Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Riju Of Gerudo Town Walkthrough

Riju of Gerudo Town is a main quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom connects with the overarching Regional Phenomena...

Riju of Gerudo Town is a main quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom connects with the overarching Regional Phenomena quest.

You will recruit Riju in this quest who becomes a sage and provides her services to you in the game. She will also have a part to play in the ending along with the other sages you recruit in the Regional Phenomena quest.

In this quest, you find out that Gerudo Town is being plagued by a sand cloud. The town Chief is also nowhere to be found so it comes to Link to find the Chief, restore order, and rid the town of the sand cloud.

This is a long quest and to help you in completing it, we have made a detailed guide you can follow. Here is how you can complete the Riju of Gerudo Town in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Riju of Gerudo Town – How to complete all objectives

This is a long quest that will have you engage in combat frequently. The quest starts automatically during the Regional Phenomena quest. You will be sent to Gerudo Town in the Southwestern part of the world. You’ll enter the underground shelter and be sent to find Chief Riju.

Here is what you need to do:

Find Riju

The quest begins in Gerudo Town in the underground shelter where you must find Riju and talk to her. Stay underground and proceed down the left path. Eventually, you will arrive at the ruins. Proceed on your path and eventually, you will come to an area where the floor collapses.

Take out your glider and glide over to the ladder. From here, climb to the top and proceed down the linear path. There will be a way leading up into a cave. Get out of the cave to find Riju there. She will be training and have electrical attacks. Help her in training and she will talk to you.

Defend Kara Kara Bazar from attack

A guard will arrive and tell you that the Kara Kara Bazar has been attacked by some Gibdos. This area is Northeast of Gerudo, outside the storm area. There are three ways to get there. You can either fast-travel to the Mayatar Shrine and then get there. Or you can fast-travel to the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower and then get there. If you haven’t activated any of the areas mentioned here, then you’ll have to go on foot.

Once you arrive, you have to take out the attacking Gibdos. Shoot them with arrows and use Riju’s ability to take out entire groups of them at a time. A cutscene will reveal that they keep spawning from a purple mushroom. Attack it to destroy it and then pick off the remaining enemies.

Find Riju in Gerudo Town

You now have to talk to Riju in Gerudo Town. Fast-travel there and talk to her; she will be on the stairs outside. Go inside the throneroom, find Buliara, and pick the first dialogue option. She will ask you to talk to Captain Teake and Padda. The former will be in the right courtyard and the latter in the left one.

You’ll need to prepare a defense of the town. Go to the Captain first and choose what you feel is best. Same with Padda. Once done, talk to Riju on the throne and tell her the defenses are ready.

Take out the Gibdo Hives

Remember the purple mushroom you destroyed in the bazaar attack? You need to repeat that 3 times. There are three hives located in the North, East, and West. Shoot them when they glow purple. Don’t worry about any enemies since the NPCs will engage them.

Once all three are destroyed, go back to Riju and talk to her. Clear the remaining enemies until a cutscene plays. Then follow the marker and inspect the mural.

Figure out the Mural Riddle

The mural gives you a riddle to solve. Go back to the throne and look at the pillars in the back. The goal here is to shine a light on all three of them. There will create a triangle of light when the light shines through all of them.

Read our detailed guide to know how to complete this riddle. It’s a complicated one and will take some time. But once it is done, the Lightning Temple rises from the sand. Get there with Riju, shoot the purple-colored hive, and use Riju’s ability on it. This will trigger a boss fight, the first of two in Riju of Gerudo Town quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Fight the Gibdo Boss

The boss is a gigantic beetle and you must defeat it. Use the same strategy you did on the hive on the Gibdo Queen to make her vulnerable. Get up and close and then unleash some melee attacks. Don’t get greedy and withdraw when the boss comes to.

Make sure to be at full health as the boss hits hard and can one-shot you. After draining its health by about 33%, the fight ends. Now destroy the remaining hives and proceed to the Lightning Temple.

Gain access to the Lightning Temple

You need to gain access to the Lightning Temple by charging up 4 batteries. There is one battery on each floor and you need to power it up with Riju’s ability. You will need to use your abilities to get to these batteries and charge them.

Refer to our detailed guide on how to get access to the Lightning Temple by charging all 4 batteries. Once the task is done, you will need to enter the temple.

Defeat the Gibdo Boss once more

Now it is time to defeat the Gibdo Queen once again. Attack the hive to summon her and repeat the earlier strategy. This time, you get to drain her health all the way to the end. One thing to note here is that you need to have at least 8 hearts to withstand her attack. Else she will kill you in one hit.

Keep at it and eventually, she will be defeated.

Get back to Gerudo Town

As Gibdo dies, she leaves behind a heart container. Take it and Riju. You will then be taken to Gerudo Town, saving you the trouble of getting there yourself.

After some dialogue, the quest will end and you will have gained the services of Riju of Gerudo Town.

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