Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Hateno Village Location

Hateno Village in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is important because of the many important shops and side quests you can do there. Not just shops you will find the Hateno Ancient Tech lab there as well. This guide will tell you about the location of Hateno Village, its services, activities, and available side quests in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Hateno Village location in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Hateno Village is one of the main towns and villages in Zelda TotK. The village is scattered around Zelkoa Pond and Firly Pond north of Ebon Mountain in the Mount Lanaryu Region and west of the Necluda Sea. Hateno Village lies at the coordinates (3608, -2163, 0176).

Ginner Woods and Midla Woods cover the western side of Hateno Village. To the east is a long road that leads to Kitano Bay at Necluda Sea. There are two ways to reach the Hateno Village:

There is a Mount Lanaryu Skyview Tower at the top of Mount Lanaryu north of Hateno Village. You can paraglide from there straight towards Hateno Village in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Also, you can consider fast traveling to Zanmik Shrine, located on a tundra southeast of Zelda TotK Hateno Village.

Hateno Village point of interest and services

If you want to rest, consider the Great Ton Pu Inn in Hateno Village to accommodate yourself. You will also find one general store along the road called East Wind, where you can buy ingredients and other stuff.


An Armor shop lies on the side of the road labeled as Ventest Clothing Boutique. You can get the Cece Hat from here. There is a Kochi Dye Shop near the bank of Zelkoa Pond where you can change the appearance of your armor in Zelda TotK.

At the top of the tundra north of Hateno Village is Hateno School, where Purah’s assistant Symin teaches. On Lake Sumac’s northern side is Hateno Pasture along the road east. To find the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab in Zelda TotK, you must travel to the village’s eastern hill. The Retsam Forest landmark along Lake Sumac is on the northeastern side of Hateno Village.

Hateno Village quests and activities

You will not find any main quest in the Hateno village, but there is one special side quest. In Hateno Village, you have to meet Robbie in the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab and proceed to complete the Mystery In the Depths quest in Zelda TotK.

There are four side adventures available in Hateno Village:

  • Cece’s Secret (Armor Shop)
  • Team Cece or Team Reede? (Armor Shop)
  • A New Signature Food (Along the Inn building)
  • Reede’s Secret (Along the Inn Building)

There are six side quests available in Hateno Village:

  • Manny’s beloved (House along the Armor Shop)
  • Photographing a Chuchu (In Dye Shop)
  • Teach Me A Lesson I (Hateno School)
  • Teach Me A Lesson II (Hateno School)
  • A New Champion’s Tunic (Behind the house on the north of Firly Pond)
  • Dantz’s Prize Cow (Hateno Pasture)

This is all you need to know about the Hateno Village in Legends of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

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