Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Tulin Of Rito Village Walkthrough

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Tulin of Rito Village is a huge quest after which you'll unlock Tulin's services. Here is how to do it!

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Tulin of Rito Village is part of the several quests that make up the “Regional Phenomena” main quest. This one begins when you talk to the elder in Rito Village. At the end of this quest, you will get the services of Tulin.

The elder has no information on Princess Zelda, but he points to Harth at a lodge nearby who might. This place is at the base of the Hebra mountains. You can find this place marked by bonfires.

To help you on your journey, we have compiled a walkthrough that can easily be followed to complete the “Tulin of Rito Village” main quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Tulin of Rito Village – how to complete all objectives

Much of the main quest involves a lot of exploring, some fetching, and a boss fight at the end. You will also need to get to a temple and open it, which is a long task. The quest starts at the Rito Village right after you talk to Teba. He will then tell you to meet Harth.

Here are the objectives of the quest:

Seek out Harth at the Lodge

Check your map to see where you have to go. There are two ways to get there. You can fast-travel to the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower and proceed from there. But you need to have discovered and activated it to do so. Or, you can go to the Lucky Clover Gazette instead and proceed Northwest from here.

Once you get there, talk to Harth. He will be a purple-black colored character and can’t be missed. Approach him and talk to him.

Seek Tulin in the Mountain Cave

Now Harth will tell you that Tulin and others went up the cave to find food. It is up to you to find Tulin now. Outside of the lodge, there will be ladders you can take to go up.

Up there, follow the path to reach the cave and then enter it. Go right and follow the path. You will paraglide to go further inside.

Light the bonfire in the large room and then throw a Hylian Pine Cone into it to create an updraft in which you can paraglide. Go further until you meet Gesane who’ll tell you that Tulin is at Tolonto Peak in Tears of the Kingdom.

Seek out Tulin on Tolonto Peak

After talking to Gesane, continue on the path to leave the cave. From here, you need to go North. The way ahead is simple.

Use the gusts of wind from the mountaintop to float to the big mountain ahead. This is Tolonto Peak and you’ll find Tulin here. Go as far as the gusts of wind take you and then climb the rest of the way.

Retrieve Tulin’s Bow

After meeting Tulin, he’ll tell you he’s lost his bow and he needs you to get it. The good news is, he’ll help you. It was taken by a flying monster in the distance and to get to him, you need wind. Ask Tulin to follow and then have him cast a gust of wind.

Use this to fly to the platform under the flying monster. Shoot at it and a cutscene will play. Kill the monsters that appear after and soon Harth and Gesane will arrive. They want you and Tulin to look into the storm clouds near Hebra Peak.

Get to Hebra Peak

The way to Hebra Peak is straightforward. The plan is to use Tulin’s gust of winds to fly between platforms to reach the top of Hebra Peak.

You will have a waypoint to follow so you can track your progress from there. You’ll only encounter one enemy on the way so take care of him when you get to it. There will be another NPC here you can talk to.

Get to the Rising Island Chain

From the NPC, you have to get all the way top of the Rising Island Chain. Use Tulin’s wind ability to fly until you reach a tower. Here, you will need to do some climbing.

You will reach another tower with a shrine on it. Position yourself under it and then use Ascend to go all the way to the top. Now you must investigate the storm cloud.

Look into the Storm Cloud

Continue on the path until you reach a boat sail you can jump onto and then paraglide the rest of the way to the Mayaumekis Shrine. Activate it to create a fast travel point, but you can also skip it if you’re in a hurry.

The next section requires you to use a combination of flying, using your Ascend ability, and shooting at icicles.

Due to the cold weather, there will be a lot of icicles here. You won’t be able to progress further until you shoot them out of the way. Read our detailed guide here to know how to get to the top.

Open the locks at the Wind Temple

We have now arrived at the Wind Temple. Here, we must unlock 5 locks to go inside. You will need to use your Ultrahand, Ascend, and Recall abilities. You will need to use Tulin’s gusts of wind to reach the objectives.

In the end, you will need to start 5 fans which open the locks to the Wind Temple. Read our detailed guide here to know how to unlock the way to the Wind Temple.

Defeat Colgera

At long last, the boss has arrived. Defeating Colgera is a peculiar task because you won’t be attacking it directly. However, it would be best if you had a TON of healing items since Colgera can easily one-shot you.

The goal is to fly through purple ice that the boss shoots. You need to do this three times for each phase. In phase 1, it will shoot out purple ice from its back which you can fly through.

Dodge the attack that comes from below and then repeat for 2 times. In Phase 2, the strategy is similar but this time Colgera releases tornadoes at you. Fly under or over these.

Destroy the ice 3 times per phase and the boss will be defeated. Here is our detailed Colgera boss guide to teach you what you need to do exactly.

Return to the Rito Village

A few cutscenes will play after which you can pick up some heart containers. After this, talk to Tulin. You’ll be taken back to the Rito Village after this automatically where the quest ends.

You will have completed the “Tulin of Rito Village” quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and unlocked Tulin’s services.

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