Infinite Warfare: Attack of the Radioactive Thing Buildable Part Locations

There are four buildable parts in the Attack of the Radioactive Thing, all of which can be assembled at a workbench. Here's how to get them.

The Absolution DLC map pack of Infinite Warfare Zombies comes with the Attack of the Radioactive Thing. This map introduces four pieces of buildable equipment, basically traps that can be used for mind-controlling or killing zombies and helping you clear your way while completing the map’s elaborative Easter egg.

Each buildable can be built on a workbench using its corresponding parts. First, you will have to get the blueprint for the buildable at a certain map area, followed by three parts, which are usually in the same vicinity. The guide below will help you get the parts required to build all four buildable equipment in Infinite Warfare Zombies: Attack of the Radioactive Thing.

Seismic Wave Generator 

The blueprint for the Seismic Wave Generator can be spotted outside the ice cream shop, next to the backdoor.

  • Part 1: This buildable part is located in the left corner of the parlor’s sidewalk.
  • Part 2: This one can be found on a bench as you go right from the ice cream shop entrance, under the No Smoking sign.
  • Part 3: The third part is located in the play area, near the porta-potties.

Mind Control Device

The blueprint for the Mind Control Device is in the Motel Pool room, right where you can access the Crowbar and crafting bench.

  • Part 1: This part is situated to the right of the TF-141 wallbuy.
  • Part 2: This one looks like a Slot Machine and is lying around the pool pump, between the two chairs
  • Part 3: The final buildable part for the Mind Control Device can be spotted by going to the left of the stairs leading down from the Motel to the Studio.

Hypnosis Device

The next three buildable parts are for the Hypnosis Device in Attack of the Radioactive Thing. Its blueprint is inside the grocery store/ market. It will be lying on a shelf near the workbench.

  • Part 1: The first part is a purple fuse, which is located inside the red crate to the left of the store entrance.
  • Part 2: This one is found between some barrels in the store, under the huge Liquor sign.
  • Part 3: The third part is situated on the right of the green radioactive balls/eggs.

Violet Ray Device

The blueprint needed to craft the Violet Ray Device is situated on the yellow bench that you come across near the Power Station.

  • Part 1: Go above the roof from where you took the blueprint. The part will be located between some yellow barrels.
  • Part 2: The second one is found right next to the shopping cart near the Power Switch.
  • Part 3: Go up the hill toward the grocery store. Instead of buying the door, head a little forward to find the third and final buildable part behind the trash can.
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