Lies of P Grand Exhibition Walkthrough

Grand Exhibition is one of the biggest areas to explore in Lies of P and finally gets us the ability to reset character stats.

Even though Krat is now overrun with monstrous puppets, the remnants of the once vibrant and bustling city can still be seen, especially when players get to the Grand Exhibition Gallery. One of the bigger areas for players to explore, this guide will provide a walkthrough of the Grand Exhibition Gallery in Lies of P.

How to complete Lies of P Grand Exhibition

The entrance to the Grand Exhibition requires players to get through the Lorenzini Arcade. From the stargazer, you have two paths to pick. Turn left from the stargazer and follow the path. It’s quite straightforward and linear. The path takes you directly to a side garden and the Grand Exhibition Plaza in Lies of P.

Here, you can find some basic puppets to defeat, and head onto the stairs. Here, another puppet and dog will fight you, and if you have a large weapon, make sure to lure them out as the tight space here might interrupt your swings.

Following this interaction, head through the gates of Lies of P Grand Exhibition Plaza, and before you head up on the metal stairs here, you can fight the large puppet here. This puppet deals electric shock on hits, and you get LADA Shock Cartridge.

After you get rid of the puppet, head up the stairs and turn right at the top. Follow around the railing and pick up the Legion Magazine. From here, you can go to the other side of this platform and onto the trolley cart. Interact with the lever on the trolley and ride it to the end.

Grand Exhibition Library

Welcome to the Grand Exhibition Library in Lies of P. From here, enter the building and follow the obviously linear path. Hit the switch and drop the ladder. Descend the ladder and activate the stargazer. From the stargazer, head into the corridor left of the ladder. Here, collect the Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant.


You can open the giant door in front of the moonstone and defeat the puppets here. There is a dog puppet hidden near the soldier puppet so don’t get too confident seeing a single puppet on the balcony. Make sure to open this balcony so you can use the shortcut you will unlock later on in the game.

After you defeat these puppets, head back inside and start exploring the exhibition gallery. You can find a Crescent Moonstone on the reception desk here. After the reception desk, there is a giant robot that will attack you. This one robot deals Break ailment so getting hit is bad.

You need to either stay out of range as much as you can or use perfect blocks to stagger the robot. After you defeat the robot, make sure to check all the covered nooks and crannies.

From the end of this hall, turn right and up the stairs. On the first floor, you will come across three stationary puppets and one of those shield-wielding puppets. Again, it will be a difficult fight as you need to make sure to go around the shielded puppet so you can land hits that matter.

After you defeat the puppet, head along the small path here, collect the Resplendent Ergo Fragment, and go through the small door here.

You will find a Dimensional Butterfly here, so quickly dispose of it. This Dimension Butterfly will change its place before it finally vanishes so don’t worry if it disappears. Just look around the balcony and you will find it again. This particular Dimension Butterfly will give you the Technique Crank.

From the platform, head down the ladder on the left side of the balcony. Here, there is another big puppet with an electric axe. Defeat this one puppet and open the gate that leads back to the balcony we unlocked when we entered the Grand Exhibition Gallery.

Whether you rest at the stargazer or not, before you proceed make sure you head to the back corner of this area where you fought the axe-wielding puppet. Here, you can open the chest and collect a Quartz for yourself. Head up the ladder back onto the balcony, and you can spot another ladder leading up near the covered statue here on the left side of the balcony.

Head up this ladder and head along on the platform here. The path leads you to the beams above the main hall of the Grand Exhibition Gallery in Lies of P. Here, you unfortunately have to fight another shielded puppet. We recommend you bring the Falcon Eyes legion arm and just keep on blasting the puppet from as far as possible.

If you don’t have this particular legion arm on you, you need to lure the puppet onto the cross-section of the beams and run around to catch the puppet from behind. Keep in mind that falling from these beams will mean certain death. Defeating the puppet will get you a Special Resistance Ampoule and a Star Fragment.

Meeting Belle in Grand Exhibition

Before you proceed, you can find a ladder near the entrance of this area. Look left to the path you came from and descend this ladder. Here, you can find and speak to Belle. Belle tells you that the exhibitionists are on some drugs and there have been some experiments, making them all more dangerous than they are supposed to be.

Climb the ladder back up and head along the long beam. Turn left and collect the Star Fragment. After this, head back to the right side and descend the ladder in the corner.

Here, hit the switch and lower the banner to create a path to the other side. After you lower the banner, head left of the switch, collect the Acid Abrasive, and head into the door next to this item. Inside, the item directly in front of you will be the Resurrection! Champion Victor has returned! note.

After you get the note, head right and down the stairs back here. Prepare for a difficult fight as you will be fighting two puppets and one of those boiler looking robots here. Defeat them, but don’t relax just yet.

Getting the Trinity Key

Before you head through the now broken and open gate players can look to the left of the stairs at the bottom. Here, you can find an item and a chest. Both of these are next to puppet exhibitions, and as soon as you approach them, these puppets will spring to life and attack you. Defeat them, and you can open the chest to get a Legion Caliber.

From here, you can look at all the remaining safe puppet exhibitions and cross the gate to the other hall. Climb the stairs here. In the next area, go around and along the metallic part of the platform to find a phone. Pick up the receiver and listen to the riddle. The riddle asks you what needs to be broken before it can be used.

When you get to choose the answer, pick Egg as your choice to get a clue for the riddle ahead. Turn right from the phone and head on along the path. There is a single puppet ahead, but it wields an automatic weapon and will not hesitate to eat your HP, so be careful.

King of Riddle’s puzzle

Head down the stairs to the right of this puppet and at the bottom of the stairs, turn right to the two lady statues. Here, we will solve the King of Riddle’s puzzle in Lies of P. To solve the puzzle, all you have to do is interact with the statue pointing towards the wall.

Interact with her twice and the pillar in the center will lower, and now you can pick up the Grand Exhibition Trinity Key in Lies of P. Head out the door opposite to the statues and into the room with the trolley exhibition.

Before you proceed, turn immediately left and up the stairs. Here, defeat the puppet, and collect the single item, Order of Kroud Report as well as the chest containing the Legion Plug. After you have collected both of these, you can head out back into the main hall with the central trolley and head out the green door.

The bigger door here is locked, so head on and turn right into the greenhouse. Here, players will again fight a brute. Defeat the brute and go up the stairs in the top left corner of this greenhouse.

Up, you can hit the switch and lower a ladder that leads back to the main hall of the Grand Exhibition Gallery, a perfect shortcut back. Here, you can also loot the chest to get a Sturdy Krat Supply Box.

Defeat Champion Victor and talk to Simon Manus

If or not you rest at the stargazer, head opposite to the ladder shortcut down the stairs. Here, you can find the Crumpled Baptist’s Doodle notes. From here, the path leads directly to the Champion Victor boss fight in this area. However, defeating Champion Victor is not the end of Grand Exhibition Gallery in Lies of P.

After you defeat Champion Victor, you meet Simon Manus and learn about the Alchemists faction in Lies of P, and also get the Saintess of Mercy Statue Gallery Key. After the cutscene, you get the Grand Exhibition Conference Room stargazer in Lies of P. Rest here and you are ready to explore the last run of Grand Exhibition Gallery.

The path ahead of this stargazer is quite simple. It’s just a straight run with no hurdles. At the end, on the trolley platform, you meet Red Fox and Black Cat. Talk to them, and when they ask, give them a Gold Coin Fruit that they want. Doing this will get you the Quixotic and Beg emote.

Now before you get on the trolley, go back to the greenhouse where you fought that brute puppet. Remember the door that was locked, well, it can be unlocked using the key you got from Simons. Open the door using the Saintess of Mercy Statue Gallery Key you got from Simon. You will enter a room with a huge Saintess Mercy Statue and Sophia standing beside it. This statue will allow you to respec your character in Lies of P.

You need Gold Coin Fruits to reset your character, but it allows you to essentially get back all the Ergo, Quartz or any other resources have invested in your character and you can easily reinvest, changing your build however you like. Make sure to get the stargazer here to save yourself a journey next time.

Return to Hotel Krat, talk to Venigni and your next destination will be Barren Swamp to find the Golden Ergo and cure the petrification disease.

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