Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Yunobo Of Goron City Quest Guide

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Yunobo of Goron City is a huge quest that rewards with Yunobo's services. Here is how to do it!

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Yunobo of Goron City mission is triggered automatically during the quest “Regional Phenomena“. It is part of the main questline at the end of which you will get the power to summon Yunobo. He will break rocks or help you in fights.

You will find out that the inhabitants of Goron City have been consuming a marbled rock roast. As luck would have it, Yunobo and a blonde woman are involved with this mysterious rock and are en route to YunoboCo HQ. There, they will investigate the marbled rock roast matter.

This quest has several objectives. To help you in your endeavor, we have compiled a detailed walkthrough on how you can complete the “Yunobo of Goron City” in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Yunobo of Goron City

The quest starts after you talk to the village elder in Goron City, in the Eldin region. You’ll visit here as part of the Regional Phenomena quest so go up to the elder and talk to him. He’ll then ask you to see Yunobo at YunoboCo HQ. There will be some boss fights, passing through firey areas, and some flying.

Here are the objectives of this quest:

Reach YunoboCo HQ

After getting the quest, the first order of business is reaching YunoboCo HQ. This can be done easily if you have activated the Eldin Canyon Skyview tower because it will show you the main road. You can follow this road to get to YunoboCo HQ.

At a certain point, you will use your Ultrahand ability to attach fans to a minecart to get the rest of the way there. This will also speed up the process.

Defeat Evil Yunobo

Once you’re there, get to the cave entrance where there will be two guards. Talk to them, pick the first dialogue option, and they’ll let you through. The inside is scorching so grab the Flamebreaker Armor set from the nearby merchant to go deeper.

You will find Yunobo inside who has put on a mask that makes him evil. He curls up into a ball and rolls towards you which you can easily dodge. Do so in such a way that he collides with the wall and is temporarily incapacitated. Then attack the mask to make it shatter. Read our detailed guide on how to beat Evil Yunobo.

Get to the Top of the Death Mountain

Yunobo will now be friendly and you can use him to break the walls of the cave. After you emerge outside, you’ll see Death Mountain in the distance. It will be the smoking volcano mountain and you need to get to the top of the Death Mountain. There are two ways to get there.

You can either climb to the top from the west wall. Alternatively, you can take the easier way by using your Ultrahand ability to create a fan-powered minecart. You can then take it up to the mountain. Read our detailed guide to learn more.

Defeat Moragia

Once you reach the top of the Death Mountain, a cutscene triggers and a boss reveals itself known as Moragia. You now have to fight Moragia with Yunobo’s help. Grab the flying device using Ultrahand and place it near the ledge, get on it, hit the fans to make it go, and fly it toward the boss.

Target its heads and command Yunobo to charge into them. One hit will be enough to take them out. You need to hit all three heads to proceed further. Read our detailed guide to learn more.

Open the padlocks to the Fire Temple

Once Moragia is defeated, you’ll jump into the volcano and reach the depths. Use Lightroots and Brightbloom Seeds to illuminate the way and reach the quest marker. You’ll arrive at the Fire Temple and you need to open 5 Fire Temple padlocks to progress further.

These are easily found and you’ll need a combination of your ability and Yunubo’s services to open them. The goal is to ring five bells at the end that will open up the padlocks. Here is a detailed guide to get to them and open them.

Defeat Marbled Gohma

Now comes the main boss fight for the quest, you have to defeat Marbled Gohma. The boss is found on the first floor of the Fire Temple and you will use Yunubo against him. The boss’ weak spot is its eye which you need to hit.

There are two phases of the fight. In the first phase, use Yunubo to hit the boss’ leg twice in a row to stagger it. Then climb on top and hit its eye. In the second phase, it will climb up on the ceiling. Use Yunubo to charge up the wall and hit the boss to make it fall down. Then hit the eye to damage it.

You can read our comprehensive guide on how to defeat Marbled Gohma.

Return to Goron City

Once Marbled Gohma is defeated, pick up the heart container. You will talk to Yunubo and be taken back to Goron City. After some more dialogue, the quest will end. This is how you can complete the Yunubo of Goron City mission in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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