Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Goron City Location

Goron City in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is home to Goros and the Sectret Stone Carriers, Yunobo. The temperature in the city is hot, and ...

Goron City in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is home to Gorons and the Sectret Stone Carrier, Yunobo. It is also one of the nine major towns and villages in the game. The temperature in the city is hot, and you will need heat-resistant clothes to complete main and side quests there.

You can buy the Flamebreaker set from the Armor shop, and the prices will be slightly reasonable due to the Regional Phenomena happening around the city. The Regional Phenomena in Zelda TotK has four parts that require you to travel in all four directions from the Lookout Landing.

Now, if you traveled to Rito Village and completed the Tulin of Rito Quest, you must return to Lookout Landing and talk Purah. She will tell you to travel to the Goron City North of the Eldin Canyon, northeast of the Lookout Landing.

Goron City location in Zelda TotK

Goron City is located North of Eldin Canyon and West of Death Mountain. Along the road, you will encounter several side quests and three shrines that can be used as a fast travel point later in the game.

Before you set out for Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Goron City, there are several things that you can do while you are at Lookout Land. You will meet a Goron in the Center who will give a general idea of the Goron City location by mentioning Death Mountain and Woodland Stable.

Alternatively, you can speak to Josha to start a quest, A Mystery in The Depths.


If you previously met Hestu on your way to Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower, then you will find him in the Lookout Landing in South. You can expand your inventory by speaking to him in exchange for Korok Seeds. You can also talk to Lester near Hestu to complete a side quest, The Incomplete Stable.

If you completed other shrines, you could offer them to the Goddess Statue in the Emergency Shelter in exchange for a Heart Container or Stamina Vessel in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

How to get to Goron City in Tears of the Kingdom

To reach Goron City, leave the northeastern gate of Lookout Landing and follow the road toward Hylia River, crossing Mabe Prairie. Following this road, you will reach Yamiyo Shrine (0332 0467 0029) near Romani Planes. You should take a horse from the Lookout Stable you just completed to travel faster.

From Yamiyo Shrine, follow the road toward the North and cross the bridge in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. If you want to complete another shrine, take the route off-road, go North toward the water, and reach Sepapa Shrine (0219 1082 0029). After activating the shrine, cross the bridge in the North and follow the road to the East until you reach Pico Pond.

You can activate the Ekochio Shrine (1062 1281 0045) in the North to change your horse or take one. You can do so since the Woodland Stable (1096 1139 0021) is in the South of Zelda TotK Ekohio Shrine.

Take the Road to the East from the Woodland Stable until you reach the Eldin Skyview Tower (1641 1190 0225) and reveal the Eldin Region for better navigation. Since you will be flying in the air, you can glide in the North, and with the Purah Pad Camera, you can pinpoint Timawak Shrine (1799 1638 0311) near Goronbi Lake.

Afterward, follow the road in the North until you reach the area with many archways; follow the path, and you will meet Addison along the way. Keep going; you will be in Zelda TotK Goron City before you know it.

Goron City landmarks

Upon entering Goron City, you’ll notice a group of Gorons talking to each other, and going toward them will start a cutscene for the quest Yunobo of Goron City. Goron City has a General store (1673 2456 0385) where you can buy Fire Fruit, Arrows, Goron Spice, etc.

There is also an Armor Shop (1647 2417 0384), which you should visit since you will need at least one item from the Flambreaker set to complete the main quest Yunobo of Goron, in Zelda TotK. You can also visit the Ore Shop in Goron City (1645 2444 0381) to sell and purchase ores.

You must activate the Marakuguc Shrine (1762 2510 0436) on the northeastern side of the city to make a permanent Fast Travel point in Goron City. The Goddess Statue in Goron City (1718 2455 0393) can exchange those light blessings you collected for a heart container or a stamina gauge.

There is a blacksmith in Goron City (1687 2495 0396) known as Rohan who will help you to craft the legendary Boulder Breaker after you clear the Fire Temple in Legend of Zelda Tears of The Kingdom.

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