Lies of P Relic of Trismegistus Walkthrough

Relic of Trismegistus in Lies of P has you traveled a steampunk submarine, what could be cooler?

While traveling through the Collapsed Street of Krat and clearing the collapsed section of Krat Central Station, players will get a message that Hotel Krat is under attack. Once you return there, you will see the Hotel in shambles but Antonia has some instructions for you to get to the next area, the Relic of Trismegistus in Lies of P.

How to complete Lies of P Relic of Trismegistus

Relic of Trismegistus serves as a small connecting area between Collapsed Krat and Arche Abbey. As such, there aren’t a lot of collectibles to find in the Relic of Tresmigustus area of Lies of P and there is only one boss fight that awaits you.

Relic of Trismegistus entrance

After talking to Antonia, move ahead to the next room and here you will see a Piano on the right side. There is also a big picture hanging on the wall featuring a lady with a scary face redrawn using blood. Upon interacting with the Piano, it will provide you with two options.

Choose “Play a certain scale” and you will see the painting on the wall on the rear side move. It will reveal a new chamber. Enter the chamber and at the opposite end you will find a small door leading you to a lift. Activate the lift using the switch on the pedestal.

This elevator will take you to an underground area which is Relic of Trismegistus in Lies of P. The first step after reaching here is to assemble the Relic of Trismegistus Stargazer. Once the stargazer is activated, move to the right side along the lift wall, and a few steps ahead you will find Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant resting on the edge.

Finding Geppetto’s kidnapers in Relic of Trismegistus

Now you need to jump to the lower platform from this edge. You will see a stone wall leading into a tunnel. Follow this path and it will take you to the Sealed Underground.


Here you will see some red butterflies flying around on the lower floor. Killing them will let you get Half Moonstone, Full Moonstone of the Covenant, and Enhanced Alchemical Booster. Explore the area and you will also get your hands over Technique Crank as well.

You will find a box with a lantern on top near this location. A path with stairs beside this box will take you to an upward platform with a broken wall from the center. Careful, this entrance has some fixed fireball throwing mechanism which will take a significant amount of your health along with a couple of puppets. Slaying them will let you pick the Radiant Ergo Chunk.

You will also find another Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant in a corner. A few steps ahead you will find a Star Fragment on the edge. After collecting it, jump down to the lower platform. Here you will see two paths, one on the left and the other one on the right having some stairs going downwards. Take the latter one and you will come across two merged stone pillars.

Once you reach near these pillars, a mini-boss will spawn breaking through the wall with a giant axe in his hand. Beating up this robot boss will reward you with an Iron Wall Amulet. A few steps ahead, you will find a narrow path which is a broken bridge. On your side of the bridge, you will find a box. Opening it will reward you with Cursed Knight’s Halberd Blade and Cursed Knight’s Halberd Handle.  

Take a few steps back and move down through the opening made by the mini-boss in Relic of Trismegistus in Lies of P. Move to the right and after a while, you will see a ringing telephone, a sign of Arlecchino’s riddles in Lies of P. Attend the receiver and it will ask you whether Geppetto’s Creation is a killer. Select “No” from the options to get ahead.

Lies of P Relic of Trismegistus

After a few lines by the speaker, the phone call will end rewarding you with a King of Riddles Surprise Box. Open the box and it will reward you with The Chosen One’s Trinity Key. You will also encounter some puppets around the phone after ending the call. Killing them will reward you with Thermite.

Move back down on the path where you came from and take the path leading downwards from the junction. It will take you to a broken bridge connected with wood planks. You will also find a couple of puppets here. Killing them will reward you with Star Fragment and Fable Catalyst.

The wall on the other side of the bridge also has some burning projectiles so you need to be careful. You will also find the Vivid Ergo Crystal lying on the ground.

Move ahead and jump to the lower platform from the edge. Here you will find Half Moonstone. Continue moving downwards until you encounter another enemy with large hairs which he uses as his primary weapon. After defeating the foe, you need to open the box placed beside this place which will reward you with the Legion Caliber.

Here you will see some giant rock pillars that provide support to the bridge you crossed earlier. One of the pillars has a vertical ladder. Use it to climb back up on the bridge. From the top, you will a huge rock having a collectible on it. Jump on it to get the Half Moonstone.

Climb back up on the bridge and move to the side where you first came to this area. Near the junction point, you will find a ridge with a collectible also. Jump on it and it will be a Gemini’s Iron Protection. Again jump back down where the bridge stone pillars originate and you will see a path leading on one side from there.

This will take you to a big chamber. Here you will find an old chained vertical coffin along with three characters including the Youngest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, Eccentric of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, and Battle Manic of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.

Fight and defeat all these members of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P. Try to focus on a single one at a time to knock them out one by one. When the last one reaches the verge of his death, the coffin will explode, and the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood will spawn as well.

Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood is the only main boss of Relic of Trismegistus in Lies of P.

How to defeat Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood

The Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood boss is the toughest one among the bunch with a range of different attacks. A combination of both offense and defense is the strategy to win against this foe. Make sure to summon a specter before initiating the fight to get some help against the whole family fight. After beating the boss, you will get Revenge of the Black Trophy as a reward. You can also find Quartz from the same chamber and assemble the Stargazer.

After the boss fight, you will see Alidoro again and can craft a boss weapon here. Now that the Relic of Trismegistus is completed, enter the submarine and make your way to Black Seaside.

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