Lies of P Estella Opera House Walkthrough

Estella Opera House in Lies of P is exactly as you would expect, a grand area with deadly enemies led by the King of Puppets.

Upon completing the Rosa Isabella Streets and defeating Mad Clown Puppet, you will finally be able to reach the Estella Opera House in Lies of P. The opera house can be divided into two sections, the Estella Opera House Entrance and Opera House Stage, where a major boss fight takes. We will be taking you through the entire Estella Opera House area in Lies of P so you can collect some valuable loot and proceed with the main quest.

Unlike most of the other areas, Estella Opera House is one of the more complex areas in Lies of P for players to explore, as you need to go around a lot. Make sure you visit Hotel Krat to level up and upgrade your equipment.

How to complete Lies of P Estella Opera House Entrance

As soon as you activate the Estella Opera House Entrance Stargazer, head right of the entrance and collect the item, Special Resistance Ampoule. The stair set leading down next to the item is locked, so ignore it for now. Head into the Opera House through the main door and up the first set of stairs. Defeat the puppet, and pick up the Special Purification Ampoule. The door here, again, is locked for now so ignore it.

First, go up the stair set on the right of the first stair set and defeat the puppet puppets. These puppets can be a problem as they deal Disruption ailment on every hit. There are two of these, and you need to defeat them. After you defeat the puppets, make sure to get the Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant from the balcony next to the stairs.

Lies of P Estella Opera House

From here, you can find a small stair set that leads to the upper floor. Go up the stairs and defeat the spider lady puppet. This puppet also deals Disruption so be cautious. Defeat the puppet and behind, you can pick up a Vivid Ergo Fragment.

Explore the rest of this balcony and you can find a small door. Head through it and onto the balcony where you can spot the burning, swinging chandelier. From here, turn right to find a chest containing the Belford Disruption Cartridge.

Lies of P Estella Opera House

After you get the chest, go to the other end of the balcony and open the door to meet the actress Adelina. Talk to Adelina in Lies of P and you are done with this section of the Estella Opera House for now.

Head back down to the first set of stairs you came from, at the entrance of the opera house, and now head up the stairs on the left. Again, defeat the puppets here. This platform leads to a back hallway.

With a spider puppet right in front of you, don’t approach the puppet as three more puppets will fall from the roof and will surround you if you go in too deep. It’s best you let the spider puppet come to you, rather than going in yourself.

Clear the hallway and in the hallway, make sure to collect the Fable Catalyst, then head down the stairs at the end of the hallway. In the second hallway, head into the first door you see to your left. The door leads into a small sideway, which is a dead end, but you can find a chest here containing the Technique Amulet.

Get the amulet head out back into the hallway and proceed to come face to face with another hulking puppet. This one is fast and vicious and you are in for a hard fight. Perfect blocking attacks will be a huge challenge.

Lies of P Estella Opera House

Shortcut to Estella Opera House Stargazer

After you finally manage to defeat the puppet, head into the room the puppet came from and loot the safe to get the Exploding Pickaxe Blade and Exploding Pickaxe Handle from the safe, a new excellent weapon.

After you get the weapon, exit the room and turn right. Go up the stairs at the end of the hallway and up the stairs. Get the Crescent Moonstone here and continue up. At the top, open the door on your left to open a shortcut back to the stargazer. This door will lead you back to the main hall at the Estella Opera House Entrance in Lies of P.

Now that the shortcut is open, we recommend you rest at the stargazer before continuing. After a perfect rest and your healing refilled, players can continue back and enter the room with the burning swinging chandelier.

The door across the chasm is the boss room where King of Puppets awaits, but ignore it for now and jump down the hole. Here, go through the door on the right and follow the path to the next hallway. Here, turn right as soon as you get to the hallway.

Next, enter the room here and defeat the puppets. You are here for the safe, containing the Incredible Venigni Collection, which allows you to purchase new items at Pulcinella’s shop.

From here, follow the hallway to the other end and up the stairs. Again, you are in for a few difficult fights. Multiple puppets will be ready to swarm you here. The brute, spider, and other basic puppets will attack you and you are in for a difficult fight. After you finally manage to clear the hallway, collect the Dim Ergo Chunk and proceed.

In the room at the end, get the Notes for an Experiment. Next to the notes is another ladder you can climb before you head down the obvious ladder. Up this ladder is a chest containing the Jeweled Cryptic Vessel. Now, head down the ladder here. After the first ladder, you can run along the thin planks here and get a free Legion Magazine.

Estella Opera House basement

In the basement of Estella Opera House in Lies of P, you will find a Dimension Butterfly, and this particular one will give you a Technique Crank. There are gun-wielding puppets here so make quick work of them. Open the door here and get a free shortcut back to the stargazer. Next to the gate, players can also find an Electric Blitz Abrasive.

Lies of P Estella Opera House

With this, you have completed exploring Estella Opera House. After this, all you have to do is continue back to that room with the swinging flame chandelier. You then carefully pass over the single platform and just enter the Estella Opera House boss room to fight the King of Puppets in Lies of P. You can also summon a specter to help you during the fight, and you have a straight run to the boss fight from the stargazer.

How to defeat King of Puppets in Lies of P

The King of Puppets boss fight in Lies of P is a two-phase battle that happens on the Estella Opera House Stage. The first phase will have you fighting a huge puppet with long arms. This is the King of Puppet phase and the boss is quite slow in this phase.

Although the boss has a huge reach with its long arms, you should be able to defeat it with ease if you watch out for spin attacks. Upon defeat, the real King of Puppets in Lies of P, Romeo, exits the puppet and you have to fight him.

The Lies of P Romeo fight on the Estella Opera House Stage is one of the most challenging ones in the game. Not only is Romeo incredibly fast, but he also has a considerable range thanks to the sickle weapon he uses. Romeo can set the sickle on fire and end up burning you with his relentless attacks so make sure you are always on the move.

Once Romeo is dead, there is nothing left to do in the opera house, but leave the area and talk to Geppetto. He will ask you to head to the Grand Exhibition by crossing through the Lorenzini Arcade.

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