Lies of P Red Fox Boss Guide

In Lies of P, the boss fight against Red Fox is one of the most interesting ones but it won't be available outright.

Not every NPC in Lies of P is out to get you, some just want to befriend you or use your services to meet their needs, such as the Red Fox. Showing up in multiple areas and locales, this character will ask for a couple of favors every time you meet her. Depending on your choices, you will fight the Red Fox in Lies of P after the culmination of the Black Cat’s questline.

In this guide, we will tell you how to find this character and what choices you need to make to be able to take her on.    

Lies of P Red Fox Location  

Despite meeting Red Fox fairly early on in the game, you will not be able to battle her until much later. She and her brother, Black Cat, are part of an ongoing quest line. Depending on how you play and your decisions, you will be able to fight her in the end.  

Red Fox is first encountered at the Union Workshop Culvert, along with Black Cat. From the Stargazer present in the area, make your way through the rolling fireballs until you come across a broken wall on your right. Go in and take the door directly in front to reach them.

You will encounter the Red Fox for a second time in Lies of P at the Path of the Pilgrim. Both she and her brother are found near the area’s Stargazer. They will ask you to help them attack the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.   

Next, you will meet Black Cat in the Grand Exhibition. Here, he will ask you for a Gold Coin Fruit. Simply deny his request. Engaging in a boss battle with Black Cat and killing him unlocks the Red Fox boss fight.  


The boss fight with Black Cat takes place in Arche Abbey. He will ask for the Golden Fruit Coin once more. Refuse his request to start the fight. Kill him and head upwards in Arche Abby. Now you will meet Red Fox. She will now be hostile and now you can kill her.

How to Defeat Red Fox in Lies of P? 

Red Fox vows to avenge her brother when you meet her. She wields a saber, and most of her attacks are swooping and wide. She is slightly more challenging than her brother Black Cat which is mainly down to her narrower arena design, which leaves little room for evasive maneuvers.  

To deal with Red Fox, give yourself enough room to dodge. The narrow nature of her boss arena can very well work against you. Given the fact that she can close the distance between you and her quite fast, the best course of action is to use a longer weapon. Since her attacks can be quite difficult to dodge this tactic also works to mitigate this risk.  

Block her oncoming twirling and jumping attacks in case you do get caught up in them because she makes a series of successive blows that can be hard to dodge. Then move in to lay down a swift attack combo whenever you see a window.

Red Fox recovers extremely fast from her combos because she is very quick on her feet. So, you should prioritize fast attacks.  

Lies of P Red Fox Rewards 

Like her brother, Red Fox only nets you one item along with a few Ergo. Upon defeating Red Fox, you get her Mask, the Red Fox’s Mask in Lies of P.  

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