Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Rito Village Location

Rito Village in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is one of the most critical places for certain reasons. Rito Village is home to Tulin, where ...

Rito Village in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is one of the most critical places for certain reasons. Rito Village is home to Tulin, where you will find a Goddess Statue. On top of that, the main quest Regional Phenomena’s first part also starts from this village.

Looking at the importance of this village in Zelda TotK, you need to know its location and other details. Here we will cover everything you need to know about Rito Village in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Rito Village location in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Rito Village is located at the center of Lake Totori in the Hebra region of Zelda TotK. To reach the village, you must travel from Lookout Landing to Rito Village. The reason is that the Regional Phenomena quest starts from Lookout Landing.

From Lookout Landing, you will have to travel to the northwest, and along the road, you will receive several side quests to help you gain some money. In addition to the side quests, you can activate four shrines along the road.

Since you must travel a lot, taking a horse and riding along the road is best. You will pass through the New Serenne and Tabantha Stables near Hyrule Ridge. So, you will get to chances to ride the horse.

All shrines and quests on the way to Rito Village

When you start traveling to the northeast, you will find Ishodag Shrine. If you wish to glide your way to the Serene Stable, you can use the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower to go high up in the air for that initial boost. You can also pinpoint Ishodag Shrine from up above using the Purah Pad Camera.


Along the way, you will cross the Carok Bridge, and if you don’t want to fight Hinox, make sure you don’t wake him up. When you reach the New Serene Stable, you can either talk to Cado, the Sheikah attendant to the quest Impa and the Geoglyph.

When you start the Regional Phenomena quest, you will not have unlocked the Hyrule Ridge and Tabanthan Frontier map. So, to reveal the map, go northeast from the Serene Stable, which is between Impa and Serenne Stable Well, northeast of Lookout Landing.

You will meet Hestu along the road, and a side quest known as the Hestu Concerns will begin. Completing the side quest will make the Hestu normal, and you can ask Hestu to expand your inventory twice before he leaves to travel somewhere in the East. There is also a cave on the right side known as Lindor’s Brow Cave, and a shrine is also found there.

Activate Taki-Ihaban shrine

Activate the Taki-Ihaban Shrine to make a permanent fast travel point. Beware of the Red Gloom Pool in the cave, they are known as the Gloom Hands, and they strangle you until you are dead. Secondly, killing them will not be enough.

When you kill Gloom Hands, a new boss, known as the Phantom Ganon in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, will appear. As it’s just the start of the game, we will recommend getting out of the cave using Ascend to save your life is the best option.

Activate Sinakawak shrine

Afterward, activate the Shrine behind the Serene Stable, known as Sinakawak Shrine, to claim a light of the blessing. Moreover, keep riding to the northeast until you see a SkyView Tower in the middle of the lake. Activate the Tower, and it will reveal the map in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

While in the air, look southwest; you will see a sky island with ring-shaped rocks. That’s the Courage Island.

Activate Taunhiy shrine

On this Island, a shrine known as the Taunhiy Shrine is revealed when you activate the altar and complete the ring race. Remember to activate the Shrine and claim the light of the blessing in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

There is also a Zonai Device Dispenser which can give you time bombs and more device capsules by holding 5 to 10 zonal charges in the bowl next to it.

You can also Obatian Glide Shirt by talking to the Steward Construct and beating the diving record of previous challengers, and exceeding your record will reward you a large Zonai Charge.

Activate Makurukis shrine

Go southwest and along the road to the Stable of Tabanthan Region. Another shrine is the Makurukis Shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Activate the Shrine and collect the blessings and afterward follow the road. Cross the Tabantha Great Bridge, and then go north towards the Lucky Clover Gazette.

Once you reach the Lucky Clover Gazette, previously known as the Rito Stable, you will find Penn and Traysi. Ask them to make you a reporter since you’re searching for Princess Zelda around the Gazette. Completing all the missions of the Gazette will grant you anti-slippery

Reach Rito village

Once you leave the Lucky Clover Gazette, you must travel West from here until you reach a broken bridge. You can build a bridge using ten tree logs and Ultrahand in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. You can make an updraft by throwing Pinecone in the campfire near the broken bridge to reach Rito Village.

Due to the dropped temperature in the Village because of the regional phenomenon, many people have left to live somewhere else, leaving only a few of Ritos. On the top floor of the village, you will meet Teba, who has now become the new Elder of the village.

Reaching the top floor will start a short cutscene to start the Tulin of Rito Village quest. Behind the Elder, there’s a Brazen Beak shop from where you can buy cold resistance clothes. And from the next shop, you can buy arrows and oil jars.

Activate Gatakis shrine

Afterward, look down and activate the Gatakis Shrine. Now you don’t have to take the long route to Rito Village in Zelda Tears of the again. You will also find a Goddess Statue near the stairs that can be used to upgrade your life or stamina.

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