Where To Use The Bright Red Apple In Lies of P

Spend your ergo on bright red apple or not?

Bright Red Apple is a strange item in Lies of P with no apparent use, at least not one that would be clear from its in-game description. While you might think it’s pointless or discard it, the Bright Red Apple actually has a very important purpose, two of them, in fact. So, if you are wondering whether you should purchase the Red Apple from Polendina’s shop in Lies of P, let us explain why you should.

What to do with the Bright Red Apple in Lies of P

As mentioned before, the Bright Red Apple has two uses. However, since you can only get one of them in a single playthrough, you need to decide where to use the apple.

Assuming this is your first playthrough, I will recommend using the apple to complete Adelina Corday’s questline in Lies of P. However, if you don’t want to do that, I will be going over both cases where you can use the bright red apple and what happens in each situation.

Give the Bright Red Apple to complete Adelina’s questline

In order to begin this sidequest, go to Estella Opera House. Go through the main entrance and up the flight of stairs, take a right turn, and continue climbing. From the ground floor, you’ll have to go to the second floor. One way to recognize this floor is that it has spider-looking enemies.

Head for the central doorway and continue till you reach an overlooking ledge. Take a left and continue till you reach the door. You’ll find a girl sitting in a chair; that is Adelina Corday.

Where To Use The Bright Red Apple In Lies of P

She was a famous Opera singer, but due to the petrification disease, she couldn’t sing anymore. Keep talking to her until you get the option to give her the apple. Give Adelina the bright red apple to quench her thirst.

Later on, after defeating the King of Puppets, return to Adelina. Unfortunately, her disease caught up to her, and you’ll find her dead body in the room. If you already gave her the apple, you’ll be able to pick up the Red Actress’s locket and Fascination Record as a reward for completing the quest.

Trade the Red Apple at the statue of Adelina

If you’ve already completed her questline in a playthrough or are not interested in helping her, then you will still have a use for the Bright Red Apple. There is a statue at the Estella Opera House below the main stairs. The statue, in memory of the legendary singer Adelina Corday, would request you to give an apple as an offering to it.

In case you missed out on a trinity key by answering wrong at a payphone, you can give the statue an apple to get the trinity key as a reward.

How to get the Bright Red Apple

To get started with your quest to find the Red Apple, go to St. Frangelico’s Cathedral Library. What you seek here is the Krat Supply Box. To reach it, you need to climb up to the brazier and jump over near the entrance. Through the door, you’ll find an enormous enemy.

You need to defeat this enough before you can continue. On the right side of this narrow room, you’ll find another door. On the right side of that narrow pathway, you’ll find a glowing treasure box. This box contains the Krat Supply Box.

Lies of P Bright Red Apple

Now, bring this item back to Hotel Krat and give it to Polendina to expand his shop inventory. Once that is done, Polendina will have more items to sell, one of which includes the Bright Red Apple. You can purchase this red apple for 1000 Ergo.

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