All Master Kohga Boss Fights In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Master Kohga; leader of the Yiga clan, a funny, dramatic, and tall one-eyed beast, is a unique boss in Zelda:...

Master Kohga; leader of the Yiga clan, a funny, dramatic, and tall one-eyed beast, is a unique boss in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. He has a very dramatic fighting style and fighting him will put your skills to the test.

The fight against Master Kohga is more of a mini-boss recurring battle that happens at different intervals while you are in the Depths region of Zelda: TotK.

All these fights are part of the Master Kohga of Yiga Clan side adventure. However, you do need to fight Master Kohga at least once as part of the Zelda TotK main story quest, A Mystery in the Depths. Once the main story quest is completed, the side adventure will be unlocked.

Master Kohga location in Tears of the Kingdom

You will have to get the Autobuild ability first to fight Master Kohga in Zelda TotK. After you get the ability, you will immediately start fighting the Master Kohga Boss. So, you should arm yourself before going in.

Take a lot of arrows and food to retain your stamina. To get the Autobuild ability, you have to enter the Forest of Time Chasm southwest of East Post Ruins in Hyrule Field.

Master Kohga boss fight in Tears of the Kingdom

Near the end of A Mystery in the Depths, you will be ambushed by Master Kohga. You’ll have a long exchange with him in which Link and Kohga will mock each other.


As mentioned before, you fight Master Kohga at different locations in the Depths. Each fight against Kohga in Zelda TotK is slightly different because of your surroundings while the boss’s move set changes every time.

Great Abandoned Central Mine

After the dialogue, you will spawn into his fighting arena. The arena is caged by walls all around it. Master Kohga will attack you by driving a truck with a battering ram in front of it.

How To Defeat Master Kohga Boss In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

After you’ve exhausted the dialogue with Master Kohga, you will spawn into his fighting arena which is caged by walls. Master Kohga will attack you by driving a truck with a battering ram in front of it. 

You have to avoid contact with the truck and seek a moment to get on it from behind and strike Kohga. The prime time to do this is when he uses his boulder throw attack. You can also shoot arrows at him from a distance to break his attacks.

Kohga will fall off the controller and you will have to strike as fast as you can to inflict maximum damage. After a few seconds, he will spoof and reappear with the truck at some distance. You have to fight him in a similar fashion until half of his health is depleted.

Try to lure him in and make him hit the arena wall. This will pause his attack for a moment and you can use this moment to get on the truck and strike him. After all of his truck’s health is depleted, he will spawn an airplane and fly away in it.

During the first battle, you may encounter a bug where Kohga does not take damage. When this happens make use of throwables, especially bombs, and try to attack him after you’ve disrupted his boulder throw attack.

Abandoned Gerudo Mine

How To Defeat Master Kohga Boss In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Kohga will then spawn at the Abandoned Gerudo Mine. He will be flying a plane and attacking you by trying to ram you with his plane, while a streak of fire follows his every move.

You have to shoot arrows at him to stun him, and then damage him to get him down to half health which will then trigger phase 2 of this battle. During phase 2, he starts launching missiles at you that deal a lot of damage. Use the pillars present in the boss arena to avoid getting hit. Every time he falls from his plane, make sure you’re ready to deal massive bouts of damage.

The process is straightforward, just stun him with your bow and arrow and once he’s stunned deal with as much as quickly as you can. Using the Wind Burst Ability is particularly useful here as it lets you get up close to him in a relatively short amount of time.

Abandoned Lanayru Mine

How To Defeat Master Kohga Boss In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

For the third phase of the battle, you’ll face off against Kohga at the Abandoned Lanayru Mine. Here, he’ll spawn in on a a raft and will try to hit you. You can pick a nearby raft or craft a makeshift one of your own and use it to get near Kohga while simultaneously avoiding his attacks.

It is also important to note that during this phase he’ll summon two Yiga Ninjas to aid him. we recommend taking them out first as they can be a nuisance and can break the flow of combat as they fire projectiles at you. Use arrows to take them out quickly.

As far as Kohga is concerned, you can shoot arrows at him, throw remote bombs at his raft, or take a moment to climb on his raft and throw him off it. Whenever he’s overwhelmed, he’ll spawn again at a distance. This will happen repeatedly until his health is depleted.

Abandoned Hebra Mine

For the final showdown, Master Kohga will spawn at the Abandoned Hebra Mine. This time you will arrive at a wrestling arena in which Kohga will appear in a giant death robot, a Zonai Construct. he will attack you by charging at you. You have to dodge his attacks and shoot an arrow to drop him from the robot.

Depleting half his health will trigger phase 2 of the fight. During phase 2, he will turn on a shielded cube around him. He will also start to shoot massive laser beams from his hands. At this point, shooting him with arrows will be useless. Wait for the moment when he will bring three floating morning star balls and he will throw them at you.

We were able to use the Recall ability on the balls and direct them backward at Kohga. This will knock him out of the robot allowing you to deal a decent amount of damage before he gets back in.

This process will repeat a couple of times until he is finally defeated. As a final attempt, he’ll try to use another weapon to challenge you, but the plan won’t go his way and he’ll be swept away, finishing both him and the Yiga clan.

Zelda: TotK Master Kohga rewards

For defeating Master Kohga in Zelda TotK, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 1x Diamond
  • 1x Huge Crystallized Charge

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