Lies of P Puppet of the Future Boss Guide 

Despite its large and intimidating size, the Puppet of the Future in Lies of P is one of the easier bosses to defeat.

In Lies of P, you will face a gigantic optional boss called the Puppet of the Future. This one seems less like a puppet and more like a robot. You will find this boss in Vegnini Works. Having a big size and metal balls as its hands can be daunting and intimidating.  

But despite its looks, it is one of the easiest bosses to fight in Lies of P. The main problem in defeating it is the poisonous water; if you manage to drain it, the fight is quite easy. Due to its massive size and weight, it is very slow, so you can easily dodge and attack it.  

For defeating it, you will get a rare type of Ergo, which you can exchange for something more useful.

Lies of P Puppet of the Future location 

The Puppet of the Future boss resides in Vegnini Works in Lies of P. If you wish to fight this boss, head over to Vegnini’s factory. Since it is an optional boss, you do not need to fight it. But we highly recommend fighting this machine as it is easy to defeat.

In addition, defeating this boss will help you gain numerous benefits that will help you greatly later on.  

From the Stargazer within the Workshop Union entrance, you will see two ways, one to the right and the other one to the left. If you want to explore the area first, turn right. But if you are ready to face this boss, head towards your left.  


Keep walking toward the left, and the path will curve to the right. Continue this path until you see a small bridge on your left. Upon looking closely, you will notice a ladder going down and a massive robot roaming around. That is the Puppet of the Future in Lies of P.

How to defeat Puppet of the Future in Lies of P?

The Puppet of the Future is easy to defeat, but some things work in its favor. The first thing is its health, which is a lot. The second thing is the surroundings; if you look closely, you will notice it is standing on water. This water is poisonous and will decay anyone who stands on it. 

Drain out the water

You cannot do anything about its massive health before the battle, but you can drain this toxic water. This way, you will not have any disadvantages from the environment. To do so, take a right from the Stargazer to explore the area. You will face some puppets after turning left near the end of the path.

After finishing these off, make a left turn in the pipe, and you will face another rookie with a shovel. Following the path, you will find a lever. Pull the lever to drain out the toxic water. Take the same route to return to your fight with Puppet of the Future.  

Fight Strategy

Now you have drained the toxic water, you can focus on fighting the boss without anything else making your job harder. Do not be intimidated by the Puppet of the Future’s size in Lies of P. Because it has limited attacks that are slow and are easy to dodge. 

It will start the fight with the spin attack, which will spin its torso after resting the two massive balls on the ground. When you telegraph it resting its hands on the ground, quickly evade the area, or you will lose a big chunk of your health to this attack. Its other attacks include Foot Stop, Double Foot Stomp, and Ground Slam.  

Since these are very slow, they are easily predictable if you are attentive and are not attacking aggressively. Moreover, it will create many opportunities, so use these to lower its health. It will stagger if you manage to lower its health by a large margin. This creates the perfect opportunity for you to perform a critical hit or inflict heavy damage on its leg.  

Dodge its attacks and keep attacking it whenever you see an opening. You will eventually take it down. Use high-damaged weapons like Greatsword of Fate because it will inflict heavy damage and end the fight quicker.

Lies of P Puppet of the Future rewards 

For defeating Puppet of the Future in Lies of P, you will get Quartz and Radiant Ergo Chunk. In addition, if you look around the area, you will find a chest. Opening the chest will get you an incredible weapon (Booster Glaive). 

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