Black Ops 3: The Giant Hide and Go Seek Easter Egg Guide

Complete the Fly Trap easter egg to get your hands on the Annihilator in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

Easter Eggs have always been one of the most discussed topics in the CoD franchise because they reveal a lot about the Zombies’ lore. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 also features a lot of EEs in different maps, especially in the Giant.

One of the more elaborate easter eggs in The Giant is the Hide and Seek easter egg, which reveals a bit about Maxis and Samantha. Although this easter egg isn’t very extensive, the items you need to find for it are almost impossible to find without any help, but you now have ours!

How to solve the Hide and Seek Easter Egg in The Giant

The Hide and Seek Easter Egg, also known as the Fly Trap Easter Egg, is exclusive to The Giant map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. It’s a small one that you have already seen back in Der Riese, but it has been remastered in this map of BO3.


This easter egg is also called the Fly Trap easter egg because of the achievement with the same name you get after completing it.

Although the easter egg itself is pretty small, you do have to put in some effort to start it. This is because you first need to unlock the Pack-a-Punch as part of its prerequisite. To do that, you first need to turn the power on and then connect the three teleporters to their mainframe.

After unlocking the Pack-a-Punch machine, you must next PaP one of your weapons. This is important because you need to shoot the power box with a PaP’ed weapon to start the easter egg. This power box is located on a console just outside the entrance to the animal testing labs.

Once that’s done, you will hear an audio cue that indicates that the ‘Hide and Seek’ game is now in place. You will also see a couple of items glowing green and floating in the air. Your task will be to find these items, which will be hidden around the map.


Although you need to shoot the power box with a PaP’ed weapon, you can shoot the items in the main easter egg with any weapon, including ones not PaP’ed.

Take note that these items are almost impossible to find without proper guidance, so do pay attention to the details of their locations.

Item #1

For your first item, you need to head to the Teleporter A. Under it, you will find a small, unlit furnace to the right. Look inside the furnace and you will find the item in the back right.

Since it is unlit, it is quite hard to see inside, making it difficult to spot the item. But, you can simply just shoot inside and probably hit the item. You will know you have successfully hit it when you hear an audio cue.

Item #2

Just from the first one, you might’ve guessed that finding the items for the Fly Trap easter egg in The Giant is no joke. You’d be surprised to know that the second one is even more difficult to find.

First, go to the generator room above the hangar and find the large cylindrical water coolers. Make your way over to the next one and try to have a peak inside. You will need to jump to see it properly. When you do find the item, you need to shoot it mid-air. Once again, you will hear an audio cue if done successfully.

Item #3

The third item is located out in the open, making it even harder to find. It is located on the balcony/fire escape of the building west of the power switch. You may need a sniper rifle to see this one since you have to spot and shoot it from afar.

After finding and shooting all three items of the Hide and Go Seek easter egg, you will hear one last audio cue from Maxis before it is completed.

Once everything is done, head back to the generator room and look inside the furnace. There should be a brand new Annihilator within it – consider this a reward for your efforts.

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