Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Mattison’s Independence Walkthrough 

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Mattison's Independence has you help a father say goodbye to his daughter as she leaves. Here is how to do so!

Mattison’s Independence is a side adventure in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that takes place in Tarrey Town. You will help a father throw a goodbye party for his daughter who’s leaving on her own adventure.

You will need to gather some materials, trick someone, and then enjoy the party. This side adventure is also involved in the process of you getting a home, so it’s important to do.

As such, we have written this article to guide you that where will you locate Mattison’s father, and how can you unlock this side adventure and complete it.

How to unlock Mattison’s Independence in Zelda: TotK 

Mattison's Independence quest location in Tears of the Kingdom

You need to talk with Hudson in Tarrey Town to unlock Mattison’s Independence in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. To do so, you need to first find Tarrey Town itself which is located in Lake Akkala in the highlands region of Akkala.

You can locate it on the map on the Northeastern side. As you reach Tarrey Town, look for Hudson at his home who will be speaking with his wife named Rhondson.

You can find this house at the coordinates 3937, 1590, 0129. Once you get off the mine cart, take a right and you’ll find them both. Talk to Hudson to start this adventure.


How to complete Mattison’s Independence in Zelda: TotK

To complete Mattison’s Independence in Tears of the Kingdom, start by speaking with Hudson after the initial chat.

He will tell that Mattison, his daughter, is making a plan to go to Gerudo Town. Go through his dialogue options to learn more on the matter.

After that’s done, go to his house and find Mattison up on the second floor. Speak with her and she will take you to meet her grandmother.

Speak with Grandma Monari

Mattison will take you to meet her grandmother and will start a conversation with her about the Gerudo language. Eventually, the conversation will turn to you and they will ask you a question.

As you may expect, you need to give the correct answer. When the prompt comes up, choose “Vaba.” which means Grandmother in Gerudo. After that, complete the rest of the conversation and then move on to the part.

 Distract Haggie

Mattison now needs to take the mining cart-like ride up to the construction site. The problem is that the person controlling the ride, Haggie, needs her to pay 20 rupees to use it. She doesn’t have that kind of money so you need to distract him so Mattison can slip by.

You can use a Puffshroom to create a cloud of smoke and distract Haggie. Talk to Mattison and she will take the rail cart. Now you can follow her to the construction site where you will meet Hudson.

Collect Sundelions

When you talk to Hudson, he will tell you that he is preparing a hot air balloon for Mattison and needs some Sundelions for decorations.

Mattison will say she wants to collect them, but her father tells her no since it’s too dangerous. The job falls on Link to get them.

You should have collected some along the way on your journey and if you have 10, you can hand them over. But if you don’t, then you need to get to the various Sky Islands and collect them from there.

After giving him ten Sundelions, the side adventure Mattison’s Independence will be completed in Tears of the kingdom. In return, you will get two silver rupees which are equivalent to two hundred green rupees. 

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