How To Open Padlocks In Fire Temple In Zelda: TotK

Our ultimate goal at Fire Temple is to unlock the Five Padlocks in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom that block the gate entrance ...

After completing the fourth objective of the Yunobo of Goron City quest, the Moragia boss fight, your next step is to dive deep into the depths of Death Mountain and explore the Fire Temple in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Our ultimate goal at Fire Temple is to unlock the Five Padlocks in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom that block the gate entrance.

Our guide will help you open the Fire Temple padlocks in Zelda TotK and advance your quest journey.

How to open Padlocks in Fire Temple in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

After the boss battle with Moragia ends, Yunobo will jump toward the deep Death Mountain Chasm. You should also follow and jump after him. But before that, make sure you have some Brightbloom Seeds with you, as the areas ahead are among the darkest regions of the map.

Moreover, you must equip fireproof armor and have heat resistance elixirs to help you with the fiery grounds of the mountain. Deploy your paraglider midway to start floating in the air and land on the dark ground instead of the Lava Lake. Focus on the quest marker on your map and land as close as possible to it.

Don’t worry if you land in the far-off rocks of the lava lake, as you can fast-travel to Sitsum Shrine and start the journey again. As you reach the ground and start talking with Yunobo about the red rocks surrounding the area, a voice will call it.

Before investigating where the voice comes from, it is better to activate the Mustis Lightroot precisely at 2375, 2591, and -0944. The darkness of nearby areas is dispelled by activating the Lightroot in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.


Now find the source of that strange voice. Move to your west and ask Yunobo (by pressing A) to break the red rocks to clear the blockage. Use Ultrahand to lift the hydrant and pour water on the liquid flames. This will create solidified lava bridges for you to pass through the lake.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Padlocks Puzzle in Fire Temple

Finally, you have reached the Fire Temple after covering many gloomy pathways. It’s time to solve the five padlocks puzzle and unlock the Fire temple gate to proceed further and save the trapped Princess Zelda in Tears of the Kingdom.

Padlock #01

Head opposite the gate entrance and walk the pathway on your right. After eliminating the mini-boss, jump onto the floating platform to cross the lava lake. Now you’ll see another hydrant placed beside you. Pour its water into the lake (using Ultrahand) to make way for you to go on the other side.

Step on any of the mine carts, and it will take you to the next section of the temple. On your left, there are three hydrants placed in the window. Grab one and use it to cross the next section of the lava lake. Before moving ahead, you can loot the treasure chest at the lake bank to receive a Zonaite Shield.

Now ask Yunobo to destroy the cracked wall ahead and proceed to the dungeon hallway. You must ring the giant Bell on the other dead-end, so retake Yunobo’s rolling services here. With this, we have just unlocked padlock #01 of the Fire Temple in Zelda TotK.

Padlock #02

Return to the mine cart area and ride on the cart placed on the rails. It will take you 2F (second floor of the temple). Once the cart hits the end of its path, flip the cart to travel backward. When you see the green bell in your way, hit it to redirect your mine cart to the right.

After reaching the next green Bell area in Tears of the Kingdom, step off the cart and ring the bell with your weapon. A new rail path will come down for you. Now use the mine cart on your left to cross this smaller bridge. Take help from the floating platforms on the lake ahead to reach the other side. (You can use the Recall ability of Link to join the platforms and then walk easily on them)

How to open Padlocks in Fire Temple in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Finally, the giant Bell will be right in front of you. Yunobo can ring the bell to activate Padlock #02.

Padlock #03

Return to where we left the railed pathway and place another cart on the rails, facing opposite the other cart. You must move up to the 3F (third floor) this time, so shoot an arrow at the green bell to lift the rails upwards. When it’s done, step on the cart along with Yunobo until reaching the next section.

Eliminate the enemy in this area, and then grab one of the rockets on its back (using Ultrahand). Fix the rocket on the other side of the cart and ride it over to the 4th floor of the Fire temple in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Remember to travel using the half-cracked tracks this time, heading southwest.

Take out the enemy waiting for you at the end of the track, and proceed to the wooden ledge ahead. Use the Ultrahand ability to attach the door to the ledge. Now ask Yunobo to use his rolling ability to cross the bridge. His speed will make him jump to the top of the room, taking a big square platform on the ground.

How to open Padlocks in Fire Temple in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Climb the platform and use Link’s Recall ability to move up to the 5th floor of the Fire temple in Zelda TotK. The third bell will be visible at the other end of this hall. Ring the bell to unlock Padlock# 03.

Padlock #04

Using your paraglider, move to the lower floor. Go to the block where two adjacent green bells were positioned for moving the rail paths up and downwards. Ring the left bell so that a vertical direction is made to reach the upper side.

Now step on the minecart to take on a long rails journey in Zelda TotK. This will take you to the fourth bell’s hall. The bell is placed on the upper platform next to the lava pool. The easiest way forward is to pick the floating platform on lava (produced by the hydrant) and attach it to the small rock bridge.

How to open Padlocks in Fire Temple in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Put this newly made structure such that the smaller part touches the ground and the larger part acts like a vertical ledge. Now command Yunobo to roll onto the platform and hit the bell directly. We have just opened the 4th Padlock—one more to go.

Padlock #05

Having opened the 4th Padlock, you must cross the shallow ridgeway to reach the next section. Pick the solid lava platforms made by the hydrant (near the 4th Bell), and start constructing a long ramp that touches the other side of the bridge. This may take a while, so be patient while attaching the platforms.

Cross the newly formed bridge and then drop down in the hole ahead. As soon as you reach the ground (first floor of the temple), the last giant bell will be right in front of you. Ringing this bell will unlock the fifth Padlock of Fire Temple in Zelda TotK.

How to open Padlocks in Fire Temple in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Finally, the Fire Temple gate can be unlocked now with all five Padlocks in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom being opened. You can now proceed to the final objective of the main quest, i.e., the Marbled Gohma boss fight.

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