Lies Of P Black Cat Boss Guide 

The Black Cat is an optional boss in Lies of P that can only be fought if you make certain decisions during the game.

In Lies of P, you will sometimes encounter NPCs that you can either fraternize with or provoke their ire by working against their interests. One such character is Black Cat, who is a mischievous masked figure who shows up from time to time. He shows up with another NPC, Red Fox. The Black Cat can be a boss in Lies of P, depending on how you play his side quest.

This guide will review how you can locate this boss in Lies of P. You will need to make certain choices and decisions to make sure you can fight him at the end.

Lies of P Black Cat Location 

Black Cat is part of an ongoing questline where, depending on your choices, you will engage in a boss battle with him. He and Red Fox are encountered throughout the game and you can choose to play along with them. Or you can go in the opposite direction to get on their bad side, leading to boss fights with both of them. 

Black Cat (along with Red Fox) in Lies of P is first encountered in the Union Workshop Culvert. From the Stargazer present in the area, make your way through the rolling fireballs until you come across a broken wall on your right. Go in and take the door directly in front to reach them. In their initial introduction, you will talk with them.

You will meet them again in the Malum District. They are found right near the Path of the Pilgrim Stargazer. They will ask you to help them fight with the Black Rabbit Brotherhood. You can choose to help them or not.  

Next up, you will meet Black Cat in the Grand Exhibition. Here, he will ask you for an item, and depending on what you do, he will be hostile the next time you meet him. Simply deny his request, and he can turn hostile the next time you meet him.


Next time, you will encounter the Black Cat without the Red Fox. If you helped him beforehand, he would not engage in battle with you.

How to Defeat Black Cat in Lies of P? 

The Black Cat fight is fairly straightforward. He is a minor boss that doesn’t pose much of a threat. The Black Cat wields a long spear, and most of his attacks are forward-facing, piercing jabs. He is quick on his feet and tends to parry you quite vigorously as well as thrust towards you.  

As with most humanoid minor bosses, the best way to deal with Black Cat is to always stay behind him. This is doubly effective here, as Black Cat only attacks forwards. Sidestep and dodge all of his attacks and attack him from the back.

It will also allow you to stagger him, which in turn allows you to pull off Fatal Attacks fairly quickly. If you go this route, using a weapon that hits fast works more effectively, including rapiers and daggers.  

However, you can take a secondary approach, and that involves parrying him. Pick a heavier weapon for this. You will need to time your dodges just right for this tactic. Black Cat does not have much health, and persistent strikes will take him down quickly.  

Lies of P Black Cat Rewards 

Killing Black Cat does not give you a lot of exciting rewards, considering the fact that he is a minor boss. Firstly, you get around 2500-3500 Ergo, and you also get his elegant mask. This is known as the Black Cat’s Mask.   

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