Black Ops 3: All Film Reels and Radio Locations in Kino der Toten

Find all te Radios and Film Reels to unlock hidden dialogues in Black Ops 3.

Just like the previous Black Ops, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is filled with secrets. One of these are the audio cues from the Film reels and the Radios in Kino der Toten, which are hidden across the map and need to be shot down. Although they don’t mean much other than lore, you can think of these as small easter eggs for the map.

Since the locations of these Radios and Film Reels are the same as those in Black Ops 2, you won’t have much trouble finding them if you’re an older player. But, if you have forgotten them or are hunting them down for the first time, we’re here to help you out.

Where to find all Film Reels in Kino der Toten

Film Reels are accessible after accessing and then teleporting out of the Pack-a-Punch room. Teleporting out of the PaP room brings you to one of four random rooms – 2 versions of Samantha’s room, an operation room, and a room within the Pentagon.


All of the Film Reels have the Group 935’s logo on them.

There are three reels that can be found inside these four rooms, which means that one of them will not have one. Regardless, here are all the potential locations where you can find a film reel in BO3 Kino der Toten:

  • Samantha’s Room (normal): On the bed, the table, or the chair.
  • Samantha’s Room (destroyed): Next to the table, the window, or on the bed.
  • Dentist’s office: On top of the counters or the cart adjacent to the chair
  • Conference room: On the table, on the television, or under the projector

If you manage to find a reel, teleport back to the PaP room and insert it into the projector. An audio cue will start playing. You don’t need to listen to the audio cues though, but once you’re done, you can then teleport out of the PaP room again and look for another one in the other rooms.

After all three film reels have been found, the projector will start playing a series of images. These images aren’t any different from the ones in Black Ops 2, except that their graphics are better.

Where to find all Radios in Kino der Toten

You may not be surprised to know that the hidden radios from Black Ops 2 have returned in the Black Ops 3 Kino der Toten. But, what many do not know is that there is an extra one in BO3, making it a total of 3 radios to be found.


You need to destroy the radios either by shooting them or throwing an explosive at them.

The three radios are spread throughout the map but are found around or near the meteors. Their locations are listed below:

  • Radio 1: On the chandelier hanging in the theatre. You may need a sniper rifle to see it
  • Radio 2: On top of a tower visible from the street by the Double Tap
  • Radio 3: In the corner to the left of the Pharo wall-buy (BO3 exclusive).

While all the audio recordings in the film reels and the radios are from Ludvig Maxis, the audio from the third radio is from Dr. Monty.

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