the road from the east of Gerudo Great Canyon. To cross the desert more easily, you can make a vehicle by combining 3 Zonai Devices: a Zonai Sled, a Steering Wheel, and a Fan.

You can use this vehicle on the road around the desert and drive to the town. You can also fast-travel to the Soryotanog Shrine in the Gerudo Desert if you have unlocked it earlier.

How to Enter Gerudo Town

The road to Gerudo Town is perilous. Even if you survive the scorching hot or freezing cold weather of the Gerudo Desert, you will face a new skeleton-like enemy called Gibdo. These enemies are impervious to any attack.

The only way to hurt them is by hitting them with shock arrows. This will remove their protective layer, exposing the soft white endoskeleton. Once you reach Gerudo Town, you will notice that it is empty.

All the survivors have moved to the underground shelter to avoid sandstorms and Gibdo. If you try to enter the shelter through the stairs in the middle of the town, the guard will turn you back as you are a male.


You can wear a complete Yiga Armor set, and the guards will arrest you. Remove the armor while you are in jail to gain easy access to the underground shelter.

Go back, and you will notice an opening to the left of the shelter’s entrance. Jump through it to reach an underground water reservoir. Swim against the water flow until you get to a place with a jug tied to a rope.

At this point, use Ascend to reach the Gerudo Shelter, where the rest of the Gerudo people are. After talking to them, you can now enter the Gerudo Shelter from the main door.

Gerudo Town quests

Gerudo Town is suffering from constant sandstorms and the game asks you to investigate it through the Regional Phenomena main quest. Once you reach here, you will meet Riju, the Gerudo Queen.

She will ask for your assistance to solve the mystery of sandstorms that will lead you to the Lightning Temple. This will start Riju of Gerudo Town’s main quest. Upon defeating Queen Gibdo, everything will calm down, and you will earn Riju’s vow to help you against Ganon.

Merchants and Side Activities in Gerudo Town

There are a lot of merchants in Gerudo Town that offer a variety of items. However, many items only become available once you complete the Riju of Gerudo Town’s main quest. We recommend that you do it as soon as you arrive there.

Hotel Oasis

Romah runs this hotel. It serves as an inn and a spa and offers two plans to its patrons.

  • Normal Rest: Costs 20 Rupees and refills your health completely.
  • Spa Plan: It costs 80 Rupees. It refills your health completely and grants you three temporary hearts and one temporary stamina wheel.


Ardin sells an assortment of mushrooms you can cook to create meals with specific boosts.

  • Chillshroom (16 Rupees each)
  • Ironshroom (20 Rupees each)
  • Razorshroom (20 Rupees each)
  • Sunshroom (16 Rupees each)
  • Zapshroom (16 Rupees each)


Cara is another merchant who specializes in Jewelry. She offers a huge assortment of jewelry items for just the right prices.

  • Amber Earrings (400 Rupees)
  • Diamond Circlet (2400 Rupees)
  • Opal Earrings (700 Rupees)
  • Ruby Circlet (1300 Rupees)
  • Sapphire Circlet (1400 Rupees)
  • Topaz Earrings (1200 Rupees)


This weapon shop specializes in archery supplies and offers some great items you can fuse with arrows to create an elemental arrow of your choice.

  • 10x Arrows (35 Rupees)
  • Bomb Flowers (40 Rupees each)
  • Red Chuchu Jelly (16 Rupees each)
  • White Chuchu Jelly (16 Rupees each)
  • Yellow Chuchu Jelly (16 Rupees each)


Estan sells meat items that can be used to restore health.

  • Seared Steak (30 Rupees)
  • Seared Prime Steak (58 Rupees)
  • Seared Gourmet Steak (140 Rupees)


She runs a secret armor shop (-3793, -2920, 0043) that can only be accessed through the underground tunnels.

  • Desert Voe Spaulder (1300 Rupees)
  • Desert Voe Trousers (650 Rupees)
  • Sand boots (1200 Rupees)
  • Snow Boots (1300 Rupees)


This fruit stall has a limited variety, which can be used to cook meals that grant you environmental resistance.

  • Hydromelon (16 Rupees each)
  • Palm Fruit (16 Rupees each)
  • Voltfruit (16 Rupees each)


Spera runs a general store selling ingredients required to cook various meals.

  • Rock Salt (12 Rupees each)
  • Tabantha Wheat (12 Rupees each)
  • Hylian Rice (12 Rupees each)

Side Activities

Gerudo Town also offers some activities to its visitors.

1. You can rent a sandseal to travel across the Gerudo Desert at an insane speed.

2. To the east of the Gerudo Desert, you can visit and enter the East Gerudo Chasm to reach the depths.

3. There is a cave north of Gerudo Town known as the Valley of Silent Statues. You can complete it to earn a Bubbul gem.

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