How To Get Cooking Materials In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Knowing where to find cooking materials for dishes in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom will help you in creating beneficial dishes for your travels

Cooking is an essential part of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Link can cook a variety of meals and Elixirs to aid him during his quest to save Hyrule. These meals also provide status buffs to survive harsh weathers or elemental attacks by certain enemies. To cook anything in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you basically need two items. A cooking pot (zonai portable pot works too but just for one meal) and cooking materials or ingredients.

Because of its vast open-world nature, the land of Hyrule is full of items that can be used as cooking ingredients in Zelda TotK. Some of these ingredients have specific traits. Link can use these cooking materials in Zeldad TotK to create food with Heat Resistance to survive Hebra Region or Slip Resistance to climb the slippery slopes in Lanayru Wetlands.

How to get Cooking Materials in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Cooking materials in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom can be divided into categories depending on the type of foods you want to cook. For normal meals, you need meat, fish, vegetables, mushrooms, minerals and fruits.

To cook elixirs, Link needs to hunt monsters for some very specific monster parts like Chuchu Jellies, Like-Like stones, Lizards, Insects, Toads and Keese Eyeballs.

Here is a list of all the materials required to cook various meals in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.


Meat is required to cook delicious meat-based dishes which recovers a lot of health when consumed. Meat can be combined with various other cooking materials to create specific dishes with stats boosting effects. Meat can only be obtained by hunting animals and birds in the wild.

The more you meat you use as cooking materials in a recipe in Tears of the Kingddom, the higher its value will be if you wish to sell that dish.

Types of meats in Zelda TotK that can be obtained by game hunting are

Raw Bird Drumstick

Bird Drumstick is dropped by Mountain Crows, Bright Chested Ducks and Pink Herons. Cook to make Meat Stew and Creamy Meat Soup.

Raw Whole Bird

It can be obtained by killing White pigeons or Eldin Ostriches. Can be cooked into Salt-Grilled Gourmet Meat or Meaty Rice Balls

Raw Bird Thigh

Dropped by pigeons when killed for game meat. This food material can be cooked to make Prime Poultry Curry and Prime Poultry Pilaf.

Raw Prime Meat

Dropped from large animals like Water Buffalo, Snowcoat Foxes and Bears. Cook inside pot with different ingredients to create Prime Meat Curry. Can be changed into Seared Prime Meat by roasting on fire and Icy Prime Meat by putting on Ice.

Raw Gourmet Meat

Dropped by Grizzlemaw Bears, Tabantha Moose and wasteland Coyotes when killed. Can be cooked into Meat Pie, Gourmet Meat Curry and Gourmet Spiced Meat Skewer.

Raw Meat

This basic cooking material is dropped by small animals when they are killed. These animals are available all over Hyrule plains. Raw meat can be used to lure beasts or can be cooked into tasty dishes like Seared Prime Steak.


Link can hunt or capture a lot of sea or freshwater creatures to create some tasty seafood dishes. These dishes restore a lot of health and provide specific boosts to Link when cooked with proper ingredients.

Glowing Cave Fish

Glowing Cave Fish can be captured from the dark caves in any region. Add glowing effect to Link when eaten raw or cooked with meals.

Hearty Bass

Hearty bass can be caught from the water bodies in West Necluda or Akkala Highlands. Cook to make Fish and Mushroom skewer in addition to Salt-Grilled Fish.

Hearty Salmon

Hearty Salmon fish can be captured from the lakes and rivers in Hebra Mountains and Tabantha Frontier. Can be cooked into Hearty Salmon Meuniere and Salmon Risotto.

Hyrule Bass

Hyrule Bass can be captured from rivers and lakes all over Hyrule. Cook in a pot to make Fish skewer and Salt-Grilled Fish.

Staminoka Bass

A common fish, Staminoka Bass can be captured from most waterbodies all over Hyrule. Replenishes stamina when cooked in meals.

Chillfin Trout

Can be captured from lakes and rivers in Tabantha Frontier and Hebra Mountains. Cook to make Creamy Seafood Soup and fish Pie with Heat Resistance bonus.

Armored Carp

Can only be caught from freshwater bodies all over Hyrule. Provide Defense Boost when cooked as a meal.

Mighty Carp

Mighty Carp resides in Akkala Highlands and Lanayru Great Spring waterbodies. Increases Attack Power when cooked as Fish and Mushroom Skewer or Salt-Grilled Fish.

Stealthfin Trout

This fish can be caught from Lake Mekar or waterbodies in Great Hyrule Forest and Eldin Mountains. Can be cooked into seafood dishes and provide Stealth Bonus to Link.

Sizzelfin Trout

Can be captured from hot Springwater in Eldin Canyon and Eldin mountains. Cook to make fish Skewer and Fish Pie with Cold Resistance boost.

Voltfin Trout

Voltfin Trout be fished from the waterbodies in Hyrule Ridge and Tabantha Frontier. Meals cooked with Voltfin Trout provides Shock Resistance.

Mighty Porgy

Can be captured from Necluda and Lanayru seas. Cook in a pot to make Porgy Meuniere and Seafood Paella with Increased Attack Damage bonus.

Armored Porgy

Can be captured from Necluda and Lanayru seas. This saltwater fish can be cooked into Glazed seafood and Fish Skewer. Foods cooked with Armored Porgy provides additional Defense to Link.

Ancient Arowana

This beautiful fish can be obtained from the fountain in Mipha’s Court. It is required to complete “Restoring the Zora Armor” amin quest in Zora Domain. Ancient Arowana can be cooked to create Fish Skewer or Meat and Seafood Fry.


Mushrooms can be found in damp caves and on top of mountains. These tasty edibles add a lot of flavor to the dishes and increase their health-restoring capabilities.

There are different kind of mushrooms spread throughout Hyrule with specific characteristics that can be used as cooking materials in Tears of the Kingdom. They add specific stat boosting and resistance effects to the dishes they are cooked in.

Hearty Truffle

Hearty Truffle can be collected from caves and Great Hyrule Forest. Cook in a pot to make Cream of Mushroom soup and Fragrant Mushroom Sauté. Meals cooked with Hearty Truffle gives temporary hearts (yellow) to Link.

Big Hearty Truffle

Big Hearty Truffle is found in caves in Hebra Mountains and Great Hyrule Forest. Meals cooked with big hearty truffle provide more temporary hearts to Link when consumed.

Endura Shroom

Found in Great Sky Island and all over Hyrule. Can be cooked into Fragrant Mushroom sauté and Glazed Mushrooms. These foods provide additional stamina to Link.


This mushroom can be collected from Dark caves all over Hyrule. Can be cooked into Mushroom dishes and provide glowing effect to Link.

Hylian Shroom

The most abundant mushroom in all Hyrule. Can be cooked to make Cream of Mushroom Soup and Mushroom Skewer.


Can be gathered from the walls of Mountains and Cliffs in Gerudo Highlands and Hyrule Ridge. Cook to make Salt-Grilled Mushrooms and Mushroom Omelette with Speed Boosting effect.

Zap Shroom

Zap Shroom can be obtained from Gerudo Highlands and Deep Akkala forest. Provide Shock resistance when cooked as meals.


Sunshrooms are found abundantly in Eldin Canyon and Gerudo Highlands. Cook in pots to make Glazed Mushrooms and Meat and Mushroom Skewer with Cold Resistance.


Can be obtained from the ground near tree roots in Hebra Mountains and Mount Lanayru. Can be cooked to make mushroom based dishes with Heat Resistance.

Silent Shroom

Can be obtained from the calmest region in all Hyrule, West Necluda and Lanayru Great Spring. Provides additional stealth when cooked as Steamed Mushrooms and Mushroom Risotto.


These Defense boosting mushrooms are abundantly available in Necluda region. Can be cooked with other ingredients to make Mushroom Rice balls and Fruit and Mushroom mix.


Razorshrooms are available in Tabantha Frontier and Great Hyrule Forest. When cooked with proper materials, meals with Razorshrooms give Link additional Attack Power.

Stamella Shroom

Stamella Shroom is on the mountain tops in Zora Domain or Hebra Region. Can be cooked into Cream of Mushroom Soup and Mushroom Rice balls. These meals restore Link’s stamina.


A common mushroom that only grows on the Great Sky Island. It can be cooked in pots to make Mushroom Skewer and Fragrant Mushroom Sauté.


Link also needs his share of wild greens to have a healthy and balanced diet. Some plants are region specific and carry specific trait bonuses. Adding Wildflowers when cooking meals in Zelda TotK adds those bonuses to the food.

Veggies can be cooked alone or with other cooking materials to create a lot of tasty dishes in Tears of the Kingdom.


Can be gathered from sunny regions in the game like Gerudo Highlands. Cook in meals to restore Heart Containers destroyed by Gloom.

Silent Princess

Princess Zelda’s favorite flower, it can be found all over the wild and near Fairy Fountains. Can be added to a meal or an Elixir for a Stealth bonus.

Blue Nightshade

Can be gathered from West Necluda and Lanayru Great Spring. Cook in a pot to make Cream of Mushroom Soup and Cream of Vegetable soup with an additional Stealth bonus.

Hyrule Herb

This green herb grows abundantly in Hyrule Field and Akkala Highlands. Can be added to meals to increase their health-restoring power.


This purple flower can be collected from Akkala Highlands and Hyrule Ridge. Can be cooked into Herb Sauté and Glazed Veggies which increase Link’s Defense.

Cool Safflina

This cold loving flower can be obtained from Gerudo Highlands and Hebra Mountains. Can be added to other meals to make Steamed Fruit and steamed Fish with Heat Resistance ability.

Electric Safflina

Can be gathered from Hyrule Ridge and Gerudo Desert. Meals cooked with Electric Safflina as an ingredient provide Shock Resistance.

Warm Safflina

This red flower grows abundantly in Gerudo Desert and Hyrule Ridge. Can be cooked with other dishes to add Heat Resistance bonus to them.

Swift Violet

Can be gathered from Gerudo Highlands and Hebra Mountains. Add a Speed Up bonus to the meals that are cooked with it.

Mighty Thistle

You can collect this orange hued flower from West Necluda and Faron Grasslands. It can be added to meals and elixirs to produce an Attack power Up bonus.


Hyrule’s vast lands are fertile and produce a lot of tasty foods including fruits. These fruits can be eaten raw to restore some health in Zelda TotK or used as cooking material in meals to bring out their hidden characteristics.

Shock Fruit

Can be obtained from Gerudo Desert and Lanayru Wetlands. When cooked with other meals, it increases Link’s attack power during Thunderstorms.

Splash Fruit

Available abundantly in Lanayru Wetlands and Zora Domain. Can be cook in meals to increase Link’s Swim Speed.


Can be obtained from Great Sky Island. Cook in meals to add a Shining Appearance to Link when ingested.

Golden Apple

Golden Apples grow on normal apple trees in orchids. Can be used to cook Apple Pie and Honeyed Apple to restore large amounts of health.


Found abundantly throughout Hyrule specially in Hyrule Field. Cook in pots to create Hot Buttered Apple and Fruitcake.

Ice Fruit

Can be gathered from Hebra Mountains and Gerudo Highlands. When cooked in meals, it increases Link’s Attack Power in cold temperatures.

Fleet-Lotus Seeds

This fruit grows in Lanayru Wetlands and Lanayru Great Spring. Can be added to meals to increase Link’s Movement speed for a short time.

Mighty Bananas

Bananas are available in Faron and Yiga Clan hideout. Can also be obtained by defeating Yiga Clansmen. Cook in pots to create Fried Bananas and Fruit Pie to restore a large number of hearts.

Hylian Tomato

Can be collected from short tress in Kakariko village or purchase from wandering merchants. Can be cooked into Cream of Vegetable soup to restore a lot of hearts.

Palm Fruit

This tropical fruit can be obtained from East Necluda and Gerudo Desert. Can be cooked to make Simmered Fruits and Fruit Pie which restore a large amount of Link’s health.


This fruit is exclusive to Gerudo region. Cook it in pots to create Creamy Heart Soup and Fruit Pie with added Shock Resistance.


This peach-coloured fruit can be found in Hebra Mountains and Gerudo Highlands. Can be used to cook Fruitcake and Fruit Pie.


Can be collected from Gerudo Desert and Faron Grasslands. It adds Heat Resistance to the meals that are cooked with it.

Spicy Pepper

Spicy pepper can be collected from Gerudo Desert and Tabantha frontier. Some are also available on the Great Sky Island. Meals cooked with it have Cold Resistance.

Fire Fruit

Available all over Hyrule, this fruit can be cooked in meals to increase Link’s attack during Hot Temperature.


Veggies in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are hard to come by and they add a lot of robustness to the dishes. Meals cooked with vegetables usually have higher health recovery capabilities.

Big Hearty Radish

Available in the grassy areas of Akkala Highlands and Lanayru Great Spring. Can be cooked to make Creamy Heart Soup and Wild Green Beans. Foods cooked with Big Hearty Radish provide Link with additional temporary hearts.

Hearty Radish

Can be found in Hyrule Ridge and East Necluda. When cooked in a meal, it gives Link additional temporary hearts.

Fortified Pumpkin

Can be collected from the fields of Kakariko Village. Use pots to cook Veggie Cream Soup and Pumpkin Pie which also provide Link with additional Defense against enemies.

Endura Carrot

Endura Carrot grows on Hyrule Ridge and Farron Grasslands. Can be used to make Vegetable Curry and vegetable Cream soup which also recovers Link’s stamina.

Swift Carrot

Can be obtained from Kakariko Village or Satori Mountain. Beedle also sells them near stables. Cook in pots to make Vegetable Risotto or Vegetable Curry with an Increased Speed bonus.


Stambulb can be found in Hebra Region and Gerudo Highlands. Cook it with meals for Stamina recovery bonus.


As the name implies, these cooking materials not only enhance the flavor of foods they are added to but they are also used to make some special dishes like soups and cakes.

Goat Butter

Can be purchased from Kakariko and Rito villages. Can be used with other cooking materials to make stews and Meuniere.

Cane Sugar

Cane sugar can be purchased from general stores in various villages including Goron City. It is an essential cooking material required to make Pie and Cakes.

Oil jar

Can be purchased from shops and found in treasure chests. Oil jar increases the quality of meals cooked in it.

Courser Bee Honey

Bee Honey can be collected from Honeycomb present throughout Hyrule Field and Tabantha Frontier. It can be cooked to make Energizing Honey Candy and Glazed dishes. Foods cooked with honey have Stamina Restoring abilities.

Hateno Cheese

Hateno Cheese seasoning material can be purchased from the general store in Hateno Village. This cheese can be added to other dishes to increase their Health restoring capabilities.

Fresh Milk

Can be purchased from Hateno Village. Fresh Milk is required to cook Egg Pudding, soups, Stews and Crepe.

Dark Clump

Dark Clump can be found from the Depths. Meals cooked with it as an ingredient have Gloom Resistant ability.


Found in caves and near Great Fairy Fountains, these glowing companions fully heal Lik’s health when cooked with other ingredients,


Can be found by cutting down trees. Cook in pots with other ingredients to make Nutcake and Sauteed Nuts.

Chickaloo Tree Nut

Chickaloo tree Nuts can be obtained by killing sparrows. They can be cooked in pots to make Nutcake and Sauteed Nuts.

Rock Salt

Destroy black node ores found in caves throughout Hyrule to acquire rock salt. It can be used with other ingredients to make Salt grilled Meals.


Can be purchased from general stores in villages or can be looted from the nests. Eggs are essential to cook Omelet meals, tarts and pudding.

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