How To Defeat Mad Clown Puppet In Lies of P

Make the clown puppet suffer like you have.

Mad Clown Puppet is a mini-boss that you will encounter near the entrance of Estella Opera House. While mini-bosses can be deadly, Mad Clown Puppet is easily one of the most frustrating enemies in Lies of P, even worse than most main bosses. Huge in size and dressed as a clown, fighting the Mad Clown Puppet can end very badly for you if you aren’t well prepared and familiar with his annoying moveset.

Before you get to the fight area, there are some recommended items you should consider purchasing to make the fight easy and defeat Mad Clown Puppet without too much hassle. In order to purchase these items, you can go to a vendor in Malum District who allows you to purchase infinite amounts of throwables. You can find the Malum District Black Market Trader by climbing up the ladder in Red Lobster Inn.

Basically, purchase any throwable you can afford. My recommendations for throwables against Mad Clown Puppet in Lies of P would be

How to beat the Mad Clown Puppet in Lies of P

The easiest method we recommend first is to utilize only the throwables. Begin by engaging the Mad Clown Puppet and making him follow you to the Mansion Stargazer, which is right behind him up the stairs.

At the Stargazer’s location, there are several obstacles that you can run around. Mad Clown won’t be able to hit you through them and instead try to run around you.

Use the most damaging throwables you have, like Thermites or anything that causes Electric Blitz damage, as the Mad Clown’s weakness is the same as all the Puppets in Lies of P. So, dealing damage using the same weaknesses as other puppets would be a more viable option.


One important thing to note here is its attacks. You do not want to get closer to it as it can just hit you back with its belly, which can be quite punishable. You also do not want him to be afar as his arms can punch you at long range. Just keep kiting him around the stargazer without going in for melee attacks.

So keep using throwables and avoiding its attacks, and he will go down without even possibly getting Pinocchio damaged.

Mad Clown Puppet cheese strategy

In case you don’t have enough Ergo and using throwables against Mad Clown Puppet is not a viable option, there is always a Plan B. This time, however, you will be required to use your weapons. In the street where you encounter the boss, keep luring him back to the way you came from till you reach the stairs.

While standing on these stairs, most of your melee attacks will hit the Mad Clown Puppet in Lies of P, while his attacks will usually hit the wall. The boss won’t climb up the stairs, so you are safe. If he starts walking back to where the fight originally started, go after him, and he should start chasing you again.

Keep hitting him from this location shown in the image, and you will be able to kill the Mad Clown Puppet in no time.

Mad Clown Puppet cheese strategy

The kiting strategy similar to throwables also works to cheese Mad Clown Puppet. If you can lure him to the road outside, you can basically kite him around lampposts. His attacks will hit the post, but you will be able to damage him from the sides.

This would give you a free hand to punish the Mad Clown. Using Electric Blitz weapons like Electric Coil Stick has the added benefit of dealing bonus damage to puppet enemies, which includes the Mad Clown Puppet.

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