Lies of P Corrupted Parade Master Boss Guide 

The Corrupted Parade Master boss fight has you face the Parade Master again in Lies of P. Except this time, this boss is on steroids.

In Lies of P, you will face many challenging and difficult enemies that test you. You will have to triumph over them in order to proceed in the game. The first major boss fight in the game is the Parade Master. Later in the game, he reappears as the Corrupted Parade Master in Lies of P.

Since your first fight, he will have been taken over by the corruption which has taken over much of Krat. This time, he boasts a grotesque visual makeup featuring the iconic tentacles found on many corrupted enemies worldwide.

He also has a few new tricks, with an expanded move set and the ability to deal Decay damage. This guide will discuss defeating the Corrupted Parade Master in Lies of P.

Lies of P Corrupted Parade Master Location 

The Corrupted Parade Master is in the same location as the standard version of this boss. Make your way to the Ceransani Alley in the Krat Station area. This area contains the game’s second Stargazer. Since you face this boss quite late in the game, you should be able to fast travel to the Stargazer.

You will find a set of stairs directly in front of the Stargazer. Use them to go up until you come upon a locked metal gate. Beyond the gate, you should see decorations for a parade. Open the gate to start the boss fight.  

How to Defeat Corrupted Parade Master in Lies of P? 

The Corrupted Parade Master features the same fundamental move set as the standard version of this boss, albeit with a few new tricks up his sleeve and a grotesque new appearance to boot. The corrupted form is based on his second phase from the initial boss fight. This means he has much more range, with added abilities from the get-go. 


His main attacks include a sweeping attack. Other moves include a ground slam and then, finally, an expanded version of his signature belly flop. Your best bet during this boss fight is to dodge and move away whenever he does, either. His belly flop is his most dangerous move this time because he follows it up with additional slams once he does it. These can quickly deplete your health. 

Whenever he does a belly flop, weave your way around him and lay down a punishing combo until the attack ends. Use your Legion Arm in this boss fight, as you cannot summon any specters to help you.

The Corrupted Parade Master also deals damage with the Decay status effect. Never let it build up and back away when the meter gets too full. This ties perfectly into our Legion Arm strategy as it allows you to save yourself and deal damage.

The best weapons to use during the Corrupted Parade Master boss fight in Lies of P include any weapons that hit hard and fast. These include Rapiers, Glaives, and Daggers. Using the overheat mechanic to deal fire damage is also very useful.

Lies of P Corrupted Parade Master Rewards  

The Corrupted Parade Master does not drop very exciting rewards. You will get around 15,619 Ergo along with Quartz and Full Moonstone. The Quartz can give you additional abilities and buffs, while the Full Moonstone can be used to upgrade your weapons.  

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