Lies Of P All Gesture Locations Guide 

Like many other games, you can use gestures in Lies of P to emote on NPCs and get an achievement.

Gestures in Lies of P are like emotes and are an essential part of the gameplay experience. These gestures let you socially interact with NPCs and taunt enemies. These are also needed if you want to unlock the Learning About Emotions achievement. There are 17 gestures, and the guide below will tell you all about their locations in Lies of P. 

Where to find all gestures in Lies of P? 

Before using gestures in the game, you must find them through story progression or unlock them by doing a specific playthrough. This can include lying to a friendly NPC, defeating some enemies, or reading someone’s letters.  

Below are all the gestures and the locations or ways you can achieve them in Lies of P. 


This gesture doesn’t need to be unlocked; it’ll be available when you start the game. 

Check Ground 

This is a standard gesture that will be already available when you start the game. 

Show Off Clothes 

In Chapter 1, go to the Krat Hotel and speak with Antonia to grab this gesture in Lies of P. This will be done during your first visit to the hotel. She will be found in the upper hall right after climbing the stairs near the dining table. 



In Chapter 2, search for the Frozen Man’s letter at the Elysion Boulevard Entrance. Go past the broken roof area to enter the next room with a white sofa. Pick the letter from the sofa and read it for the Remembrance gesture. 

Stalker’s Promise 

Go to the Workshop Union Culvert area near the Venigni Works Control Room. Drop down from a small hole next to some hanging robotic suits. After reaching the lower area, start a dialogue with the Survivor and defeat him in combat to obtain Stalker’s Promise. 


You can get your hands on this gesture by speaking with Venigni at Venigni Works Control room. He will be standing right next to the Stargazer on the 2nd floor. 


After taking down King’s Flame Fuoco, in combat, you must visit Venigni at Krat Hotel. Ask him about Pulcinella. You will have the Swagger gesture in your list in Lies of P at the end of the dialogue. 


Go to St. Frangelico Cathedral Library after defeating Archbishop, and read Cicil’s Written Confession. You can recognize the letter by a glowing blue light beside several library books. Once you’ve read the confession, the game will give you the Pray gesture


You can obtain this gesture after eliminating the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood. This leather-covered giant is the area boss of Malum District and will be the toughest of its gang to defeat.  


Obtaining this gesture requires you to do two things. First, you must find and grab the Portrait of a Boy in the Black Rabbit Brotherhood’s Hideout. Second, visit Hotel Krat and meet Gepetto at his desk. Speak to him and give him the portrait to get the Clap gesture. 


First, you must complete Julian’s side quest by grabbing the Wedding Ring from the dead puppet on Rosa Isabella Street. Then, return to Julian and lie in dialogue options to obtain the Sad gesture in Lies of P. 


After defeating Champion Victor, obtain the Saintess of Mercy Gallery Key from Simon Manus. Then, retrace back and use the key to unlock the Saintess of Mercy Hall. Interacting with the statue inside will get you the Respect gesture. 


After defeating Champion Victor, give the Gold Coin Fruit to the Red Fox and Black Cat. At the end of the dialogue, you will finally receive the Beg gesture. 


After beating Puppet-Devouring Green Monster of the Swamp, return to Hotel Krat and speak with Antonia. You will only get the Greet gesture from her if  

  • You have already pursued Polendina’s quest and had Giangio prepare medicine for Antonia. 
  • You have told Polendina that he should give the medicine to Antonia. 


To get Anger, you have to start a chat with Antonia after beating the Corrupted Parade Master. 


While progressing through the storyline at the Arche Abby Outer Wall, look for Test Subject 826 and speak to him. He will be standing beside the flame once you take the elevator down in the area. When the chat is over, you will have the Happy gesture in your arsenal. 


Once you have defeated Laxasia the Complete, make your way to Sophia’s room and give her Peace. This will earn you the Entreat gesture in Lies of P. 

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