Lies of P Workshop Union Walkthrough

Geppetto asks that you find his friend Venigni and for that you need to visit the Workshop Union in Lies of P.

After defeating the Scrapped Watchman at the end of Krat City Hall in Lies of P, go through the City Hall Courtyard to reach the next area. You are now searching for Venigni, one of Geppetto’s friends. Go through the corridor on the right and open the locked door using the Krat City Hall Courtyard Key to reach Workshop Union Entrance in Lies of P. This is basically the entrance of Venigni Works.

How to complete Lies of P Workshop Union Entrance

Once you are out in the open in the Workshop Union area of Lies of P, take a sharp right. At the end near the stone railing, you will find a Miracle Cure. Just come back a little and on your right side, you will find a raised platform.

Step ahead on this platform and at the opposite end of it, you will find a puppet. Kill the puppet and jump down on the roofs. Move ahead and you will find some wooden planks connecting two roofs together. Step on them and they will break leading you down to the street.

Fight the puppet down here beside a handcart. On the opposite of the cart, you will find the Resistance Ampoule attribute. Move towards the ladder beside and you will find Special Resistance Ampoule there.

Climb up the ladder again to kill some puppets on the rooftop. You will also be able to collect the Vivid Ergo Fragment here along with the Purification Ampoule Attribute. From the top, you will see a puppet standing down near a corner beside oil barrels. Jump down, kill him, and move to the left from the corner.

There will be a raised area with a puppet here as well. After slaying him, just climb up using the staircase in the corner. Make a U-turn beside the railing and you will be able to get your hands over a Throwing Cell in front of a locked door.


Move back down near the oil barrels and on your left, you will see a small opening. Approach the open area, jump down to the lower platform and you find Fable Catalyst beside the boxes. Move alongside the wall and this will lead you to an area with a small and a large puppet. The bigger one is pretty strong having a big cart wheel which he uses like a weapon.

Once you kill him, you will get Fire Abrasive and Star Fragment as a reward. Upon exploring the nearby area, you will come across a bridge guarded by some puppets as well. Slay them all. There will be an opened arch door beside the bridge. Just pass it and take the right. Here you will see a locked door with a couple of boxes in front. Destroy the boxes and collect the Radiant Ergo Fragment from the ground.

Here you will also find a phone ringing beside the metal railing. Pick up the receiver and here you will solve a small riddle. Answer “man” and you will get your first Trinity Key in Lies of P as a reward.

Reach the entrance of Venigni Works factory

Step back and cross the bridge to reach the gate of Venigni Works in Lies of P. On the other side of it, you will find the Legion Magazine under the stairs. Climb up the stairs to reach the rooftop. From there, take the vertical ladders to come back down to the other side in a courtyard. Here you need to repair the Lies of P Workshop Union Entrance stargazer. Additionally, you will also find a chain near a steel door.

Use the ladder near the stargazer to climb up to the upper deck. Take a sharp right turn and you will find Dim Ergo Fragment. After collecting it, move to the room using the big entrance. Once inside you will find an opening on the floor leading to a lower deck. J

ump right in, encounter the puppets, collect the Start Fragments, and open the safe placed beside the wall. Opening it will help you get your hands over the Salamander Dagger Blade and Salamander Dagger Handle. Unlock the door on the opposite and it will lead you back to the stargazer. 

Step back and move towards the ladder from where you came down. Here you will find a long wide street along with some small and a large puppet. The bigger one is the same as you faced earlier having a big Wheel on his back. Defeat all of them. You will get another Radiant Ergo Fragment on the street.

Now again climb up the staircase near the stargazer and instead of moving left into the room, you need to move straight. You will cross some sort of a small bridge. Make a left and continue moving straight. At the end, you find some puppets beside the railing.

They are standing on the wooden planks, which will eventually break once you step on them leading you to a lower floor. Fight them all and open a red box placed beside the back wall. You will get a Belford Shock Cartridge from the box.

Continue to explore the area. You will also come across the Factory Manager Report lying on the floor along with the Vivid Ergo Fragment. You will come across a chamber where you will find a huge metal box hanging with some steel chain. Eventually, it will fall down a couple of floors, and jumping down near it will transform the box into a boss.

This mini-boss is fully made up of metal and has two large metal shields as well. Along with the defensive purpose, he will also use these shields for a swing and hammer attack on you as well. Defeating the boss will reward you with the Legion Caliber.

After defeating the boss, find a metal staircase in the same chamber. Climb it up, pass by the huge duct fans, and kill the red butterfly to get the Motivity Crank. You will also find Thermite on the floor.

Follow the path and at the end, you need to climb down the vertical ladder. It will lead you to an area with a small sewer stream in the middle. This is the Workshop Union Culvert and here you need to repair another Stargazer, this time for Workshop Union Culvert in Lies of P.

How to complete Workshop Union Culvert in Lies of P

From here you have multiple path options to take. One of them is to the right of the sewer pipe. Move ahead inside the tunnel and be careful at the intersection as there are giant fireballs rolling down from one side. Kill the puppet present here and you will get the Thermite and Dim Ergo Chunk as a reward.

Carefully, move right and climb up the tunnel. A few steps ahead, you will find a locked door on your right side along with a puppet. Inside the hallway, turn towards the first right.

At the end, you will find Hidden Moonstone. There is also a path available on the left from here which will lead you to the same chamber having the Stargazer.

Return back to the hallway from where you took the right turn. Now move straight outside the end opposite the gate you entered before. Here you will find one of the huge bosses named Puppet of the Future walking on the lower deck.

To initiate a boss fight you will find a ladder along with a button beside the railing. Interact with it and it will lower the ladder allowing you to get down on the lower deck. Additionally, you will also get Dim Ego Fragment as a reward.

Puppet of the Future boss fight

This is a giant boss having round heavy hands and long arms. Although he is slow getting in contact with any of his attacks will leave you nowhere on your health bar. Mostly he uses his round hands and arms for a hammer-slamming attack.

Additionally, he uses these hands to stand on them and uses his feet for a crushing attack. Attack the beast with some consistent attacks and use a combo of Fulmini Electrical Blasts and Powered Up attacks.

Lies of P Workshop Union Puppet of the Future

Fighting the boss here is optional. You can also leave this fight for the future. Just move back to the gate you used to enter this chamber of the workshop. Going a bit further, a puppet will come out breaking the side wall and creating a hole. From there move along the path of the giant fireball upward to the end having a huge fan fitted in the wall.

Slay the puppet standing there and open the box resting beside it. This box will reward you with the Fire Axe Blade and Fire Axe Handle. Now move back a bit and enter the chamber through the hole. Move straight and at the end you will find Vivid Ergo Fragment. Exit right through the door and move up the stairs outside.

From here onwards, you have two paths to choose from. One is straight in front and the other is the right-side entrance. From here, if you move right you will encounter a couple of puppets.

Slaying them and rising on the upper platform using stairs will allow you to get a Doctor’s Confession. Just beside the stairs, you will find a small room with an opening on the floor. Go down using the ladder. Here you will meet a Stalker named Survivor. Talk to him and he will get aggressive and you will have to defeat him.

Survivor boss fight

Survivor is a strong boss having a mid-sized sword. The survivor has a spinning blade attack and because of his size, he is quite fast. You need to remain out of his range while he initiates the said attack. The main focus during the fight is to block the incoming attacks and perform the parrying actions.

Lies of P Workshop Union Survivor

However, if you opt to, move straight through the path in front. In the open area, you will find a sewer pipe on your left with one of the segments raised high with the help of a crane. Interact with the crane controls to lower the pipe. Move to the opposite entrance to the sewer pipe.

Explore the area and you will come across some dangerous chemical boiling along with some puppets defending the area. Here you will also get Hidden Moonstone.

Reaching the Venigni Works Control Room

Take the stairs going up in the same room. Move to the left and you will find Venigni standing in the control room. Right next to him is the Lies of P Venigni Works Control Room stargazer that needs fixing. Venigni will tell you about his missing butler Pulcinella and now it is up to you to search the rest of the Venigni Works area and find the butler in Lies of P.

After speaking with him, carefully move back to the stairs. Jump onto the machinery frame preparing the green chemical. Here you will find a Gemini’s Iron Protection along with Descartes’s Note and Vivid Ergo Fragment. Down near the chemical pool, you can also find a mini-boss as well. Defeating him will give you a Workshop Union Standard Radiation Converter.

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