Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Tarrey Town Location

Tarrey Town in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is one of the significant settlements in the game. This town has some important quests for you ...

Civilizations in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are far and few between, but all the towns where the people of Hyrule are taking refuge are pretty important to Link in his adventures. Tarrey Town is one of the significant Towns in TotK. This town has some important quests for you, along with the shops where you can buy items to help you on your journey.

Tarrey Town location in Zelda and How to get there

You can find Tarrey Town on an island in Lake Akkala, with a single part leading to the city from the west. The exact coordinates for the town are 1808, 0984, and 0113.

If you are looking for a fast travel point, use the Rasitakiwak Shrine. It is the closest point to the town, but you can also activate the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Activating this Skyview Tower will reveal the town’s location on your map, making it easier to spot and access the city.

Tarrey Town points of interest

Tarrey Town is important for the Zelda TotK Break-a-Part Shop set up here. This is the only place in the game to break the fuse weapons and get the Fusion Materials back in Zelda TotK. You can practically dismantle any fusion weapon you have made, whether with a shield or any other weapon. Each disassembly costs 20 Rupees.

There is a basic general store in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Tarrey Town. The store sells Bomb Flowers for 40 Rupees, Dazzlefruit for 20 Rupees, Monster Extract for 50 Rupees, and 5x Arrows for 20 Rupees. You also find the Zelda TotK Tarrey Town Inn.

The inn is nothing special but provides a place to rest and replenish your hearts until you can get your house in Tarrey Town. That said, you can also get a new home in Tarrey Town. You can purchase land and make the house of your dreams in Zelda TotK Tarrey Town.

Lastly, Tarrey Town is home to one of Hudson Construction Sites and Tarrey Town races. You can help complete Hudson’s project or create your Zonai Vehicles to participate in races in Tarrey Town and get the rewards for winning these races.

Tarrey Town quests

Tarrey Town is also a part of some of the quests in Zelda TotK. Mattison’s Independence is the only main story questline that takes place in Tarrey Town. You get this quest from Hudson. Secondly, you also find the Home on Arrange side quest in Tarrey Town. You get this quest from Rhondson.

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