Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Goron City Location

The lava infested city of Hyrule, Goron City, is also home to some of the toughest warriors and amazing side quests.

Goron City in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is home to Gorons and the future Sage, Yunobo. It is also one of the game’s nine major towns and villages. The temperature around the city is hot, and you will need heat-resistant clothes to complete main and side quests there.

You can buy the Flamebreaker set from the Armor shop in Goron City. The prices will be slightly reasonable due to the Regional Phenomena happening around the city. The Regional Phenomena in Zelda: TotK has four parts that require you to travel in all four directions from the Lookout Landing.

Goron City location in Zelda: TotK

Goron City is located North of Eldin Canyon and West of Death Mountain. Along the road, you will encounter several side quests and three shrines that can be used as a fast travel point later in the game.

Goron City is to the Northeast of Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower. You can activate the tower and use it to get airborne. Glide all the way to the Northeast to reach Goron City. You can make a pit stop at the Marakuguc Shrine on a hill overlooking the city.

This shrine can be used as a fast-travel point to Goron City.

How to get to Goron City in Tears of the Kingdom

To reach Goron City, leave the northeastern gate of Lookout Landing and follow the road toward Hylia River, crossing Mabe Prairie. Following this road, you will reach Yamiyo Shrine (0332, 0467, 0029) near Romani Planes. You should take a horse from the Lookout Stable you just completed to travel faster.

From Yamiyo Shrine, follow the road toward the North and cross the bridge. If you want to complete another shrine, take the route off-road, go North toward the water, and reach Sepapa Shrine (0219, 1082, 0029). After activating the shrine, cross the bridge in the North and follow the road to the East until you reach Pico Pond.

You can activate the Ekochio Shrine (1062, 1281, 0045) in the North to change your horse or take one. You can do so since the Woodland Stable (1096, 1139, 0021) is in the South of this shrine.

Take the Road to the East from Woodland Stable until you reach the Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower (1641, 1190, 0225) and reveal the Eldin Region for better navigation. Since you will be flying in the air, you can glide toward the North, and with the Purah Pad Camera, you can pinpoint Timawak Shrine (1799, 1638, 0311) near Goronbi Lake.

Afterward, follow the road in the North until you reach the area with many archways; follow the path, and you will meet Addison along the way. Keep going; you will be in Goron City before you know it.

Goron City Quests

You will visit Goron City as a part of Regional Phenomena main quest. Once you enter this city, talk to some Gorons to learn about Yunobo. This will start Yunobo of Goron City’s main quest.

Following this quest will allow you to save Yunobo and ultimately lead you to the Fire Temple in the depths. You will be able to defeat Marbled Gohma there and free the people of Goron from the curse of marbled rocks. This will unlock a lot of activities and side quests in Goron City.

Goron City Shops and Activities

Goron City is chock full of interesting side quests and activities. While the surrounding area is blistering hot, the temperature inside Gorn City is manageable.

General Store

The general store of Goron City (1673, 2456, 0384) sells a small selection of products, including an exclusive item.

  • 5x Arrows (20 Rupees)
  • Cane Sugar (12 Rupees each)
  • Fire Fruit (12 Rupees each)
  • Goron Spice (16 Rupees each)
  • Rock Salt (12 Rupees each)

Armor Shop

The armor shop (1647, 2417, 0383) of Goron City plays a vital role as it offers the Flamebreaker Armor. You will need this armor to progress Yunobo of Goron City’s main quest and attempt the Fire Temple.

  • Flamebreaker Armor (700 Rupees)
  • Flamebreaker Boots (1200 Rupees)
  • Flamebreaker Helm (1400 Rupees)

Ore Shops

There are a couple of Ore Shops in the center of Goron City from where you can purchase Sapphire and Diamonds.

  • Diamonds (1000 Rupees each)
  • Sapphire (300 Rupees each)

Goron City Inn

Like the rest of the settlements across Hyrule, Goron City also offers an Inn. This Inn (1675, 2430, 0383) allows the players to rest and replenish their health for a small sum.

  • Normal Bed: Restores your health entirely and costs 20 Rupees.
  • Massage Bed: This bed restores your health completely and grants you three temporary hearts and a complete temporary stamina wheel. It costs 50 Rupees.

Additional Activities

Apart from the shops, Goron City in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has several landmarks and points of interest for the players.

  • The city’s Goddess statue is located at the following coordinates (1718, 2455, 0393). Offer four Lights of Blessing to either increase your stamina or health.
  • The city has erected Daruk’s Monument (1722, 2402, 0432), which can be noticed from afar.
  • Once you finish the Fire Temple, you can visit Rohan’s Forge (1687, 2495, 0396) and complete the Soul of the Goron side quest to acquire the legendary weapon of Daruk, Boulder Breaker.
  • To reach Eldin Canyon, you can use Minecarts at the tracks (1613, 2393, 0396).
  • Goron City has a small hot spring (1701, 2466, 0391). You can visit it to sit in the hot water and restore your health (not the temporary hearts).
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