Lies of P Smiling Bunny Mark Location

Smiling Bunny Mark is a lot more useful than you think.

Black Rabbit Brotherhood is one of the major enemies you will face at many points in Lies of P. However, their logo, a Smiling Bunny Mark, can actually open up a lot of new doors and possibilities for you. If you are interested in purchasing an unlimited amount of certain items like Throwing Cells, finding the Smiling Bunny Mark in Lies of P will prove to be highly beneficial.

Where to find the Smiling Bunny Mark in Lies of P

The process of getting the Smiling Bunny Mark is not that difficult, as you don’t have to defeat a boss to get the token. Start off by fast traveling to the Archbishop’s Altar stargazer. From the stargazer, move straight ahead through the narrow hall till you reach the big room with the elevator to your left. Take the elevator and go down to the ground floor.

From there, exit the location, and you’ll end up at the Path of the Pilgrim. Continue straight ahead on the path till you see a wooden hut. Just before the hut, there’s a small street going on the left – and you’ll find three graves there. The Smiling Bunny Mark is on the grave in the center within this Path of Pilgrim area of Lies of P.

What to do with the Smiling Bunny Mark in Lies of P.

After you have the Smiling Bunny token, you have two possibilities. You can either give the token to Pulcinella in Hotel Krat or use it to unlock the Black Market Vendor in Red Lobster Inn. The Black Market vendor will allow you to purchase some items that aren’t available at other merchants in Lies of P.

What happens if you give the mark to Pulcinella

Giving the Smiling Bunny Mark to Pulcinella does not change anything. Pulcinella would actually return the Smiling Bunny Mark to you. The only thing he does differently is that he explains what you would be facing with this Mark, but also its benefits.

According to Pulcinella, this is the mark of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood. With this mark, you’ll be able to tread without problems on their turf; however, if you cause trouble, it may lead to more trouble for you in return.


Pulcinella further explains that this item would give you access to the Black Market. He will give you a Crescent Moonstone as a reward for talking with him.

Unlock the Red Lobster Inn Black Market shop

lies of p smiling bunny mark

Take the Smiling Bunny Mark to the Malum District Black Market Trader. There’s a Stargazer that spawns right in front of Red Lobster Inn. If you have already cleared the area, it is likely you’ve unlocked the door to Red Lobster Inn. Otherwise, you need to go around and take a different entrance.

Assuming the area is cleared, there’s a ladder going up through the Red Lobster Inn front door. Take the ladder, and you’ll end up with the NPC called the Malum District Black Market Trader. He is an important vendor as he has infinite stocks of throwable items and is necessary if you want to cheese your way through bosses.

Initially, you will not be able to trade with him. If you have the Smiling Bunny Mark, show it to him, and only then will he open up the Red Lobster Inn shop.

If you talked with him before showing the Mark, he still would not trade with you. In this case, we recommend clearing out the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, and then you can continue trading with him. You can bribe him if he refuses to trade with you. However, you’d have to give up some of your Vivid Ergo Fragment.

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