Lies of P Krat City Hall Walkthrough

Geppetto asks you to investigate Krat City Hall in Lies of P to figure out why puppets are acting strange.

After defeating the Mad Donkey boss at the end of Elysion Boulevard, you will finally be reunited with Geppetto. However, instead of returning to Hotel Krat, Geppetto wishes to further investigate why all the puppets are aggressive. This will start your quest to enter and investigate the Lies of P Krat City Hall.

How to complete Lies of P Krat City Hall

Geppetto will give you the Krat City Hall Courtyard Key in Lies of P. The entrance itself is located right behind him so simply head on inside to begin the next leg of your journey. Activate the stargazer inside and then look at the archway on your left, marked in the image below.

lies of p krat city hall

The gate in the yellow circle is the shortcut that we will unlock later. Ignore this gate and head down the stairs. Defeat the three puppets here and the dog that is accompanying them and go around the corner here. After the stairs, at the fountain, deal with the two puppets and avoid the trap.

After you defeat these puppets, instead of heading on to the hall, look to your left and you can find a side path. This path leads you to the shortcut gate we mentioned earlier. Not a massive shortcut, but we’ll take it.

lies of p krat city hall

After you unlock the shortcut, head up the next set of stairs and again, before entering the hall itself first turn left and collect the Krat News Issue 1124.

Now, head to the right side of the courtyard. Here, defeat the puppet and collect the Broken Baby Puppet. This puppet can be later returned to the woman in the window where you fought the police puppet mini-boss in Elysion Boulevard.


Either way, once all this is done, head into the hall and defeat the two enemies here. The door at the end of the hall leads to the Scrapped Watchman boss fight.

To the left of this door, you can find a chest containing the Puppet Destroyer’s Amulet and next to the boss entrance gate, you can also find a small pedestal. Interact with the pedestal and you can use a Star Fragment to summon a specter to help you fight and defeat the Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P.

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