How to Unlock Hermit’s Cave in Lies of P

The question of what secrets does the Hermit's Cave have in store for you in Lies of P can only be answered after exploring it.

The Hermit’s Cave is one of the most important locations for finding collectibles in Lies of P. It is not related to any main story mission. Rather, it is a secret location to explore, which you will not find unless you go looking for it.

Due to its deep secrets, it is locked and cannot be unlocked until you complete certain side objectives. If you want to discover the Secrets that lie within, you must unlock the way to the Hermit’s Cave.

Unlocking the Lies of P Hermit’s Cave explained

You can unlock the Hermit’s Cave in Lies of P after conversing with Rookie Explorer Hugo at the Barren Swamp Bridge. You will find this merchant standing at the locked entrance of the Hermit’s Cave. He will be one of the main characters involved in unlocking the cave. However, you must complete a few side objectives before entering the cave.

1. Talk to Rookie Explorer Hugo

Start your journey to unlock the Hermit’s Cave in Lies of P by talking to the merchant known as Rookie Explorer Hugo. You will find him at the Barren Swamp Bridge. To reach this location, you can use the Barren Swamp Stargazer. It is a checkpoint that helps you fast-travel to any location within the territory of the stargazer.

At last, after reaching the location, talk to the merchant standing at the entrance of the Hermit’s Cave. Talk to him and receive the Cryptic Vessel. This is one of the six Vessels you will find throughout your exploration.

2. Visit Hotel Krat 

After acquiring the Cryptic Vessel from Rookie Explorer Hugo, head to the Hotel Kratin in Lies of P. Talk to Venigni and provide him with the Vessel. This is not the only time you will be handing over items you the people at the Hotel.


3. Collect the Special Krat Supply Box

You will find the Special Krat Supply Box at the Collapsed Street. However, it is not easy to find, considering your circumstances. You must head up the building that has several swordsmen on it. Take them out and then search for a puppet that spits fire.

Once you have found him, you will come across a chest containing the Special Krat Supply Box. So, loot the chest and acquire the Box.

4. Return to Hotel Krat

After acquiring the Special Krat Supply Box from the chest, head back to Hotel Krat. However, this time, talk to Polendina instead and provide him with the box. Doing so will unlock the Rusty Cryptic Vessel at Polendina’s shop.

So, all you have to do now is purchase the Rusty Cryptic Vessel from his shop and provide it to Venigni.

5. Head back to the Barren Swamp Bridge

After completing all the required objectives, you must return to the Barren Swamp Bridge and talk to Rookie Explorer Hugo. You can now unlock the Hermit’s Cave in Lies of P. Thus ending your mission to unlocking the cave.

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