Lies of P Best Weapons For Beginners

Start your journey with some weapons.

Before you can get your hands on some special boss weapons or start planning out a build for your character, you need to get familiar with the combat of Lies of P. Unfortunately, you can’t do that if you are using an extremely weak weapon. This is why we are going to recommend some of the best weapons for beginners in Lies of P.

These beginner-friendly weapons in Lies of P will help you survive against tough enemies as well as get you going with the Fable Arts system of the game. Once you have mastered these weapons, you are ready to graduate to special boss weapons or specialized technique and motivity weapons.

Electric Coil Stick

Electric Coil Stick is a good weapon worth selecting for beginners as it can aid them in their journey through the puppet fights. This weapon uses electricity, which is effective on puppets and can make them slow or static.

During the start, you’ll encounter a lot of these until you reach the workshop, which will then have fire-effective carcass enemies. Despite that, the Electric Coil Stick remains useful even in the later stages of the game.

Electric Coil Stick has the following moveset in Lies of P

  • Generate: Attack for Electric Blitz increases for a while.
  • Rush Smash: Rush in to land a powerful smash attack on the enemy.

Puppet Saber

When you start the game, you quickly get to the point where you need to choose the first weapon out of the three. The weapon choice initially gives you an idea of which type of gameplay and build you are going for. However, for beginners, this is harder to decide so early on, which is why it is best to choose the Balance option in the game, which gives you Puppet Saber.


Puppet Saber is not highly damaging like Greatsword nor very quick like Rapier but a mix of both. It has moderate damage of 100 with C in both motivity and technique. Additionally, this weapon is the best for combos and can take down enemies in one go.

Moreover, Puppet Saber is a balanced weapon that makes it easier for beginners to play with it while they understand which path they would prefer later on.

Puppet Saber comes with the following fable arts

  • Storm Slash: Uses all three fable charges for a combo of a few consecutive slashes.
  • Concentrate: Increases 15% damage temporarily.

Booster Glaive

Continuing on with the balanced weapons, Booster Glaive is an all-rounder and the easiest to use. It has good attack damage, wide range, and can even be switched to poking for narrow areas. This allows the player to learn and get used to the controls quite fast. Due to it being a balanced weapon, it is one of the versatile ones that can be used in every type of gameplay.

The only disadvantage of this weapon is that it cannot be disassembled. This means that you won’t be able to change its handle to suit your different game style. This won’t be much of a problem for beginners as they may still need to figure out their footing.

Booster Glaive comes with the following Fable Arts

  • Storm Slash: Uses all three fable charges for a combo of a few consecutive slashes.
  • Patient Slash: Hold the attack button and gather power for a wide-range and heavy damage attack.

Tyrant Murderer’s Dagger

Now, let’s talk about the best dagger in Lies of P, Tyrant Murderer’s Dagger. This weapon may not seem like much, but it is basically a dagger version of Wintery Rapier. The attack speed is quite fast, with the damage at 78 with a constant increase as the level goes up.

If you want to experiment a little and go for something a little tricky, Tyrant Murderer’s Dagger is the best weapon to switch up the gameplay. The weapon is said to be an assassin’s blade, which makes sense for its sharpness and design.

Tyrant Murderer’s Dagger has the following fable arts

  • Grind: The critical hit chance increases for a short time.
  • Quick Stab: Weapon Skill

Big Pipe Wrench

Ending with Big Pipe Wrench, a heavy weapon with high damage, can be a good choice. As you move forward with the game, you’ll need a weapon that can be useful against main bosses. For this, a strength-based weapon can be the most easy to use choice. With a damage power of 156, it is highly useful for attacking during openings in battles.

For its handle, it is better to change it to something more effective as it grades B and C in Motivity and Technique, respectively. So, for boss fights, create a weapon combo with a better handle.

  • Patient Smash: Hold down the attack button to gather power and blast with one strong hit.
  • Payback Swing: A strong slash is most effective after blocking.

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